Alphonso Mangos 1 Dozen Rs. 599, 4 Dozen Rs. 2199 – Groupon

alphonos-mango• Offer 1 – Rs. 599: 1 Dozen Alphonso Mangos (Approximately 3 to 3.5kg)
• Offer 2 – Rs. 2199: 4 Dozen Alphonso Mangos (Approximately 12 to 13kg)

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12 Responses to “Alphonso Mangos 1 Dozen Rs. 599, 4 Dozen Rs. 2199 – Groupon”

  1. ANUPAM says:

    New Delhi 60 Rs/KG and they were good


    ye to aam ke sath sath guthaliyo ke daam le raha h. After seeing price, it seems like a “Deal”. :P lol

  3. sam says:

    bhai ye alphaso hai, mehnge hote hai kaafi, is baar Eu ban ki wajah se saste hai, waise is rate me bahar bhi mil rahe hai jo aap chun kar le sakte ho.

    not good deal, but dont compare it with rs 20/kg mango

  4. hemant says:

    i also think groupon shows fake number of buyers. within hours of the deal, it already shows 94 bought …

  5. hemant says:

    foolish ppl, savemoney pls dont post such deals… in the same rate u can easily get 2 dozen, 24 alphonso mangoes…

  6. Vinay T says:

    It is coming to 200/kilo! How is that save money? LoL.

  7. mard says:

    saharanpur me 100 RS. /KG

  8. Kunal says:

    Amritsar mein 180 ke 12 (50 Rs/kg)

  9. xxx says:

    in secunderabad market 1 kg=25 rupeee

  10. ssss says:

    ahmedabad me 300 rs k 12 he

  11. aan says:

    humare telangana me Rs 20 kg hy hahahha

  12. xxx says:

    mango bechra hain yaa gold betch ra ha hain.

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