Airtel Free 500MB 3G Data

airtel500Update your contact details & get 500MB Free Data. Valid for prepaid and retail postpaid customers.

Offer: Free 500MB 3G Data (Connect to internet using Airtel. Under “your account summary” click “add alternate contact detail”.)

To check 3G Data Balance Dial: *123*11#

106 Responses to “Airtel Free 500MB 3G Data”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not working

  2. Ramu says:


  3. Samarth says:

    Where is this “Click add alternate contact detail” link

  4. bhola mukherjee says:

    Alternative no dalne ka koi option nahi a rahi hain sir iss page kya kare.

  5. Dipankar Choudhury says:

    Its realy Working …

  6. saikatsk says:

    It is very good

  7. sumanth says:

    Offer was good but validity was less

  8. Anonymous says:

    Best trick in april 2015
    thanks airtel give me 500mb 3G data

  9. Bharat says:

    M try 12 times but not got

  10. Abhijit Das says:

    How many times I can get this 500 mb

  11. Aditya says:

    Does this work twice anyone tell me please???

  12. manoj goswami says:

    til now iam not geting

  13. Vaibhav says:

    Not workingNot

  14. vijay says:

    Dear pankaj,plz post in english

  15. Pankaj Kumar says:

    It is working friends…
    Mujhe 500MB data mila hai for 30 days Validity ke saath.
    (1)Jiske paas 1 mahine ka 3G data pack hai use 500+available data in ur account mil rha hai,
    (2)Nd jiske paas 3G data pack nhi hai use 500 MB data with 7 days validity ke saath mail rha hai…

    *(1)Iske liye sbse phle SMI ke Airtel 500Mb 3G Data Offer pe click krna hoga
    (2)uske baad pura page open ho jayega tb add alternate contact detail ka option aayega.Usme apna Alternate Airtel no. With Email Id enter krna pdega.
    Then Submit it.
    (3)uske baad Alternate no. Pe OTP aayega.
    (4)Use enter krne ke baad aapko Airtel 3G data activation ka message aayega Airtel ke us no. Pe jisse aap net kr rhe ho.
    (5)Dhyan dijiye ki Data aapke Us Airtel no. Pe aayega jisse aap Net kr rhe ho.

  16. ravin says:

    I have 20 mb but i got msg that you have more 50 mb so 500 mb 3g data plan cannot be processed. Customer support unable to answer … what to do

  17. satyanand says:

    Thanks i got it

  18. srinivasarao says:

    Please give me help for after entaring OTP what will I do

  19. ASHISH says:

    Not try yet
    But than

  20. prakash says:

    it work on smartphone phone first install chrome on smartphone and Connect net though Airtel Sim eg airtel 5 rupee 2g plane for one day after activated plane you have aceess the chrome (request desktop mode) and paste the. above link and following the process Connect net though Airtel SIM or connection only
    2. Click here to view the offer page
    3. Click on “add alternate contact detail”
    4. Put OTP you receive
    5. Update your contact details
    6. Free data will be added soon to your account. to
    check balance use “123*11# caution must have to2 airtel prepaid sim card do not tried postpaid user

  21. ASHISH says:

    Abe yaaro working working kar rahe
    Hou.koi procedure to bataye

  22. Anonymous says:

    Where is the account summary can be found

  23. Surander says:

    Bhai koi ye batayega Ki ye free kaise h 175 to Airtel ne le liye.

    Thank you for opting for Rs 175. Your account has been topped up by 500MB This is a One time purchase valid for this bill cycle only

  24. James Bond says:

    working thanks

  25. robin says:

    Working yaar free mee 500 mb

  26. ASHISH says:

    Where is the option to add alternate no.

