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akoshaAkosha is an online consumer forum platform for consumers to lodge their complaints against any brand in India. Akosha takes up the consumer complaints with the escalation departments at leading brands. Through Akosha online consumer complaint platform, Akosha helps brands and consumers in giving timely resolutions to complaints.

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46 Responses to “Akosha Online Consumer Forum”

  1. jiby says:

    they guys asked me 2500/- against sony laptop
    i prefer you to consumer redressal forum in your district
    complaint file fees is 100/- for compensation up to 1 lakh
    jagu grahak jago

  2. Nicky cruz says:

    Waste site… Don’t depend on this type of fraud site. I have given a complaint against timtara.com , they have taken 500/- from me and did nothing..

  3. vinod kumar says:

    Hi All,
    Why so many peoples are posting fake comments about the consumer form.
    Few days ago i had post a complaint regarding micromax handsets and in 1 or 2 days i got a call from from micromax and they are agree to pay my amount refund back.
    Even i did not buy any plan but still they are helping me.
    Please do not post any fake comments.

  4. Manoj says:



    I want to file a compLint agaist u ppl!!!

  5. Avinash says:

    Never take their services. I have wasted by 500 rupees and Ashoka is money making cheater company

  6. AKather says:

    @ Nicky Cruz

    I am also victim of timtara. I got cheated for 10K.
    I tried many options and didnt get anything.

    I would like to try your option too.
    Which address did u send ur complaint or fax number.

    thanks in advance.

  7. Kishore says:

    They will ask money after 1 week of posting complaints on their website.whereas other consumer forums do freely

  8. Sj says:

    It is good my complain got resolved in 5 days against cromaretail.com. I have not paid any 500 rs to akosha and used a free a/c and my complaint resolved in approximately 5 days

  9. Naushad Khan says:

    Very nice people. They helped me to get a refund of INR 40000 from snapdeal and that too w/o even a single rupee. Though it took almost more than a month but it’s OK.

    The people who do not have patience are putting wrong and negative remark here. I would stongly recommend AKOSHA to all needy person.

    No matter if they would have asked me to make a payment but luckily I got my refund which i was not hoping to get from SNAPDEAL.

    Kuodozzz Akosha…

  10. Nicky Cruz says:

    Worst site… dey took 500/- and did nothing…
    i request SMI dont post this type of fraud sites…

    dear ravi & ashish kumar rathore
    I too one of the victim of Timtara, paid 18000/- for a mobile, dey neither shipped my order nor refund the amount. one frnd in delhi filed a case against Timtara and they got arrested in march 2013. I mailed and fax my complaint to Commissioner of police delhi, after few days I got refund of my total amount 18000/-

  11. Abby says:

    SMI…!! Please do not promote this questionable company

  12. sri says:


    Please don’t go for Akosha. I’ve registered complaint against Make My Trip and below is my complaint number.

    I have paid 1299 rupees, it has been 68 days since i raised the complaint with him. Now its almost 13 days they are not even bothered to reply also..


    Akosha is Cheating people by saying that they will raise a complaint against People who are cheating.

    Planning to raise a complaint against Akosha now :(

    My Hard Earned money wasted by paying to them…

  13. vishni says:

    Sorry for ur bad luck…I totaly agree with @ BAIBH…dhamaal is a good site. I also.got the refund for all my failed recharges

  14. balaji says:

    Dont go for it. waste of money.

  15. Gagan says:

    @ BAIBH

    Give me your mail id i’ll send you all my e-mails i sent to dhamaal before sending it to Akosha…so plz don’t suggest ppl if you are not aware of things.

  16. ASIT says:

    What akosha does is to guide the client against the company. But nobody knows what actually happens. Is the defaulting company is a sister company of Akosha or not . Because their success rate against some company is very high. So they can pocket the extra money and reputation.

  17. BAIBH says:

    @Gagan: I am a regular customer of dhamaal.com (discounted recharge). 4 out of my last 15 recharges were unsuccessful. Each time I mailed them a detail of my failed transaction and they returned my money.
    Try before crying for help.

  18. Gagan says:

    I complained for Dhamaal.com and got my money back through this website..Really a good site.

