Amazon App Treasure Hunt

amazon-app-treasureSlove the clue on the App to get fashion products at Rs. 1. 10th March, 10AM to 4PM. New clues every 15 minutes.

Amazon: App Treasure Hunt

614 Responses to “Amazon App Treasure Hunt”

  1. a says:

    selfie lele– ans???

  2. amar says:

    got 1 maybeline lipstick for rs. 1

  3. srvan says:

    Fake while checkout again mrp showig worst idea fooling people

  4. Anonymous says:

    :D Fool-hunter is back :D

  5. Mahanti says:

    Hi when the winners will be sent the items they are able to buy ? any idea when amazon will be delivering do they ask winners address

  6. Mithun KS says:

    They have already gave the clues for to know this is fake. See the image of the steps instruction. Step 3 – “Go to the product page” in that image the End time is 2h 27 min.
    When i tried around 8-9 ques. End time start as 26-29 mins.
    It is just a fake promotion get traffic to the amazon site.
    In my opinion amazon is most trusted site than other sites.
    In this treasure hunt is Fake 100% in my experience…

  7. Mithun KS says:

    Reached to the product in 16 sec and Then also waitlist got ful..
    Amazon is making fool of us.
    Dont go for it . Waste of time frnds…

  8. dhruv says:

    Plss telll the answer of 5pm today

  9. Anonymus says:

    Do anyone win anything?
    Any winners here?

  10. Anonymous says:

    A great idea to keep fools involved :D

  11. akshay says:

    it will be live on 22nd dec which is tomorrow.

  12. ashok says:

    Is it working?
    I don’t see any update in my app.

  13. Rohit says:

    Is it working?
    I don’t see any update in my app.

  14. qwerty says:

    Ye bakwas fir agyi .amazon pr time kharab karo. Im out of it.
    kuch bil bhi jaye to delivery charge hi product ko usk original price pr le ata h.

  15. john says:

    amazon pls stop this non sense…
    bcos so much of them fooled in october…
    pls come in april to make them foool again….

  16. Sanjay says:

    Good Ankit.. When is the green tea party , we all hunters will stop by at your home ;)

  17. Ankit says:

    Got green tea..

  18. Raj says:

    anyone got sweets?

  19. anonymous says:

    i got rasgulla…

  20. Sanjay says:

    Chalo..aaj kuch bhi haath nahi laga… Now we can not stop wasting/enjoying hunt game. :)

  21. Soumo says:

    We R all idiots…
    They are R not going give us even a little penny with this treasure hunt(if U even want to call it that) they just trying to lure people with this so some actually buy something ……and every product is 1000 rs or more not 1rs …though this is fun I have to admit

  22. Prasad says:

    Bakwas hai sab
    Waste of time friend’s

  23. Sanjay says:

    Tough, we are not able to buy or even to join waiting list , this game is fun to play. :)

  24. Kanav says:

    waitlist me kaise aaye

  25. Sanjay says:

    It seems they are selling only 1 or 2 products using Re 1 offer. Only admin people are able to buy them :)

  26. vishiwjeet singh says:

    This amazon is fooling everyone. We 4 people tried this 4pm. We went to that product in 7 sec and it is already gone. I think amazon must tell who bought this product or we all should file a compalint with ADvt std council of India for making fraud claims and making fool of people and wasting their time.

  27. Abhi Jain says:

    reached to the product in 38 sec and then also waitlist got full…

  28. masiawa says:

    baba ranchordaas ko puchoo

    sab clues pata hai unhe!!:-p:-p:-p

  29. Faraz says:

    Baki sb thk h, pr jo sb “quantity = 1″ k liye ro rhe hain.. Dude, its not the no. of available samples of that produc for sale.. Instead, its the no. of samples u want to order.. N dat too cud be changed by clicking..

  30. rahul reddy says:

    is any one got it …?

  31. rahul reddy says:

    i am also @ waitist

  32. NIPUN says:

    i Am on waitlist.

  33. Anonymous says:

    piku dvd

  34. Mr x says:

    This time it’s piku

  35. Anonymous says:

    I was in the waitlist for tetley green tea and even got a chance to buy it but when I pressed the proceed to checkout it didnt even respond :(

  36. PRAKASH says:


  37. Rahul says:

    I got one TEA for 41/-(Worst Deal)

  38. Anonymous says:

    Tetley Green Tea Worth Rs 135 amazon 2 pm 25-10-2015

  39. Subhendu says:

    Green tea

  40. Prashant says:

    I am not sure about amazon, but it seems Rajesh is a fake ;) :D

  41. Anonymous says:

    Frauds. Knew products before, but still wait listed both times at 12:00 and 1:00

  42. GK says:

    Rajesh – Please use any online image hosting site and upload your order image.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Flipkart, Snapdeal, EBay, Amazon all are making ullu of us :D
    Let us buy anything we see cheap and then through the garbage to dustbin for free :D
    (You need to pay to dispose these garbages in USA/UK :D )

  44. Anonymous says:

    The answers will be here in the website within a minute or 2..
    so which means..
    it takes 2 min for them to read the product.. find answer.,, search the product.. copy the url.. come back to their site.. type it on their site,, update the page. and we refresh the page. and we read it and we see in amazon on click on deal.. lol answers are all out., they dnt need a hint.. so u never can buy.. understand this.. if its on website, this website ppl would have brought if its existed.. becoz its 1 rs,, n who cares ryt.. so u cant buy its 1000%

  45. Rajesh says:

    There is no option for upload my screenshot bro..

  46. Anonymous says:

    Ullu hai hum :D

  47. nkumar says:

    If someone sells something for a cheep rate.. or Indians will be first to buy it[not all].. even if its of no use and even if its used underwere pair of 10 for 1 rs.. they will sit all day infront of computer. guys go get a job.. stop wasting time on cheep products. grow up.. work hard be happy wit wat u have;

  48. Dj says:

    to tu kya chinese hai??

  49. Anonymous says:

    These greedy Indian people. Don’t they realise that this is a blu-ray DVD and hence it would require a blu-ray player to watch these. These people don’t realise that people who are actually need would never get these products. These people live their lives with typical Indian mentality of “take whatever you can”.

  50. GK says:

    Rajesh – Please share your order history picture of the bipasha basu dvd order, so that people can see that it is not a fake event by amazon.

  51. Kanav says:

    I got the answer in less than 5 seconds but still the waitlist was full

  52. Kanav says:

    its friends blue ray

  53. Sad says:

    Thx fast track joined wait list but no luck

  54. Rajesh says:

    I got the Bipasha Basu Love Yourself Set of 3 DVD.. Thanks Savemoneyindia..

  55. menaka says:

    savemoney india ur updating veryy sloww update fast

  56. adg says:

    Yr jst one piece of bipasha love ur self…whts dis???

  57. Fasttrack says:

    Love Yourself Break Free – Bipasha Basu on waitlist

  58. Lastwish says:

    In 1 min ?… the GOT one (the pic of GRRM), found the product in 30 seconds, still showed 100% claimed n full waiting list.

    I think amazon’s employees aren’t allowed to purchase.