  27. Sachchida Nand Mishra says:

    Alternate Mobile number & email id has been successful updated 2 time but not receive internet data.
    Please help me

  28. lokesh rathor says:

    unable to check the internet (dialing *123*11#)

  29. azad says:

    mscharan fir se try kro ho jaega . br br try kro kbi kbi bta deta h ki not registr .

    or koi bta sakta h kya ye offr pahle bi aya h to jinone pahle ise use kiya ho wo abi bi kr sakte h kya.
    or ek ph. se 2 sim me mil sakta h kya.
    wese ek one divice me one sim me to mil raha h bt 2 sim me same divice kam kr raha h kya ye btao koi

  30. mscharan says:

    plz help me jab alternate email id& mobile no.dalte h to baar baar ye likh aa rha h”your request has not been registered”
    please tell how can i get process further

  31. SUDAR says:

    successfully updated my alternate contact details still i didn’t get data long it will take to reflect into my account ?

  32. prakash says:

    working 100%got 500 mob for7days

  33. Sachchida Nand Mishra says:

    Any body help me…
    How to use this deal…

  34. ANKUR says:

    GOT IT

  35. sanju says:

    got it 2nd time 500mb 3g for 7days…offer still on

  36. Sivanesh says:

    Can anyone plz help me how to get dis offer

  37. Surander says:

    This offer is free but why Airtel is changing Rs175 for this.
    Making fool to the people.

  38. Bhat says:

    got it!!!

  39. mayur says:

    Guys I have postpaid number. I did got the 500 mb 3g last time in july i guess. But Airtel charged me Rs. 175 by considering it 500 mb smartbyte plan activated.
    So beaware…

  40. mwdwmfru says:

    otp no.. b dal leya… register sucful be ho gaya…pwr 0mb its not working

  41. Sakthi says:

    Best working

  42. anil says:

    it is working….. i have a dout it will cost after wards for the net….

  43. selvarani says:

    good offer i got 500mb

  44. PRABHAT says:

    i done this now rs 175 got deducted

  45. manikanta says:

    “your request has not been registered” please try later after some time.

  46. SANJU says:

    working 100% fine but u need to use yr dongle to get the link

  47. arif says:

    hi manju …yes sure working fine

  48. Manjunatha says:

    It works!!

  49. piyu says:

    Nahi ho raha hai offer end ho gaya kya showing error

    “your request has not been registered” please try later after some time.

  50. pramod says:

    The easiest way to get this offer is by putting your SIM in a 3G dongle and then opening the website (

  51. Aman says:

    Can anyone tell me the complete procedure about how to get 3g……….as I am not able to see any link for updation of contact details………

  52. pramod says:

    This offer is still working…got 2GB on 4 different SIMs. Thanks!!

  53. laveen says:

    @ tinku meena . I followed all ur steps but i got only 100 mb 3g for 10 days .

  54. neo says:

    i got sms but no data and customare care dont know about that offer. IDIOTS

  55. tinku meena says:

    no shreya the offer running 3 to 4days. please try tomorrow and enjoy.

  56. Prasant says:

    Dial *121*2# for balance details.

  57. Anonymous says:

    We are unable to process your request.Please try after some time.

  58. shreya says:

    IS THE OFFER ENDED NOW because its saying”your request has not been registered ,please try later after some time” anyone plz help me tinku plzzzz

  59. Arun says:

    I have no found Viwe bill options. plz gays helps me.

  60. tinku meena says:

    hello ayush open internet on mobile for better experience in dolpin and chrome. and retry again.

  61. Sunil Choudhary says:

    I my case, it is saying that you have more than 50 MB data so free data can not be processed now.

  62. Anant says:

    i registered a request by updating the contact detail. After that it says your request has been submitted and will show up in your account later.But it’s more than 20 hours i did not get any 500mb 3g .Please help somebody. HELP rinku or others who have got it..

    thanks in advance

  63. mani says:

    IS this offer for 33g dongle or for sim.i do all step sucessfully msg also come ur 3g pack activated .but still i didnt get 3g pack.but when i again visit my account on laptop ther show ur balance is 900mb remaing,utilized 0 mb what does it mean plz tell in details how to used this 3g balance .

  64. ayush says:

    @tinku meena.. as following ur comment after 10 step when i click on offer image then “” website is opened and i cant be able to proceed further steps u have mentioned?

