Sandisk MicroSD Card 4GB Rs. 98, 8GB Rs. 188 – ShopClues

sandisk-microsdhc-4gbShopClues has Sandisk MicroSD Card 4GB for Rs. 98 & 8GB for Rs. 188. Features easy, affordable way to expand your mobile device’s onboard memory.

10% off Coupon: SCICICI or SCHDFC

Buy Sandisk MicroSD Card: 4GB Rs. 98 | 8GB Rs. 188

86 Responses to “Sandisk MicroSD Card 4GB Rs. 98, 8GB Rs. 188 – ShopClues”

  1. Anonymous says:

    All fake gossip 98 &148

  2. Mathu says:

    is there any problem with your device then we can replace after checking it and we can deliver the cash after checking it

  3. vineet says:

    How is it possible

  4. sagar says:

    Dear, I Want A Stock Of 500 to 1000 Quantity of 4 GB Micro SD If U Have Cheap Rate For The Loose Check Warranty Than Contact Me Urgently…….

  5. vivek says:

    hey guys i need 4gb micro sd card plz send me detail

  6. Sharath Kumar says:

    all of above orders are being cancelled by shopclues..
    fake seller tha yaaro

  7. sagar rai says:

    we need 4gb and 8gb micro sd card send me details.

  8. Rohit says:

    ordered one 8gb but got cancelled. very poor shopclues…

  9. sabyasachi says:

    all of above orders are being cancelled by shopclues..
    fake seller tha yaaro

  10. chandrashekhar says:

    every order is being canceled, ordered one piece, that too is canceled

  11. sd says:

    guys which orders are being cancelle rs.89 or rs.98 ?

  12. ARSHAD says:

    that was a mistake from shopclues.they start cancellation all order

  13. anonymus says:

    all 4 cancelled……..:-(

  14. Jagadish says:

    My 3 prepaid orders are cancelled……

  15. Munna.n25 says:

    He he How many got cancellation and refund notice from Shopclues?

  16. gourav says:

    i want 100 memory card for this price Sandisk MicroSD Card 4GB Rs. 98

  17. vishal says:

    shopclue cc told me that seller is out of stock and they will start the process of cancelling the orders

  18. dokri says:

    @ sumit jindal

    can you send me the 10 cards ..
    i will not pay you.
    you can call me at this number 7742398884

  19. jeethu_boy says:

    it’s redirecting to shopclues home page. PLS send me the product link if possible.

  20. ARSHAD says:

    where is this?

  21. Rajesh says:

    SMI please check if u click offer its landing on SC home page !!!!!!!!!

  22. Divanshu says:

    plz let me know once its back….

  23. Divanshu says:

    i think its not working nw…….link is directing to home page…..

  24. Aman says:

    Himanshu exactly…

  25. DrSabyasachi says:

    many many thanks to SaveMoneyIndia !
    i appreciate its hardwork finding such good deals n really saving money

  26. inder punia says:

    vadiya ha deal jaldi karo ke naikal na jaye…

  27. Himanshu says:

    the Link is not working the. its redirecting to shopclues hompage!!!

  28. Aman says:

    saying cart is empty in last process … is any1 facing this prob ?

  29. tushar says:

    list ended ordered 5 using rs150 off on 1000 using coupon

  30. tushar says:

    as soon as anyone of you get delivery than please write reviews so if fake others can reject the order.

  31. Raj says:

    Is this product worth of buying.. is it compatible for Micromax Mobile…?

  32. sanjiv says:

    order 4 gb 5 pcs in rs 545/- cash on delivery. lets see its duplicate or original. online payment is so risky for this deal. so purchase cash on delivery. if shopclues delivers this micro sd card. then cod is not bad option. no risk in cod if offer is fake

  33. SUSHIL says:

    NICE DEAL & it is shopclues deal

  34. Anonymous says:

    i can’t get the deal .. can any body provide the link soon .. waiting for resp

  35. unknown says:

    even though it is duplicate worthy for buying because in local markets they will sell duplicates for 150-170rs….

  36. Manas says:

    Ordered one from Offer 2 with COD Option.

  37. krishan says:

    out of stock……….