    Its just that there are better people out there who have found ways of buying faster than you. Maybe they wrote a script to track any newly added item in the lightning deals every hour whose rate is 1 RS. People had come up with similar stuff during Flipkart’s first big billion day sale.

    Amazon didn’t say they will give away 1000 units of same items did they ? As long as they sell event 1 product at 1 RS, they ain’t cheating. Just because you couldn’t get them doesn’t mean its a scam.

  59. manoj says:

    Amazon offers only 1 product per hour. i mean 1 product 1 pice… so even if u find ans in 10 sec.. waiting list will be full.. people working in amazon as employees has stopped working n stated booking items.. so ur margin time is ur ping.. n my ping is 9ms.. ie 0.009 seconds.. thats the time i need to read understand and book the product.. which is not possible.. well if u are lucky,, u might get it.. all be best.. i still dint any even in 5 sec answers:(

  60. Subhendu says:

    I found this product within 1m but I shaw wait list is full. How I don’t know?

  61. Ansh says:

    i have search that mobile on 9:59 and the page just refresh and it shows wait list full WTF how it booked without knowning the clue
    dont buy any product from Amazon they are Fraud

  62. Venkat says:

    Anyone got carbon titanium mach 2?

  63. qwerty says:

    Anonymous is correct , But i use both flipkart and amazon Apps, i can say Amazon have way way better and fast app then flipkart, updated amazon app has better user interface too.
    But this treasure hunt is sh@t they are fooling peoples. :/

  64. Anonymous says:

    Dear All,

    As flipkart has started this the app only concept amazon is also willing to get market share in mobile app buyers.
    Currently Indian customers are not using amazon app frequently. So it is the marketing strategy to get more users to use the app and get use to it.

    The Deals are have every limited quantity (may be 10 quantity or less than that)
    Amazon wants people to use their app so they don’t care as far as people are using their app.

    99.999% of the time you would get waitlist full so no point in wasting time.
    Rather going for smart deal is the best we can take out of it.

    E commerce websites are coming up with many deals but the most important thing to keep in mind is to buy things which you need and not what you want. (specially wants created by marketers :P)

    Njoy the season!!!

  65. Dhrumil says:

    The king khan

  66. CG says:

    Shahrukh Khan

  67. RobbPhoenix says:

    I figured out the Interstellar clue by myself within 20 secs, I’m on a very fast connection but the page took 5 seconds longer to load (maybe because of sudden load by lots of people), only waitlist was open, the “join waitlist” button didn’t respond, by the time I reloaded the page the waitlist was full too. Perhaps they have only one product or so.

    I highly doubt you will get anything even if you figure out the answer by yourself in seconds, if the answer is posted on any website, then don’t even bother, that is just a confirmation that the waitlist is full.

  68. Sad says:

    Amazon totally cheating us I just went within 1min and wait list was full any one really won anything?

  69. mounish says:

    Interstellar DVD

  70. DR3amer says:

    Interstellar dvd ..Amazon is Fooling us ..

  71. masiawa says:

    oh!! admin failed this time
    amazon ne hath de diya tume!!!

  72. vikas says:

    Admin froud hai..jab wait list full ho jati hai..tabhi product ka nam post krta h.. wtf. chutya bana rha h..

  73. Anonymous says:

    No Barbie birthday doll is not coming in discount!!!

  74. anon says:

    Send link of the product

  75. kei says:

    fake deal. I got the barbie answer within seconds and looked at every item in the list. Nothing is there in lightening deals.

  76. mohamad says:

    im only getting barbie cupcake kinda thing

  77. rup says:

    In my Cart but Showing Error in check-out! Can’t ship!!

  78. mounish says:

    barbie birthday doll sort by newest arrival

  79. Aditya says:

    No discount on barbie birthday set

  80. Anonymous says:

    Barbie birthday doll

  81. mounish says:

    barbie doll

  82. Judson says:

    What the hell… Always in waitlist

  83. Anonymous says:

    totally useless typed lava iris atom 2 and selected and then clicked the lightening deal and in just 5 sec, it was showing wait list full
    Amazon just trying to perform a full load test
    all fake.

  84. anon says:

    It is not fake. there are some lucky ( and smart ) people who are able to solve in really quick time.

  85. Haxor says:

    lava iris atom 2

  86. kalyan says:

    Hey guys this is totally fake… Amazon full us… Don’t waste ur time…

  87. Anonymous says:

    Deal claimed within 7 secs..Looking at clue,then typing Lego Chima Cragger and then browsing to the product..all within less than 7 secs..Forget the treasure hunt folks, Flash Gordon is in India and playing the treasure hunt

  88. shashi says:

    always waitlist full, its totally bakwas… waitfull with in a minute… guys this is totally waste of time… just ignore.. .amazon wanted to perform load test for their app

  89. hemant says:

    Deleting amazon fake promotion
    Go to he’ll

  90. mounish says:

    got Lego Legends of Chima Cragger’s Command Ship :-)

  91. hemant says:

    All are ready again to be stupid

  92. sabya says:

    searching from all watch categories is difficult.
    its not a good clue

  93. sabya says:

    am in waitlist

  94. kalyan says:

    hey guys amazon fool to us… They trying make a idiot to Indian people’s… This deal is fake…I so much hate for Amazon…
    Now I go to uninstall amazon.

  95. tarun says:

    kese yrrr itna jaldi batao

  96. Haxor says:

    quantity 1 hai…kon laega…jisnae ques dala uskae sath desk vala ..he hoga.

  97. hemant says:

    Kuch ni milega stock me 2 hi the and
    12 :03 pe wait list full
    Fooling us

  98. hemant says:

    Titan 1644YM04

  99. CG says:

    Titan Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – 1644YM04

  100. Haxor says:

    etni jaldi answer kaisey pata chal jata hai…koe list hai kya jismein sae he products hongae.??? pls bata do yaar.

  101. CA says:

    I am pretty sure amazon is cheating… I took the product before 60 seconds and the waitlist was full…

  102. Anurag Kumar says:

    Koi bta do ki kal last night ke product kya the aaj ke clue m include kiye gye h ..unki list de do koi log

  103. Sunny says:

    Guys how to guees the product any suggestions or tricks

  104. Abhi Jain says:

    counter strike source
    waitlist was full at 11:02 :(

  105. sabya says:

    tracker cd mark knopfler

  106. Cg says:

    Hunt Restart tomorrow 10 am

  107. Anonymous says:

    anybody who claims the 6:00 clock deal clue pls send answer

  108. Kanav says:

    Anyone in the waitlist. .

  109. BabuRao says:

    In the wait list. 10 sec me waitlist full. 100% doubt patthar milenge delivery mei xD

  110. Divij says:

    I literally searched for captain America winter soldier blu Ray at exactly 4pm. No lightning deal was even there. Fraud!!

  111. premjit says:

    +100 Baburao
    and yeah amazon is playing a big joke

  112. akhil says:

    anybody got this skullcandy ?

  113. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who hunts the treasure do show yourself

  114. Abhishek says:

    this is full of shit, 100% claimed within 2 minutes.

  115. NIPUN says:

    Am on Waitlist.

  116. Kiran says:

    WTF Useless! Don’t waste your time!

