SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive 16GB Rs. 329, 32GB Rs. 631 – Amazon

Features stylish, compact design and generous capacity, the Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive makes it easy to back up, transfer, and share your files.

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Buy SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive: 16GB Rs. 329 | 32GB Rs. 631 | 64GB Rs. 1249

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  1. deva says:

    Today Placed order success let see delevery or not

  2. GAURAV says:


  3. vinzi says:


  4. Ruchir says:

    Well Vinay Bhai-
    My first thread says things undisputed by anybody.
    Second thread says about manufacturers and nothing related to you.General info which can be of some help to some and if not no loss to anyone.You started info sharing,very good the technical points as per your knowledge and I responded to what is true to my knowledge pointing some differences so that truth wins which benefits all.
    Your experiments are not very clearly explained like above what type 2Tb is,what is internal etc.But they were never needed nor discussed.Still very unclear.Ask anybody.Drive behaving is different thing and anybody will experiment that. SMI is about purchase and related to businesses etc logically.
    You are saying 40Mbps without ever mentioning it is USB2 or 3.Has it been ever mentioned.Who is arguing will be clear.MB is USB3 compatible and u r not saying experiment is on new or old MB.If new and I assume,then USB2 can easily give that speed 40MBps as 40*8=320 which is less than 480.External drive quality is very very important.even If it is not 3,buy a USB3,same company and you will know the huge difference.LOGICALLY yaar.Plz mention all facts as if I assume something wrong you will say I was wrong.Anyway you are happy and I am happy for you.
    Low grade USB3 PDs are not USB3 in practice,so but that was never my point.NEVER.
    Name calling-I have appreciated you for INTELLIGENT discussion but Technician means-A technician is a worker in a field of technology who is proficient in the relevant skills and techniques, with a relatively practical understanding of the theoretical principles.
    Do you consider yourself a technician.I never did rated myself in my dreams.I thought instead of a technician in a shop you should be an engineer,MBA etc.That is the real difficult thing,respected and making wealth.Technicians are those who don’t become doctor,lawyer,IAS,etc.Forced who have failed in the dream t field.I said I am 8th pass months ago at SMI. Ask SMI.A man should be able to laugh at himself,criticize himself,punish even if others are not demanding.
    A man should have some manhood and tenacity not to be offended by no technician.I said it looks and I am not India or God and outlining my reasoning which was strong for me evidently.People confuse braveness with offence.NEVER.Brave person is prepared for attack from a more powerful person.Not offended by hello non technician.Are you technician and which way or just quoting,linking forums.If yes,perfect.Why should I have any problem if you and not Ramesh or Madhur not a technician and you are. Plz make yourself tenacious and not oversensitive like Aditya Pancholi.This is the issue and your near ones would like that from you.Then apply thoughts to things.Things will be different.

  5. Vinay T says:

    Bro, I have given you a live example of how a 2 TB USB 3 hard drive behaves, how a USB 3 Drive behaves and How a USB 2 drive behaves on USB 2 and 3 ports You have seen the transfer speeds.

    If you still wanna buy a slow muddy, USB 2.0 just for capacity, be my guest. You seem to continuing to argue just for the sake of winning rather than knowledge sharing. If USB 3 drive required only USB 3 hardware to work, then how am I getting 40 MBps with my 2 TB external HDD?
    As I said, if your USB pendrives write speed is anyways below 40MBps limit, its worth buying it as the price will be closer to USB 2 pen drives.
    And most of the cheap pendrives with USB 3 is what i wanted to compare with the 750 Rs drive mentioned above. Not expensive ones.

    OK. I give up :D Let the reader’s decide what they want. And NO. I dont want to call you any names like – ” look don’t look to be a technician”.