  38. sd says:

    offer one has 5 yr warranty and class 4 and offer 2 has one yr warranty and class in pic is 4 n in description its class 6

  39. Vishnu says:

    Arun its not 2 nos. It s offr 1 and offr 2

  40. zeeshan says:

    its not a trick guys
    he must hv used his cluebucks to get
    it for Rs 49

  41. arun kumar says:

    how to get 2 in 98 SMI pls tell me, after applying coopan it is 194 for 2.
    and new link is working…

  42. vishnu says:

    i think offer 1 is not more….:( placed offer 2

  43. vishnu says:

    anil how did u got it in rs 49?

  44. Garg says:

    how 2 in 49

  45. rock says:

    which coupon u applied to get it for 49 plz share anil

  46. h.s.gupta says:


    SanDisk 8 GB Ultra Pen Drive CZ45 @ Price: Rs. 341.00

  47. h.s.gupta says:




  48. sabyasachi says:

    Thanks SMI

  49. ANIL says:

    Awsum i got it in juz 49

  50. AK says:


  51. pankaj says:

    its 98 not 89

  52. Sumeet says:

    I cnt find this offer on shopclues…. where can I buy this?

  53. sherlock holmes says:

    I hope they don’t cancel my order…..

  54. sherlock holmes says:

    The listing has ended I guess…..
    Now the link takes to the home page.
    Manual search also don’t show this product on Shopclues any more.

  55. Ritesh says:

    Link redirects on Home page..

  56. Munna.n25 says:

    He he Fake! Fake!! Fake!!!
    I have also a store in shopclues and I know what the internal problem of merchant Panel! Now the link redirects to shopclues home page without announcing out of stock means Its sure a fake one! I’m feeling pity on the merchant! If he cant fulfill all the order he got today he will be banned from shopclues forever! And those ordered COD are safe at least!

  57. DEEPAK SINGH says:

    manage to ordered one now link have been removed . thought to order at least 2.

  58. Sumit Jindal says:

    i ordered 750 memory card, 50 pcs on bank payment and 700 pcs on COD

  59. luckymast says:

    i am that customer which was cheated by . i am scared this time.lot of customer not cheated by shopclues.plz help SMI no body rating the seller service.

  60. Nikhil says:

    ordered 175 cards

  61. luckymast says:

    4GB Sandisk MicroSD Card Rs. 89 – ShopClues.i think this offer is fake.because i saw the rating of the seller
    NFBC Marts Pvt Ltd
    Location: Meerut,Uttar Pradesh.
    no body rate the rating of seller.only two product of NFBC Marts Pvt Ltd
    Location: Meerut,Uttar Pradesh.Might offer are fake

  62. DIPESH says:


  63. swa says:

    this real or fake?…

  64. kaushal rana says:

    i have orderd 2 no.s .. great deal

  65. BIOTECH BABA says:

    ordered 100 memory cards……………………MARVELOUS DEAL

  66. MUSABHAI says:



  67. Dr abhishek Parashar says:

    Shopclues at his best..
    Thanx smi

  68. sherlock holmes says:

    Thanks SMI for giving the info about this Superb Deal.. Ordered 2…. Lets See ^_^

  69. Aman says:

    ordered one

  70. Honey Max says:

    Maza Aa Gaya Deal Me

  71. Jagadish says:

    ordered 30 memory cards………….

  72. prashant says:

    nice deal

  73. tushar says:

    Ordered 13

  74. Amal Augustine says:

    Ordered 7 for 593 rs

  75. Ramu says:

    Good Deal… ORdered TWO..

  76. pratap says:

    very good offer thak you smi

  77. Ravi kiran says:

    Ordered One, Best Deal

  78. Jagadish says:

    Ordered 20 Memory Cards…………….I have a shop…..

  79. prassu says:

    bought 1..good deal

  80. Sukhwinder says:

    Best price great deal

  81. Jagadish says:

    Superb Offer Thank You SMI…

  82. pradeep says:

    but i wonder what would be the quality
    may be duplicate
    seen many in market
    may be this could be one like :(
    lets see…
    shopclue provide many local product
    hope this should be one among that!!

  83. Gerrard says:

    nice deal fake ;)

  84. pradeep says:

    placed my order :) great offer

  85. ***** says:

    ordered 1

  86. Munna.n25 says:

    May be fake! Whats say?

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