  117. akhil says:

    How come this clue means CAPTAIN AMERICA ? WTF

  118. chetan says:

    how can i find please help i not find anyone product

  119. jayaram says:

    4:00pm – Captain America – the winter soldier – blue ray

  120. Anonymous says:

    4pm answer?

  121. ___ says:

    answer for 4 pm: captain america winter soldier blu-ray dvd

  122. Anand says:

    Captain America …!!!
    Bullshit I Have the film in Bluray Print

  123. Cg says:

    Captain America winter soldier

  124. Anonymous says:

    what the hell… wailtlist full in 2 seconds. they are fooling us.

  125. BabuRao says:

    Areee raju Khopdi phod re Amazon ki

  126. Anonymous says:

    I guess each treasure hunt product has only one availability which obviously people working in amazon will know n they buy it off using some friends or relatives Id. ..don’t waste time on such offers

  127. ravi says:

    This is totally fake… this is not done amazon… very bad!!

  128. Prathamesh says:

    Actually amazon is trying to fool people till yesterday there was no wait list full…but today it just crossed the limit and the quantity is just 1 while lakhs of ppl there trying their luck

  129. vikas says:

    Waitlist full… WTF amazon… wast of time..

  130. Anonymous says:

    Totally waste of time I don’t think Amazon have any product in deal. How F1 pc waiting list is full at 10:00am.

  131. sripad says:

    congrats all who win the deals
    am not participating anymore in this scam

  132. Anonymous says:

    waitlst is full means bpught?

  133. Anonymous says:

    Jawbone activity tracker — 2 pm

  134. Yashendra Shukla says:

    Jawbone UP2 for 2 PM. Waitlist full at 14:00 ???

  135. vasu says:

    these amazon are playing games with indians…1rs sale will get only 2or 5members who are having luck thats all…

  136. SHAN says:

    Alan Shepard? First American in space…

  137. Vishu says:

    How the heck was that hardisk related to the clue

  138. Vishu says:

    @jk in around 2 min. Probably

  139. vamsi says:

    link pls

  140. Anand says:

    Lost in space

  141. Anonymous says:

    lost in space 1 pm

  142. KARTHIK says:

    dont waste your whole day and time on some s”t offers guys..

  143. riya says:

    what is the answer of 1 pm clue…

  144. sripad says:

    product link not show even search exact name of movie
    scam scam scam by amazon

  145. Anonymous says:

    Nothing mentioned about claim..

  146. Suman says:

    The Amezing Spiderman blue ray dvd

  147. jk says:

    @vishu… within how much time u added to the cart

  148. Anonymous says:

    :D :D :D Haaahaaa :D :D :D
    The “Fool’s Game” is still running! ;) I thought this was over!
    This happens only in India!

  149. Kisore says:

    I just joined the waitlist for spiderman dvd…what do I do next?

  150. Vijay says:

    Amazing Spiderman 2 bluray DVD.

  151. Vishu says:

    Yeah got the amazing spiderman 2 hd for rs 1

  152. Ajit says:

    totally faltu…dost waste ur data and time on amazon…

  153. Bhavik says:

    hp deskjet already 100% claimed within 6 mins. Impossible.

  154. manmohan says:

    100 % claimed means it is all sold out ?

  155. Anand says:

    HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 Wifi All-in-One Color Printer

  156. Kalaivanan says:

    Does amazon have only on quantity for all deal?

  157. Bhargav says:

    F1 2015 pc..

  158. Anonymous says:

    bhai don’t waste time I read on some site yesterday that all product quantities were less than 50 (including vcds) except the secret – more than 150

  159. suraj says:

    might “YOU” are one among them@ shopper

  160. Sripad says:

    have anybody marked on product page ?
    Always product quantity is 1
    this is not fair

  161. shopper says:

    I got Through the Reviews..99.99% people feel its time waste & fake..But Still then Everybody wasting their time..Must have a lot of Spare Time…

  162. Ravi says:

    Yeah I got parker pen with, 40 rupees delivery charges

  163. Chintan says:

    I tried 4 pm and 5 pm deals today. Got answers but did not get products.
    Saw comments on this page and decided not to waste any more time.

    BTW, Kejriwal tweeted: Yeh USA ki chaal hai Indians ka time waste karne ki. Amazon ki saajish k saamne awaaz uthayege :P

  164. Krishabh says:

    This diwali amazon is playing with us from yesterday so cheap product …had toh tab ho gayi jab vcd dene page air rubik cube…bhai aacha hua main 3 ghante take so raha tha agar jafta to ghanta hi milta…

  165. santhosh says:

    app fool day today

  166. GM says:

    Amazon tho CD ki Duk?na hogaya hai

  167. Anonymous says:

    Today is a CD day… Jai ho Amazon.. Why term it as ‘Treasure Hunt’. Rename it as ‘Fools CD hunt’…

  168. CG says:

    Boring amazon

  169. Amc says:

    IND – 121/2
    Kohli 55 (55)
    Rahane 36 (43)
    :D :D

  170. NIPUN says:

    Faltu Deals,Aaj koi dhang ki deal ni ane wali.

  171. VB says:

    Rubin’s cube. Wait list full.

  172. NIPUN says:

    Funskools Rubiks cube

  173. samy says:

    rubik cube

  174. CG says:

    FUnskool rubiks cube

  175. Anonymous says:

    Hurrah again :D

  176. Anonymous says:

    Time pass

  177. chinni says:

    quantity 1 and persons ??? imagine, amazon is trying to fool us guys.
    go and entertain urself, its waste of time to watch this kind of bullshit

  178. sripad says:

    a smartphone coming next hour deal

  179. GM says:

    Seems like they just have about 10 or 20 copies/items of the product in lighting deal.
    If 10 or 20 People find the product with in few second then others will be in the waiting list until the product is 100 percent claimed.

    Amazon should list how many items of the given product are on sale thereby customers can decide whether to play the treasure hunt or just ignore.

    Instead of percentage claimed they should specify total number of customer claimed the product, total number of customers in wait list and total number of items to be claimed.

  180. Amazon expert says:

    A game of throne- song of fire, I watch all series on HBO hits… no need that book

  181. Cg says:

    George martin. Game of thrones

  182. Ajay says:

    Song of ice and fire , checked by 2:01 and the product is wait listed.

  183. premjit says:

    2pm deal
    game of thrones a song of ice and fire

  184. Aditya says:

    a song of Ice and fire

  185. Anybody says:

    george rr martin the winds of winter

  186. kamal says:

    A Song of Ice and Fire Paperback – Box set

  187. BlueLightening says:

    This is some sort of scam I guess – The Game of Thrones book set – the 2 p.m. Sale was over by 02:01 p.m.

    Waitlist is full too! How is that possible?

  188. saurabh says:

    i was there in 5 sec only … song of ice and fire …and it was 20% claimed, i clicked add to cart, and it u r on the waiting list
    suddenly the cart was ful :(

  189. Rahul sam says:

    Buddha kaun he bhai..??

  190. JLT says:

    A song of ice and fire claimed in 5 sec!!!

