Airtel Rs. 110 Talktime on Recharge of Rs. 100 + eBay Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300 Coupon

bonustalktimeAirtel is offering Rs. 110 talktime on recharge of Rs. 100 + eBay Rs. 100 off on purchase of Rs. 300 coupon.

Website: (Visit from your mobile. Recharge > Exclusive offer > Bonus recharge.)

6 Responses to “Airtel Rs. 110 Talktime on Recharge of Rs. 100 + eBay Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300 Coupon”

  1. Ruchir says:

    SMI,Strangely enough even this is possible,see a genuine review——
    then click on recharge now..
    enter the airtel mobile number of any of your friend’s…..koi to hoga,???…
    regional plan ” exclusive web offer” click karo..
    aur recharge category pe “special recharges” click karo..
    after that you will see a “recharge amount” list starting from as low as “Rs. 11” (for my circle)
    After your recharge of this small amount you will receive a coupon within a minute..
    This trick was 100% success for me…and I think you can spare a small amount for 100 rs coupon..
    Possible as NO AMT MENTIONED unlike Voda and rest are guesses.Some stated in listing 100 min,you got for 50.maybe you haven’t tried for <50.It now looks that maybe some denominations,circle or web etc maybe the issue.Trial and error only option.

  2. Vedant says:

    Has anybody tried this?
    Please comment!

  3. Ruchir says:

    At the starting time,it was there if SMI says.Ebay offer must be withdrawn within no time.
    OR but less chances was that SMI assumed that if coupon was there at PC site,it MUST be same at least.
    The reason with I disagree with SMI that there are thousands of readers and nobody else has claimed for Rs 50 RC.Getting is one thing once or twice but if all others not,stating it without one saying this should lead to not publishing and just doing it self.No personal effect to me nonetheless.

  4. kapil says:

    no such option seen

  5. says:

    no benefit..they are not giving ebay coupon and we can get 110 TT using airtel money

  6. says:

    they are not giving ebay coupon

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