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snapfish-printsSnapFish is offering 30 Photo Prints 4×6″ for Rs. 49. Features professionally-developed prints & professional-quality paper.

Order: 30 Photo Prints 4×6″ (Get 30 free prints when you upload!)

22 Responses to “30 Photo Prints 4×6″ Rs. 49 – SnapFish”

  1. Shyam says:

    This is false. They give only 20 prints free not 30 prints as they promised. I am thinking whether to cancel my order

  2. MK says:

    Is it only for new account? Site is good, I already have account and ordered prints few time.

  3. sanjay goyal says:

    Tried multiple things but not able to avail this offer.

  4. pankaj says:

    Very good site
    Quality of pics is also very high

  5. rahul s says:

    20 prints r free n not 30.. if u wanna order 30 u hv to pay Rs 88 includ shiping n tax

  6. kaushal says:

    payment option is not working.. n they r giving only 20 photos

  7. Yogi says:

    Just placed and order, it work, but will allow 20 PRINTS for price of like this
    Subtotal: 0.00
    Courier Postage and packing: 44.00
    Service Tax: 5.44

    total 49.44 for 20 4 x 6 prints..


  8. sandeep says:

    Yes only 20 prints r free

  9. Anvesh says:

    cheater website. waste of money. very low quality prints. and the print doesn’t stand even for a week. I personally suffered

  10. krishan says:


  11. jaydev says:

    ok thanx smi for reply ……..

  12. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Prints are free, but you have to pay for shipping.

  13. jaydev says:

    this 30 prints are free or in 49 RS.snapfish web ask me to pay rs49.were Postagecharge is Rs. 44.this deal are in 49 or totaly free plz reply me????????

  14. Sathish says:

    Don’t buy,
    They will send photos with very cheap quality.

  15. Mr Perfect says:

    Hi Alok Kumar

    I Ordered morethan 10 times, I didn’t face any probelm
    Even i got 30 photos along with free album (3 times out of 10 times)

    Thanks & Regards
    Mr Perfect

  16. Alok Kumar says:

    Plz dont buy from this site…..this site will not send all the photos they only send few photos among the full order and charge for all…..

  17. Mr Perfect says:

    Hi Anil

    Even i had the same problem

    Before creating account you need to delete all your browser cache
    or try with other browser (Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox, chrome)
    plz reply even if you are getting the same error
    (Use other mail ID)

    Thanks & Regards
    Mr Perfect

  18. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Anil: Are you selecting 4×6″ prints?

  19. Anand says:


  20. Anil says:


    I Have registered and uploaded photos but when i try to order 30 photos it is asking me to pay 167.08. Is there any coupoun code i need to put in. Please help….


  21. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  22. Mr Perfect says:

    you will get 30 prints free
    if you use the below link


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