  65. peddi says:

    how the process?

  66. Shailendra says:

    Click on special offers & in the browser link u’ll get your msisdn code.

  67. Shailendra says:

    I got 1000mb data with 1 week validity.

  68. harish soni says:

    Got 500 mb with 25days validity

  69. Krishna says:

    1. visit

    2. In above address just remove “xxxxxxxxxx” and add your 10 digit airtel number
    3. Then it will ask alternate number and email address..
    4. Thats it

  70. tarun says:

    MSISDN is 91followed by your mobile number

  71. Gags says:

    ppl who got this plan activated should have share….how to get MSSID code…there are no of user’s who are asking the same question but noone ever respond…really bad.

  72. khushal prasad says:

    now offer is exipred

  73. Gautam D says:

    special thanks @tinku meena and @Rajeev.

  74. Dharmin Shah says:

    i received message that 3g activated in 30min but after 1hr i can not get 500mb.

  75. Anonymous says:

    how to get MSISDN?

  76. Dilip says:

    Thanks Tinku… it worked for me.

  77. Anonymous says:

    working i got it on 3 numbers

  78. Sumit_G says:

    Works Great. +500 …..LOL

  79. bhargav says:

    what is MSISDN, where can i get that one

  80. aarav says:

    got it on 2 numbers……thanqqqq smi!!!!! :)

  81. Gautam says:

    Nice offer got this. yipee

  82. unyk says:

    Thanks for your effort tinku.. it’s working.

  83. Imran says:

    is it for prepaid or postpaid?

  84. swati says:

    how to get MSISDN code..?

  85. a says:

    got it


  86. vijay sahu says:


  87. Ashok says:

    MSISDN code ka snapshot kahan h bhai dikh nhi rha khi

  88. Rajeev says:

    Works..perfects..thanks…500 MB added with 1 week validity..
    step 7: click transaction details in new tab…in url u will get the MSISDN..

    copy that and follow next steps.. cheers…

  89. Narayan says:

    Got 500 mb.

  90. tinku meena says:

    1. First copy this link:
    2. Replace “MobileNumber” with your 10 digit Airtel mobile number.
    3. Now open that link.
    4. You will get an OTP code to your mobile.
    5. Enter that and click “Submit”.
    6. Now a new page will open with this link -
    7. Now to get your MSISDN code see below screenshot

    8. Paste that MSISDN code to the new link given below
    9. Now paste that code to this link –
    10. Now open this link and you will get that offer. Click on
    the offer image.
    11. Now enter alternate mobile number(Can be same as the original one) and email id.
    12. Now you will receive a code to that alternate mobile
    13.enter the code. then the offer activated.

  91. dushynat says:

    i dont understand how to avail this offer,,
    is anyone clear this

  92. gopis says:

    your request has not been registered

    please try later after some time.

  93. Harman says:

    Thanks Timku Meena
    Got same message as Carez saying “Thank you for opting for rs175. your account topped up by 500MB”

    Hope they dont credit Rs 175 to my Account.

  94. kumar says:

    guys, there is no such a link of alternate details, its waste of ur data nd balance in searching of that link in mobile.. try to find link in pc :-)

  95. Sabu says:

    Where do I fill alternate contact details from my phone

  96. gopis says:

    do we need to enter alternative mobile number with 0 or +91 ???

  97. gopis says:

    no OTP received ???

  98. carez says:

    I got messge saying “Thank you for opting for rs175. your account topped up by 500MB “. will they take money for this.

  99. nisu says:

    did any one get mb’

  100. tinku meena says:

    1. Connect net though Airtel SIM only
    2. Then Go here
    4. Fill your alternate Contact details and submit
    5. Put the OTP , you have recieved and press submit
    6. Now you will get 500MB free data on Airtel sim

  101. Saviour says:

    @Preet @Arun.. open it from ur mobile

  102. arish says:

    couldnt find the offer

  103. ARUN says:

    Not Working

  104. Preet says:

    Where is this “Click add alternate contact detail” link

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