    In the above link read posts by Intell, PKNZ, last paragraph of ‘takeshi74′ and so on. They all have the same experiance that a USB 3 pendrive is faster on a USB 2 than a USB 2 pendrive on a USB 2 port. That too practical experiance

    My test of running a USB 2 drive on a USB 3 port was for your reference only. :)

    Good bye my friend, it was nice talking to you. see ya in another thread if I have the time and patience :)

  6. Ruchir says:

    Dear Vinay Bhai-
    You look very confused.No offence but you look don’t look to be a technician.I will try again to clear misconceptions.Your first line doesn’t mean anything.2nd line-USB3 better than USB2.India knows.
    3rd line-Cheap is cheap.There is no cheapology and a genuine USB3 PD WILL ALWAYS be faster than USB2. Cheap things behave irrationally.Buy a Corsair USB3 PD,copy to and from it same files via USB2 and USB3 one by one.You WILL KNOW. USB3 will always be faster on USB3 port.Common sense reaffirms.Issue is with ur PD.I found most 3PDs of size 32Gb and above and 16 for obvious reasons.USB 2 limit is 480/8 MB(Megabytes)=60MBps which is theoretical and USB3 max technically is 5Gb/s.
    TEST-Strontium wins-Logically
    Sandisk-Why would anybody insert USB 2 into USB3 port.IT CAN ONLY REDUCE SPEEDS.
    Wanna buy-Sir my name is not Shah Jahan and I never said buy USB 2 etc.I said even if 3 costs 300 more,USB 2 PD is a curse IF u hv a USB3 system.If I had USB 3 system and uses it for data,always 3.
    But u haven’t said which WORD of mine is wrong and how can a MB not having USB3 port/connector etc can relish USB3 speeds with USB3 devices.See to relish and cherish USB3 speeds,u need-
    1-Need MB having USB3 port even if no USB3 connectors.Maybe some PCI slot if no onboard port but it is too costly and can be bought separately.
    2-Cabinet front USB3 port for convenience else you will have to face difficulty as MB USB3 port is always at back.If there is a USB3 connector,u can do USB3 things from front of cab if cabinet has it on the front.
    3-Obviously USB3 drive
    I hope everything is written here and all can benefit.
    1Copy speeds vary with time.Take average of same procedure 5 times.That is the method.
    2Most imp. is trf speeds depend upon the format.For ex,text file,audio,video etc take maybe 3-10 times more time than zips,RARs,TGZs and best ISOs which are most compressed.There the actual speeds will be at work and Windows interference will be minimum.
    Take care and reply as u must have something to respond.

  7. Vinay T says:

    @Ruchir You dont need to have USB 3 port to get Good Speeds(below 40MBps). As mentioned earlier, the earlier motherboard was IP35 PRO which had no USB 3 whatsoever. Ok, let me put it this way.

    I have a 2TB WD external HDD. Even though its USB 3 HDD, when I connect it to USB 2 port, I get 40MBps Write speed and on USB 3 port I get 80+ MBps(If i remember). Thats because USB 2 port gets maxed out at 40MBps.

    On the other hand, A cheap USB 3 Pendrive has JUST 20 MBps write speed which is much below the USB 2 port speed. Since 20MBps is below the USB 2′s 40 MBps limit AND the hardware used in USB 3 PENDRIVE is faster than USB 2 PENDRIVE, an USB 3 Pendrive will still be faster on the USB 2 port, but will be limited to the 40MBps Limit.

    I did the below test just now bro :) Write measured using copying 250 MB file, read using HD Tune. Antivirus disabled.