  191. raj says:

    A Song of Ice and Fire 2:00:30

  192. Anonymous says:

    Guys next deal leak. Baba ramdev pet ki liye yog. All the best. #amazoninsider

  193. Kalaivanan says:

    The deal is claimed within a second today. But yesterday i orders 5PM deal (Dhoom: 3 VCD) on 5.45. What is the concept?

  194. Anonymous says:

    Amazon making fool, I had tried at 01:00:40
    But waiting list full

  195. sam says:

    Guys amazon is fooling us wait list is fool in just 2 seconds come on these is not the way its trying to make a fool of indian buyers its not at all possible yar come on …Dirty marketing trick…

  196. Aniruddh says:

    What’s Next.. Bhagwat geeta?

  197. Anand says:

    Sampurna Ramayan – Vol 1 to 20 (Episodes 1 to 152

  198. Anony says:

    Its Sampurna Ramayan -Vol 1-20

  199. Abhi Jain says:

    Even ramayan got waitinglist…
    I think amazon is makinh us

  200. Nikks says:

    Sanporna ramayan 1 pm

  201. Pappu says:

    Ramayan ,In less than 1 min the waitlist was full

  202. chinni says:

    sampurna ramayan

  203. vinamra says:

    1pm Clue – Sampurna Ramayan (Vol 1 to 20)

  204. Harhsit says:

    Sampurna ramayana waitlist full

  205. Kalaivanan says:

    Sampurna ramayan

  206. paras says:

    Ramayan -_-

  207. Feku says:

    Sampurana Mahabharat,out of stock within seconds! I think amazon should rename itself to great indian circus!

  208. MM says:

    Sampurna ramayan vol 1 to 20

  209. harsha says:

    sampurna ramayan

  210. Aniruddh says:

    1 PM ans. Sampoorna Ramayan

  211. sam says:

    13 Hr: sampurna ramayan vol 1 to 20

  212. Victor says:

    sampurna ramayan vol 1-20

  213. Anonymous says:

    Sampurna ramayan vol. 1 to 20… arun govil and deepika..

  214. raj says:

    Sampurana ramayan – Vol 1- 20

  215. saurabh says:

    its sampurana ramayan …reached there in 75 sec, waiting list was full…

  216. Ashish says:

    Sampporna Ramayana vol 1 – 20

  217. Anonymous says:

    gave it in 1.01 but got over…

  218. Anonymous says:

    Sampurna waiting full

  219. kamal says:

    Sampuran ramayan

  220. kamal says:

    Ya the information is 100% leaked as no one get the this type of clue and around millions of product

  221. Anand says:

    Now its gonna be any book related fiction character

  222. Madhu says:


    I got the product last 2 time; but I cancelled the order later as it was of no use :P

  223. Raven says:

    I don’t see why this much outrage here. Guys, amazon promised to surprise us every hour, which they are doing in full, right? Hope all have learned the important marketing trick from the experts of Amazon.
    Can’t wait for the next surprise :P

  224. Bhargav says:

    amazon wale kuch dhang ka nahi rakh rahe …planet earth discovery pe kitni baar aa chuka hai

  225. Pappu says:

    lol @shiva what is the Question?:P

  226. Govind says:

    anyonymous is answering that its full form is BBC…arey babua … bbc ke naam se to duniya bhar ki documentary hai amazon par sirf yeh hi hai.. yeh jaan lega agar koi…to wo Einstein se bhi jyada dimag laga leta hai.

  227. Krishabh says:

    also BBC means British broadcast corporation not British documentary…@Anonymous

  228. Anonymous says:

    Just type as you see.. may be you can get in a sec also, type shortcuts.
    OK, today I’m on holiday at home and gonna take all the next 5 products. Beat me if anyone can, it’s a challenge.
    For your kind info I don’t have any clues, and I’m on Airtel 3G, not 4G.

  229. Krishabh says:

    heavy talented people on earth are now in India … @RANJ

  230. shiva says:

    Pls tell the ans of 1pm

  231. Krishabh says:

    Guys don’t waste time if u can figure it out in 10 sec and type and search also…then Wait… after 2 days I realised that I am not Einstein and now I am going to sleep…you should also and today in evening we will celebrate Dusshera…I don’t need any waste of time…Amazon sucks

  232. Krishabh says:

    and now only books DVD s or even worst vcd ( Rs 40 shipping also), no good offer and all answers are leaked from official s of amazon I think that’s the only one can grab any clue in less than 5 sec…I think the deal should be cancelled… so, that genuine users will not waste time because 70-75% of available product is claimed by users who just got answers before deal…and we all it may be more…

  233. Anonymous says:

    I got planet earth 6 series, it is very easy guys!
    Found the answer in simple tricks! They just added a full form rather than using BBC (British documentary)

  234. Govind says:

    Arey bhai itni jaldi search kaise kar rahe hai sab…jabki koi clue hi nahi…bahut golmaal hai. lagta hai site mein update hone se pehle hi site wale bhi cart mein add kar lete honge.aur agar apki knowlede itni jyada hai to KBC mein kaahe nahi jaate re… :)

  235. Anonymous says:

    hmm… yes 25 sec was way below standard ;)
    Doing next time in 2s Challenge (y)

  236. RANJ says:

    im sure to uniinstall Amazon app now…
    WASTE OF TIME. and amazon u must produce winners list. waiting to see the HEAVY talented minds on univers.

  237. Kalaivanan says:

    There is only one quantity for all products?

  238. Krishabh says:

    actually, those who got it.. already know the answers from sources the just do is copy in search bar and click it exactly 5 sec before 11:00 only then it is possible…there is no other way that someone can watch, think ,type only in 2 sec..@ Nozama…and we know he will not accept it…

  239. Anonymous says:

    The latest 1 is planet earth documentary bbc

  240. Anonymous says:

    And I failed :(

  241. Anonymous says:

    Guys, how the hell you know answer so fast ? ??

  242. Angry_Young_Man says:

    12 PM answer is Planet earth DVD.. From this quest I have come to know that people has amazing knowledge and speed of light for reading the clue, thinking the answer, searching the answer and getting it and they also have some super fast internet in their mobile.


    Amazon is duping us and everything is fake. Amazon should soon produce the winners list or else someone is going to sue it for faking deals and playing with human emotions and sentiments.

  243. Kalaivanan says:

    Its Claimed !!!

  244. premjit says:

    12pm ans
    planet earth the complete series … not able to buy :(

  245. Vimal says:

    planet earth special edition is answer to next clue

  246. Vilas says:

    This was trap by Amazon within 40seconds 100% claimed 12:00 am planet earth

  247. raviraj says:

    planet earth.

  248. Raman says:

    Planet earth for 12 pm

  249. Nirav says:

    Planet earth special edition ..its already sold

  250. raj says:

    planet earth dvd

  251. Jack Daniel says:

    Yo! Finally a waitlist people!

  252. Ashish says:

    Friends claiming for purchasing within 2 seconds..

    Is too hard to accept

  253. Viky says:

    who ever is able to answer and get these products is difinately a relative of Rajnikant sir! , kuch bhi, in 2 seconds how can you shuckss. Amazon Thank you for nothing:

  254. Vips says:

    Just searching by typing Lord of the Rings – 7 boot slipcase and searching it would take more than 10 seconds.