  19. ARSHAD says:

    before 40 days i am place a complaint against HCL in akosha,they request to upgrade plan to paid plan from free plan.but i am rply continew with free plan.now my issue solved by akosha
    its not fake site

  20. ashwin says:

    they called me also

  21. Anonymous says:

    fake company, they are asking to upgrade

  22. Pradeep says:

    Don’t go for Akosha.. As it is also the same as Timtara.com

  23. pappu soni says:

    jo pahle hi pareshan hai, unki pareshani se ye company apni kamai karti hai.
    yani lule hue logo ko ye company fir se aur lutati hai,

  24. hitesh says:

    Try pgportal.gov.in instead this bakwass company.

  25. krishan says:

    defeact in Order ID: #974

  26. Ravi says:

    Waste, I paid 500/- to aksosha to resolve timtara issue on amount 22400/-, they just sent one letter to timstara, and after no follow up no help, Akosha is waste

  27. Kathiresh Nadar says:

    Worst site, they will listen to you complaint only if you pay them. Nothing is free. Its not worth the money to pay.

  28. Ravi Sharma says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  29. sandeep verma says:

    i filed 3 complaints but no response from this company.

  30. RAHUL says:

    I am one of the victim by Timtara.com. I have personal experience with this Akosha. Dont go for it , they first collect money from us and later only they doing a paper work which we can do it ourselves.

  31. raman says:

    fake…. they start with nice & ask u to pay to get ur problem solved

    its like paying bribe to get ur work done.

    utter nonsense!

  32. ashish kumar rathore says:

    Ravi sir, my story as same your story regarding akosha. Fraud no. .01 akosha

  33. Ravi says:

    I raised a case on Timtara.com on 23000 fraud, they could not help, but they charged another 500/- with no use, aksosha just sent one hard letter copy to timatra, thats it. akosha is also a cheater

  34. Mohammed says:

    Does not help much unless you pay.. filed case against mobile store . Got a mail that they have approached mobile store.in and further assistance pay for premium !

  35. Mahendra Rai Jain Advocate says:

    It is better to file consumer complaint in your district with the help of some advocate. You also can file a complaint yourself. It is fake company who ask for money after filing complaint. so please as soon as you cheated by any company go to nearest consumer court and file a complaint.

  36. anil gupta says:

    baekar company hai paisae vdogae toe work karaege otherwise nahi paise lae kar bhi work dhung sae nahi kartae timtara case mae 999rs kha gayae

  37. Abby says:

    By the way I have posted after my own experience…

  38. balaji says:

    I agree with @nazim..

  39. Abby says:

    Zadar, Ankur and Anas seem to be fake postings by the company or supporters.

    Akosha asks you to pay after you file a complaint

    Free plan exists but it takes them WEEKS to get to your complaint.

    Also their status update system – on your (client side) is faulty – so you may not be able to post them anything – asking for update (if you’re a free user).

    All in all if your complaint is for 100 Rs recharge or ticket charged by a travel company – better stick to your own devises.

    Akosha may be useful in cases where amount is higher and it makes sense to do someone else do the run-around and followup o complaints for you. If your goods or services worth 10,000 and up – use Akosha. 5% is acceptable charge.

    Though they pay more attention to highest and most premium plan (obviously).

  40. KK says:

    Jst now i file a case against dtdc.. and i taken premium plan for 560/-.. so lets hope my problem will solve.. i will update my review here whn i get any status from them… fingers cross now..

  41. hitesh says:

    Check reviews on Google

  42. Sunny says:

    They attend to your matter only when register & pay them. These + ve feedbacks are their own sponsored feedbacks. SMI should not oput up such commercial Ads.

  43. ankur says:

    best site ever…even better than indian courts including. consumer courts…got justice twice against 2 big fraud sites paytm and flipkart…strongly. recommended to all…really HATS OFF ASHOKA:-)

  44. nazim says:

    This is nonsense.. once you register your complaint online.. they will ask you to upgrade your plan and pay them to resolve the issue.

    A total No from my end..

  45. Anas says:

    This is very good company. best service. i also recommand to people.

  46. zafar says:

    Very nice people, helped me to fight case against one furniture company…i won too @ district level….top recommended.

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