    Example: Stronium 8GB USB 3 drive:
    On USB 3 port: Write – 17.8 MBps Read – 43 MBps
    On USB 2 port: Write – 15.5 MBps Read – 33.3 MBps Takes 34 Mins to write 32 GB

    Example: Sandisk cruzer fit 16GB USB 2 drive:
    On USB 3 port: Write – 4.3 MBps Read – 15.5 MBps
    On USB 2 port: Write – 4.6 MBps Read – 15.5 MBps Takes 115 Mins to write 32 GB

    Now you decide bro, which one you wanna buy? USB 2 Drive or 3 Drive when it comes to 16+ GB drives? The price difference being just 200 bux ;)

  8. sanjiv says:

    bought one 32 gb pen drive in 749/- lets see item deliverd or not by payment made via credit card

  9. sam says:

    An perfect example of knowledge display………….:P

  10. Ruchir says:

    @Vinay T-That is all OK.1B=8b. We are not into what actual speeds are.That is theory.Bigger companies actually achieve larger speeds,that is also known.Like Corsair beats Sandisk by miles.Your motherboard(what a beast at 14k) has

    USB 3.0 Ports, Controller 2, 2, Intel H77 Chipset, Etron EJ168A. That means you have USB3 port in the motherboard and so able to harness USB3 speeds wherever available.Which motherboard gives USB3 speed WITHOUT an inbuilt USB3 port is however not answered.That was the 3 pronged requirements.The motherboard MUST have USB3 port to benefit from USB3 advancement just like you have currently in your super fast MB.

  11. AMIT GARG says:


  12. Vinay T says:

    Mother board link here –

    And the first review you see there is mine. :)

  13. Vinay T says:

    @Ruchir, 480 Mbps = 50+ MBps. Notice that B= byte and b = bit.

    However practically u get only 40 MBps on USB 2 and not 50+.
    My old mobo was ABit IP35 Pro running an E8400 @ 4.1GHz ;)

    New mobo is AsRock Z77 Extreme 6 running 3570K @ 4.5 GHz. ;) High end gaming machine. I got over 7TB of storage space :)

    You can see the signature of my machine spec on this page if you want to. The first post on the page is mine :)

  14. Ruchir says:

    @Vinay T-Thanks for a meaningful,intelligent discussion.But I think you are completely wrong. SMI knows it as ABCD but w/out MB not having a USB port,whatever u do,you will get USB 2 speeds. USB3 max is 5 Gbps and USB2 is 480 Mbps I guess.How can you know drive speed is above 40 Mbps.From where 40 comes?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>??>?>?>?>?>?>>?>
    I don’t think you have understood ur mbd specs.Tell me your MB,preferably the flipkart link etc so that you are able to dump all your misconceptions.R u using some PCI expansion card etc.First tell me mb and I will give basic and highly advanced info for all our esteemed readers.

  15. Vinay T says:

    @Ruchir, It does not matter if your mother board does not support USB 3. Cheap USB 3 pendrives them selves will be achieving a maximum of 30 MBps vs USB 2 (6 MBps?) which is still within the USB 2 limits. So even USB 2 boards/lappys can harness the speed.

    For example I have a Stronium 8 GB USB 3, which achieves 10 to 15 MBps write speed both under USB 2 and USB 3. The only reason you would want a USB 3 port on your mobo is when the write speed of the USB drive exceeds 40 MBps or when you connect a 1 TB HDD.

    @Shah Jahan, you got it wrong, It should have been

    1191-999= 192
    (1191 -250) – (999-250) = 192.
    However as Ruchir mentions, SMI just finds the best deals within the available items.

  16. Ruchir says:

    @Vinay T-Brother I agree completely with you.If I am correct,USB 3 drives are completely backwards compatible.The manufacturers should migrate to 3.They are at fault.Like they actually switched to DDR 3 and so cheap and effective it is(DDR3) than DDR2 in terms of power consumption and performance.Now the pricing bcoz of migration.Like almost all NEW portable HDDs are already USB3 which can work with USB 2 as well.Pen drives can also be made USB3 as it doesn’t need some special transition element I guess.
    But regularly what you know is all that you can benefit from.Reason no NEW offer comes there for USB3 PD and since I know almost all deals every time I can say that technically SMI can;t do much as no deals captured anywhere on net.So,we can relax and only focus energy on whatever is there,here Ebay as other sites there have to be a deal.At Ebay,new sellers can come everyday and coupons come everyday.In your case best deal is 10% off Ebay or 100-300 off new signup.Wait to save money if u wish
    USB 3 is great but USB3 motherboards still are I guess 4.5k+ on net than 3k normal and cabinet better have a USB3 port also which are costly,3k+.Then USB 3 drive.3 steps.Very few takers but if you have USB3,USB2 is a curse even if 300 bucks cheaper