  255. UWA12 says:

    me too !

  256. K3 says:

    Its true those who saw the movie will identify the answer.
    How can it be possible to see the clue + search the product + Open the page + Add to card… all in just 2 seconds ??
    Howz it possible to navigate that fast in a phone app?
    Moreover, i dont expect these many people have really seen tht movie and identified every answer all over the day.
    Definetly these is going to be some clue in this.
    Any one… dare to post a clue abt the trick?

  257. Krishabh says:

    next one may be divergent series boxset

  258. masiawa says:

    2 min of silent for those who lost every deal since start,,like me!!

  259. shubham says:

    where is the option to guess the answer I am unable to find the option.

  260. UWA12 says:

    luck ;D nazama

  261. Sajith says:

    @Nozama ur rite 2 seconds waitlist full ehehehe lightning speed

  262. Raven says:

    Meh, there’s no trick here.
    It’s just that those who have read the book or watched the Lord of the Rings movie, will be able to identify the clue in a snap. Peace \m/

  263. Anonymous says:

    @vidhi I got it at 11:00:02
    That’s why you saw it’s full ;)

  264. Krishabh says:

    guys from where you’re getting answer so fast…

  265. Sajith says:

    last 2 days trying to claim atleast 1 deal still not yet claimed 1 deal, i think only those who have 5g connection could claim the deal always waitlist full within 2 seconds

  266. Pappu says:

    lol sabyasachi

  267. Krishabh says:

    waitlist was full on 11:01

  268. shyam says:

    khel khelee hum aayo khel khelee hum just like every match is fixed i think this game or hunt is also fixed

  269. Kalaivanan says:

    It says the product is 100% claimed. What is mean that?

  270. UWA12 says:

    quantity only 1 … no fair ;(

  271. sabyasachi says:

    even in 2mins its waitlist is full
    all here who claim in seconds seems like master trainer of sherlock holmes

  272. K3 says:

    Guys.. come on. Im still in dilema… How can you guys getting the answer very fast? There is some sort of trick involved here..
    Some give it a clue. ‘app only deals’ doesnt show this product.. how come you guys guessing it?
    someone give a clue

  273. vidhi says:

    i got the answer at 11:03 it was already full waitlist. how its possibel

  274. Sunny says:

    How to get ans fast

  275. raj says:

    Lord of the rings box set 7 books slipcase

  276. sripad says:

    lord of rings box set

  277. cg says:

    Gondor flag

  278. anony says:

    what is the next answer/?

  279. Pappu says:

    Yes buy for 1/- and pay 40/- Shipping really for a VCD? :P Unless you have to add another product to worth 498/- to have free shipping

  280. sripad says:

    to be frank nobody interested to buy such vcd which torrents dvdrip available
    still waitlist full that means amazon ullu banayingg

  281. Anonymous says:

    Next: Chevrolet Trailblazer :D

  282. Vips says:

    Guys I did check Shilpa’s Yoga VCD but it doesn’t say 1 rupee option… Is this answer corect. It should say 1 Rs. and Out of Stock when selected right…

  283. Anonymous says:

    i to thought we will be getting tomb raider action figueres

  284. chinni says:

    it will available in youtube also who buy it,,, such a waste amazon

  285. masiawa says:

    next will be the saree

    i think by amazons thinking…>

  286. Hari says:

    Shilpas yoga??

    Here I thought they were giving out tomb raider action figures..!!

  287. Abhi Jain says:

    Yoga CD!!!
    Instead i would gift this money to poor… :D

  288. Imran says:

    After visiting the link…I’m not getting any lightning deal option. Can anybody tell me the process how does it work?

  289. raviraj says:

    yoga cd. :/
    what will be next garba cd. :D

  290. Keshav says:

    Shilpa’s yoga Cd. Seriously guys…

  291. sripad says:

    omg amazon selling vcds only on lightning deal
    amazon shame on u

  292. manish says:

    pls send the 10 am deal

  293. shubham alai says:

    i have tried a lot for each and every product but could not get one. even after knowing about iball tablet 5 min before the hunt started is missed the deal …

  294. Manz says:

    Hope all of you got two Eyeballs each :D

  295. Ramesh says:

    Is tomorrow treasure hunt??

  296. Rj says:

    yup .. see you tomorrow guys .. tc

  297. Subhendu says:

    Any one can get product?

  298. suraj says:

    order of Dhoom: 3.
    Item Subtotal: Rs.39.00
    Shipping & Handling: Rs.40.00
    Promotion Applied: -Rs.38.00
    Total Before Tax: Rs.41.00
    Estimated Tax: Rs.0.00
    Order Total: Rs.41.00

    Seriously how the want to buy this

  299. Dhruva says:

    Hunt restarts tom at 10am ???

  300. Samarth says:

    These r fake.40ra shipping charges for dhoom3 of normal price 39

  301. anjali says:

    How can it be!! Dhoom 3 … ?? omg..

  302. sweta says:

    is cash on delevery is available ??

  303. anonymous says:

    Now my collection is complete, thanks to amazon.

    Seriously wtf amazon.

  304. Slingam says:

    Seriously Dhoom 3 VCD… and that too with such a stupid clue to try out and that end of the day!.. OMG… Just cant take it anymore!!! Even If we find the clue it is already 100% claimed… WTF with this hunting stuff

  305. gm says:

    order of Dhoom: 3.
    Item Subtotal: Rs.39.00
    Shipping & Handling: Rs.40.00
    Promotion Applied: -Rs.38.00
    Total Before Tax: Rs.41.00
    Estimated Tax: Rs.0.00

    Order Total: Rs.41.00

  306. anonymous says:

    Got all 3 cd’s. Luckiest man alive.

  307. SHAN says:

    No normal human being could have figured out that it was DHOOM 3…wat crap !@#%&

  308. gm says:

    Do we have a deal at 6 PM

  309. Anonymous says:

    No use buying old VCDs

  310. Rahul says:

    Better download it from torrents

  311. Anshu says:

    WTF … now amazon will provide such stupid things in lightening deal. Dhoom 3 VCD is waste of money, even if they are providing at Re1.

  312. Rj says:

    So that’s it .. RIP Amazon

  313. unknown says:

    so who got canvas doodle nd iball slide ?

  314. Hair says:

    And for 5pm question – dhoom3

  315. anonymous says:

    waited whole day got nothing…

  316. Salman Khan says:

    ..and I thought it was Judwaa.

  317. unknown says:

    i guess now clue is about baby diapers

  318. gm says:

    Total charges 41

  319. jk says:

    Dhoom 3 VCD

  320. Rj says:

    it’s so hard nobody can answer ?

  321. Dhruva says:

    Dhoom 3? Really? Oh yes now I get it. 2 babies means 2 twins. Now I know :P

  322. Sai vivek says:

    Dhoom 3 vcd

  323. gm says:

    5 Pm Clue Product:Dhoom 3 VCD

  324. DealHunterPro says:

    I know the answer and have the deal in my cart. But it’s not worth its, just another waste deal.

  325. As says:

    Please tell

  326. Pikachu says:

    what’s 5 pm answer?