  17. Shah Jahan says:

    @ Vinay T: I appreciate it brother. But for the same capacity, a Rs.1191 drive is still 59% costlier that the mentioned Rs.749 one.
    1191-749= 442
    442 / 749 * 100 = 59.012%

    But even the HDDs can fit most pockets these days, but I do agree that Pen Drives are still smaller. On the up side, USB 3 HDDs are still faster than USB 3 Pen Drives. AND for ~1200 you get just 32GB. If you spend 3 times the money, you can get 30 times the space for 1TB HDD. So you get more speed and more space.

    Hence I was just suggesting that if you wish to have more speed and space, then the HDD route is the best for you. It was just a suggestion.

  18. Vinay T says:

    @Shah Jahan USB 3 drives are not expensive. A 32GB verbatim costs 1191(ebay it) as opposed to 999 of the sandisk mentioned above.
    Comparing a pendrive/memory card with HDD is not fair, as you can always have a pendrive as a keychain or a memcard in the phone handy when you require. If you are at a friends place and see that you want to quickly copy 20 GB of stuff and realize it is taking 90 mins or so, then there is no meaning is saving 191 Rupees!

    @Ruchir, no offense but Iam aware of what SMI does, I was just telling them to post USB 3 vs USB 2. As things grow in size so should the speed, else its like a 4 TB HDD connected to an IDE interface of 66 MBps ;) People can definitely afford 191 Rs extra for a 32GB Pendrive if it can save their hours of time in the long run :)

  19. Ruchir says:

    @Vinay T-SMI discovers and not invents.If SMI will find a deal for a boeing,even that will be here. SMI knows better that they are also important for a section.Low sales and rich users make no sense to lower prices for manufacturers anytime. SMI can’t increase the GDP of India by 10 times.
    The coupon not tested but got them.

    Wanted to share a quick update with everyone.
    On Saturday, 20th July 2013, Mr. Ajay Shekhar Sharma (GM) handed over the amount of Rs. 20,19,862 to the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr. Vijay Bahuguna at his residence in Dehradun. The contribution went towards the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
    Mr Ajay Shekhar Sharma handing over the contribution to Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Bahuguna
    Mr Ajay Shekhar Sharma handing over the contribution to Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Bahuguna
    Once again, we thank the 10,245 contributors who contributed a total of Rs. 10,09,931 during the drive. As promised, we had added the same amount (Rs. 10,09,931), taking the total contribution amount to Rs. 20,19,862.

    BECAME A FAN OF PAYTM. The cheque giving photo to UKh. CM is visible.No hearsay
    These are the real heroes of India.

  20. Shah Jahan says:

    @ Vinay T: USB 3.0 pen drives are considerably more costly. You are better off buying an external hard-disk which is USB 3.0 As then for 1 TB you only pay around 4000 rather than spending several thousand for a few GBs of USB 3 Pen Drive.

  21. Vinay T says:

    SMI, please post USB 3 drives when posting deals for 16+ GB. Too slow and painful to load large amount of data on larger pendrives.

  22. Sunny says:

    Gave missed call twice ,how to get coupon SMI ? please reply

  23. bharat says:

    i want in 766 .. what i do?

  24. gajraj chauhan says:

    its working.
    i bought it at 766

  25. Kirubakaran says:

    Coupon is bot working

  26. SuRe 6193: says:

    SMI Coupon is not Working….

  27. vimal says:

    i bought it @ 770 WITH SAME COUPON ON TRADUS.. ;)

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