  327. veer says:

    WTF amazon… RIP

  328. Aman says:

    What the latest clue about ??

  329. Rj says:

    Hello Brother ?

  330. Arth says:

    Hey anybody know.
    Is today last day for treasurer hunt ?

  331. manmohan says:

    what is clue of 5 pm please tell

  332. Rj says:

    Just hope it’s not Tere Naam and waitlist is full o.O

  333. vin says:

    Next will be either Suryavansham or Hum aapke hai kon

  334. hi says:

    got canvas

  335. Rj says:

    1Kg Onions would be a better deal ..

  336. Rj says:

    next would be Jai Ho or Bajrangi Bhaijaan ? ..rofl

  337. GM says:

    Most likely
    5 PM Answer: Divergent Series – 4 in 1 Box Set (Clue Changed)

  338. Anonymous says:

    Got 2 Eyeballs :) and 2 Doodle :D

  339. venkat says:

    Any Item known for 5pm sale

  340. srinivas says:

    i chatted with amazon customer service and they said that they will sell only only product for re1

  341. riya says:

    any update for 5 pm hunt?

  342. GM says:

    bodyguard and now Kick VCD

  343. Shreya says:

    Vidhi – its doesnt matter if shipping charges were applied on the phone or not . Its worth thousands atleast !!!
    But the movie cds amazon is selling litterally !!!

  344. Dhruva says:

    What? Kick? What a cheap offer.

  345. sabya says:

    all suffering from oniomania here

  346. naitik says:

    I got iball slide brace x1 tab… Thanks to amezon…???

  347. Game says:

    Please update the website ASAP you are always late ! :(

  348. Shreya says:

    Wtf !!
    Why r they selling these movies worth nothing on clue sale ???
    Fraud amazon ???

  349. abc says:

    lick is wrong for 4pm 21oct…

  350. Anonymous says:

    It’s not kick!

  351. Dhruva says:

    What’s at 4?

  352. vidhi says:

    did any shiping charges was applied for micromax doodle bra

  353. Mufeed says:

    So whats next @4? Anyone?

  354. Anonymous says:

    what about …

  355. akhil says:

    brar how ? I think i was der in less than 30 sec and waitlist was already full.

  356. Naman says:

    Bhai…ghanghor chutiyapa!
    Finally got to add the product(Bodyguard CD) in cart, but BC product cost is 39 (NOW 1Re) and delivery cost 40.
    hahahahaha! off Amazon! up your lightening deal in your lightening!

  357. akhil says:

    brar how ?
    I think i was der in less than 30 sec and waitlist was already full.

  358. ak says:

    Ashish Sir, Bodyguard mahangi he mat lo…

  359. RobbPhoenix says:

    They have only one qty of each product, you can check that in the lightning deals section.

    I’ve been told they are getting over a lakh people on the app. So its a total time waste, the odds are like hitting a jackpot at a lottery, only the price is a stupid movie which you can watch for free online.

  360. brar says:

    i get micromax doodle 4
    thanx to amazon :)

  361. Vijay says:

    I got Bodyguard CD at Rupee1 and delivery charges Rs.40. So total i had to pay Rs.41…

  362. Kamal says:

    Really Amazon is making people fool. Sasta CD sab ko mila hoga at rs 1 but no 1 is going to buy it because of it delivers charge m sure.. :p :D

  363. Bhargav says:

    i don’t understand ..why the hell are people buying bodyguard cd .It is too old .It has been telecasted on starplus , etc

  364. Anonymous says:

    I added the bodyguard CD into cart but it was the same price :p

  365. Anonymous says:

    Waiting list is full within 5 minutes only,,, I guess its just a strategy to fool..

  366. deepak says:

    next 4 o clock will be?

  367. Ajit says:

    Answer is bodyguard confrom
    Where i put ans

  368. Cg says:

    I dont want. Shipping charge 40 and cd 1 re. I got it.

  369. Madhu says:

    I have been trying from yesterday.
    Till now I have not been able to buy a single product

  370. Dhruva says:

    It’s just a scam. Don’t waste your time. Nonsense

  371. kartik says:

    Full time waste..

  372. vikram says:

    did anyone got anyone one those products…?

  373. Dhruva says:

    Wtf is this crap?

  374. Anonymous says:

    I doubt if this gimmick is really working from Amazon guys. Since yesterday I am trying but got no luck to get Re. 1/- deal. Has anyone succeeded yet?

    They should also mention Qty (units) available for sale every hour :/

  375. Sunny says:

    And what is the 4pm clue

  376. Dhruva says:

    What’s the answer for 3pm?

  377. jasraj says:

    what bodyguard?

  378. Subhajit says:

    All the deals are fake and just try to popular their apps…i think none of my friends here get the deals in rs 1 and also not able to add them in waiting list…at 03:01 a old movie Bodyguard’s all CD clamied? also waiting list full…i think amazon joking with us.

  379. Jzz says:

    Bodyguard Video Cd. Waiting List Full.

  380. kaiso says:


  381. one says:

    bodyguard salman khan

  382. Anonymous says:

    its bodygaurd cd, hahaha
    you Amazon

  383. Varun says:

    Great!! Amazon is just giving away a 37/- CD wooo bumper sale!!! Cheater scams -_- flipkart big billion day was better

  384. aja says:

    anybody give me on free cd of bodyguard i didn’t want to… but amazon sell it.. height of clue sale..

  385. Keshav says:

    Vaise bhi ?39 rupay ka tha ?1 mai deke kya ukhad liya. Sirf pagal bana rahi hai Amazon 2 din se. Sab sold out hi reheta hai.

  386. jot says:

    Bodyguard movie cd but 100%claimed

  387. SA says:


  388. Anonymous says:

    3pm Answer is Bodyguard Video CD. Waiting List Full.

  389. Cg says:


  390. Mahendra says:

    any luck for anyone ?

  391. Anonymous says:

    does 3 PM clue (Mickey mouse) is correct ? How to checkout before 3 PM ? Any suggestions.

  392. kartik says:

    Nope, absolutely not. even yesterday and today i click on get – Lighting deal at sharp time, but no option was there to select it and proceed to checkout.. Amazon playing game with apps to gain over flipkart.. Show me a single person who own a 1Rupee deal on Amazon???

  393. Torcher says:

    3 PM obviously has something to do with mickey mouse

  394. Mohit says:

    Mickey Mouse at 3 PM

  395. vin says:

    3 PM Micky Mouse (related)

    4 PM splendid suns

    5 PM divergent

  396. sabya says:

    @mohit how did u know plz tell here..

  397. Visu says:

    Kisiko mili hai product…?

  398. Visu says:

    Waitlist is full at 2:pm
    7 pm

  399. masiawa says:

    please tell the products so the poor can also get their luck BRO!!!

  400. Mufeed says:

    Yes, did anyone get anything since these 2 days? Anyone here who are commenting?

  401. kartik says:

    Did anyone got micromax canvas??

  402. Nikks says:

    Amazon making fool to us by app hunt 1or item in list after that waitlist full by using brilliant algorithm lol.

  403. jatt says:

    is there only 1 product each time?

  404. Anonymous says:

    @mohit how did you know before 2pm??? Cool

  405. aja says:

    i cant see the price at 1 of micromax doodle

  406. bharat says:

    i am going off getting my evening holiday nap instead of this

  407. bharat says:

    100 crore public… say 50% uses app = 50crore… per hour one item on list… probability is


  408. jatt says:

    did anyone got some product? seems like this is a scam

  409. Anand says:

    Micromax Canvas doodle

  410. Dhruva says:

    Micromax Canvas Doodle 4. It’s a scam guys. Don’t worry.

  411. aks says:

    u.. micromax canvas doodle tha >:-( chu ppl

  412. Mohit says:

    Micromax CAnvas Doodle 2pm

  413. Anil says:

    Divergent Series boxed set maybe the next.

  414. Varun says:

    Next sale will be (2pm)

    Led Zepellin – I (Deluxe Edition Remastered triple Vinyl) just refesh the product at 2pm you can sww see the lighting deal !! I guess we should should hit checkout in less than 10sec cuz they generally go into full wait list!! Good luck guys

  415. rit says:

    Shiva bhai how do you know

  416. Shiva says:

    Next sale at 2 PM
    Led Zepellin – I (Deluxe Edition Remastered triple Vinyl) Original recording remastered

    YAYYY:D :D :D

  417. ankit says:

    fake.. amazon is just making hits to its site.. jow can any 1 crack the deal in 10 second

  418. Dhruva says:

    It was the book of souls deluxe edition. Not standard edition. I guess it’s a scam.

  419. Arul says:

    Got Link but Waitlist is full

  420. deepak says:

    Just crop the clue pic and upload the pic in Google image search u ll get the clue its the book of souls deluxe edition

  421. Anonymous says:

    Deluxe edition

  422. pal says:

    Iron Maiden
    The Book of Souls – Deluxe Edition CD

  423. abc says:

    iron maiden

  424. Anil says:

    Celestron Astrometer 70AZ Telescope 1pm answer

  425. akhil says:

    How u r getting it ? I am trying from yesterday but could not get even one :( N with iball i cracked in 10 sec but then too it was full Any trick plzz share

  426. jatt says:

    kindly post 1pm clue ASAP

  427. Arul says:

    Only the Lucky gu can get from amazon.

  428. Torcher says:

    So can anyone please tell me how this works on a windows phone ?? Coz theres no category or tab or anything of the sort in the app. Upcoming deals also shows various other things.

  429. sabya says:

    iball slide brace x1 tab

  430. Anonymous says:

    iBall Slide Brace X1 Tablet (WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling)

  431. OMG says:

    i ball slide brace tablet… god only knows who won it or just its fake

  432. GK says:

    Iball Slide Brace Tablet – answer to 12 p.m.

  433. Cibi says:

    Iball slide brace tablet

  434. Suhas1 says:

    answer for 12am:iBall slide brace tablet
    Thank god I got it

  435. Harshit says:

    i ball slide brace tablet

  436. Tej says:

    iball Slide Brace X1 Tablet

  437. simran says:

    I ball slide brace tablet

  438. bharat says:

    i ball slide brace x1tablet

  439. Ganesh says:

    iBall Slide Brace Tablet

  440. Dhananjay says:

    uball slide bracex1 tablet

  441. Dk says:

    Amazon is a cheater
    i ball slide brace tablet is the answer of thia clue i got it in 1 min but it is showing waitlist is also full

  442. Suhas says:

    answer:iBall slide brace tablet
    Thank god I got it

  443. pal says:

    12 pm desl is iball tab

  444. sorabh says:

    Iball brace x1 over in 2 minutes

  445. Ajay says:

    just few sec waitlist full
    ans is iball slide brace x1 tablet

  446. G says:

    iball slide brace x1 tablet!

  447. p says:

    iball slide brace x1

  448. Anonymous says:

    iball slid brace x1 tablet

  449. Anand says:

    3.8 out 43 Reviews
    iBall Slide Brace X1 Tablet (WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling)

  450. harshal says:

    I ball slide brace x1

  451. kittu says:

    iBall Slide Brace X1 Tablet (WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling)

  452. Pranav kalra says:

    plzz teell any body knows the answer??

  453. hrhp says:

    what’s the 12pm clue??

  454. manav says:

    Hey sab product pe cod chalta heba

  455. SA says:

    I got 8 lightning deals

  456. Ajay says:

    ok. suggest next clue as per upcoming deal.

  457. kittu says:

    Can any one tell the 12:00 pm deal

  458. rk says:

    Prince of Persia crack kiya. Aur prince of Persia two minutes tak aaj available tha. Meine jab claim kiya tab 75%claim huwa

  459. harshal says:

    please and fast cz w8list also full

  460. Shiva says:

    I ordered Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (PC) Rs. 224

    Thanks Amazon :)

  461. Meeta says:

    Got Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (PC) Rs. 1
    Yayyyy :D

  462. hi10 says:

    prince of Persia

  463. guddu satpathy says:

    aaj ka deal koi toh crack karo

  464. Prince says:

    where was it listed and how to see them?

  465. Dhruva says:

    Bought makey makey invention kit for rs. 1.

  466. Anand says:

    Bought makey makey. It was listed in Lightening Deals

  467. hrx says:

    @RK , u r lucky enough.. heard that windows amazon app had some bugs and they fixed it yesterday after some hours

  468. Rk says:

    I don’t know the quantity of camera, how much amazon have for the deal. But they have more quantity of “the secret” . Including myself total my five friends bought it

  469. rohit says:

    Guys how does it matter whether this is fake or real as for example the quantity of the camera was only 1 as per amazon, I think the quantity of “the secret” book was also being shown as 1. Whether these deals were fake or real will only tell us whether the quantity was 1 or 0, does this 1 vs 0 really matter? I’m disappointed with amazon cause I wasn’t expecting it to do such tricks, treasure hunt for just 1 quantity book. I had also seen another trick on amazon during the 13th-17th great indian festive sale.

  470. Shopping Guru says:

    Got all the items for free!
    Ordered by COD at MRP :D

  471. mehul says:

    @hrx good one

  472. hrx says:

    funny thing is people won’t stop tryn for it even if it is fake, but we just continue to blame it though we don’t hav exact proofs to decide whether the deal is fake or not .We jus continue to try it jus bcoz its free free freee… go on guys ,dis will continue tmrw also.. trust amazon

  473. Anonymous says:

    @myself out of all the products why were you refreshing hunger games page? How did you know without seeing the clue? Fake game

  474. Sonal says:

    I reached the product page for “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and “Hunger Games” Boxset within first 15 seconds as the answers were very simple but even the waitlist was full by then. Either it’s because of too easy clues or just fake. Still Amazon app is only so fast, one can’t expect to reach the product page in first 5 seconds even if one knows the answer. Practically it doesnt matter if its fake or not, its useless in my view.

  475. Myself says:

    Its not fake guys, i got HungerGames collection as well. There is a clue in amazon app itself, which will show the lightning deals before itself, you have to guess that one as well. For hunger games, i didnt see the question itself, i kept refreshing the Hunger Games pages @5PM and got it. Its not Fake, its trick. But i dont know the trick, its pure luck.

    And also for 5 PM there were two deals one is @5 Pm and another is @5.15 PM

  476. Devi singh says:

    Mene solve kar liya tha 5 baje vala watch serch kiya.but uska prise to 1600 bata raha tha.

  477. kamlesh says:

    any one lucke

  478. Anonymous says:

    It’s already sold out :p the winner of the day is that person who got the camera :) awesome.

  479. Anand says:

    Star wars

  480. Death says:

    the answer is Starwars E7 extendable lightsabers

    and it is already sold

  481. Anonymous says:

    Amazon is playing with us :p

  482. karthick says:

    I got the answer – Laser Sword for 5.30 PM

  483. sb says:

    hi next clue designed as much for elegance in combat as for ceremony, this weapon is synonym

  484. Keshav says:

    How do you people get to know that what will be coming next

  485. Rk says:

    Dhiraj and all idiots, who are saying i am faking. I don’t need to fake idiots. I get two items. And I don’t how to post screenshot here, I post the Lin but it is not working. Give me the procedure.

  486. AS says:

    Ohhh I got the watch

  487. Dhananjay says:

    sahime Fastrack ki watch he lakin offer me nahi he

  488. MS says:

    Fastrack Women’s Watch 6100SL02 not display it in lighting deal its price display 1525 not 1 rs

  489. Dhruv says:

    Lol even SMI admin are not updating the post with watch link, I think SMI steals product name from comments to update it’s post. SMI give credit to people who post the product details.

  490. GOOD JV says:

    jb. please how to find 6pm product tell…

  491. Krupen says:

    Just rated the app 1 star on PlayStore !
    Amazon shouldn’t play with our feelings.
    how can a product go sold out in 20-freaking-seconds !!

    Lets all rate this app 1 star, then only Amazon will know !

  492. Sagar says:

    Next deal will be Starwars E7 extendable lightsabers

  493. Rishi says:

    Jb.. Please tell how do you know about that 5pm deal.. Working at Amazon?

  494. pratik says:

    JB is right .
    how you know JB ?

  495. prateek says:

    Rk are using android so if ypu have any android trik then tell me or if not plz dont befool us

  496. prateek says:

    Hey jb what is this, how ypu got to know, its aboit the watch but not exactly yours watch

  497. JB says:

    5PM deal will be Fastrack Analog Multi-Color Dial Women’s Watch
    Amazon, never expected these cheap game from you.

  498. guddu satpathy says:

    Vai log ye sab deal …ko…m sure ek aadmi le ja RHA he…jaante ho kon he…


  499. Mufeed says:

    Arey kisiko mila kya? Anyone here got anything for Re1?

  500. sahi says:

    Ultimate testing is going on
    burst the app
    and get the prize

    at least few customers will buy some item

  501. seenu says:

    @dheeraj… yeah ..but ders a trick could SMI know that before only

  502. Abhishek says:

    Amazon ka thoda bota nam tha vo bhi gaya..Fake deal dekh…

  503. guddu satpathy says:


    rock stone power bank ??

  504. skywalker says:

    SMI how did you know that pebble 4400 mah product will be sold?

  505. Sam says:

    WTF, 4pm product was Pebble charger got over under 5 sec??? someone is definitely using 5g… Airtel wali girl ko bulao

  506. Dhruv says:

    Pebble PPC44BUC 4400mAH Universal Pocket Charger (Black) @Rs.1

  507. Anand says:

    Pebble 4400mAH Universal Pocket Charger PPC44BUC

  508. Dhiraj says:

    @seenu Bro we all know Rk is faking. Don’t give attention to that liar.

  509. seenu says:

    @RK… just post the link of your order that has been bought for rs that everyone can trust amazon

  510. guddu satpathy says:

    thr z no way to crack d deal…even if u hv airtel 4G…

  511. Rk says:

    Ok, you want screenshot. But how to post screenshot here.

  512. Rk says:

    @bhagrav, they remove the app only deal option now. They caught the trick

  513. Pappu says:

    Got 3 out of 5

  514. AT says:

    I won as I never tried for once :D
    The common sense is to stay away from free offers :D :D
    (Didn’t expect this kind of offers from Amazon, Et tu, Brute? )

  515. andrew says:

    hahaaa… everyone says that they got the products.. but no one provides the screenshot.. kind of jokes happening here

  516. Aadi says:

    @AT How you won and how to use sense.

  517. AT says:

    got 5 out of 5 :D
    use your common sense!

  518. Atul says:

    with in 30 seconds it came to wait listed,it looks like amazon is giving good competition to IRCTC taltkal booking :D

    Its just waste of time, they might be testing their app with real load.

  519. suraj says:

    what;s the clue?

  520. Amit Shah says:

    Wait list is full, amazon making people fool

  521. Bhargav says:

    Can you people elaborate, how you are knowing that.. As I checked in windows app.. There’s no option called app only deals.. Please any one can explain

  522. reaper says:

    hunger is the answer but waitlist is full in 5 sec

  523. reaper says:

    5 sec and waitlist full… Amazon sucks fooling customers

  524. Anand says:

    happy hunger games @3pm

  525. Ankitv says:

    Hunger games movie -3 PM

  526. Rohit says:

    What about 4 ,5 ,6 p.m. clue

  527. Rk says:

    Again get the secret. I don’t know what you people are doing. Just go to their app only deals before five min. Check the upcoming deals, when the page refresh, directly click add to cart option. I don’t give any answer. M using windows phone app

  528. Uttam says:

    These days people are using so many hacks, applets, macros jugads etc that a normal human being shopping out for some deals feels fooled. The sad part is e-commerce companies are doing nothing about this. I am thinking of remote parts of India where broadband still clocks at dialup modem speeds, they all can just dream.

  529. Yeshwanth says:

    Amazon is fooling us. Within 30 seconds of searching “The Secret” book it showing wait list is full.

  530. sona says:

    APP not working and its been 15 min.Whats the point~~~

  531. Amit Shah says:

    Wait list is full, making people fool

  532. Zak says:

    Secret 2 pm deal

  533. Anonymous says:

    The Secret book i found the answer on 10 seconds ..with 30 sec 100% claimed..dont waste the time

  534. missed says:

    2pm->the secret

  535. ankit says:

    The secret 2pm

    bt sb bakwas he je deal.

  536. Sachin says:

    The Secret

  537. andrew says:

    OMG… this time the waitlist is full by 10 secs ..unbelievable… bettr not to think abt this deal anymore

  538. Gowtham says:

    checked at 2.01 PM Thesecret (book) but waiting list is full .. Think its fake ..

  539. Bhavesh says:


  540. Cherry says:

    2PM: Rhonda Byrne – The Secret

    I am able to see Join waitlist button but clicking on it shows ‘Wait list full’ … even for this book Crazy .. fake deals

  541. Amogh says:

    The Secret

  542. Bhavesh says:


  543. Suraj says:

    timepass. waitlist full in 55 seconds

  544. andrew says:

    guys post u r order screenshots if anyone got it

  545. vijay says:

    where to find treasure hunt page in window phone

  546. guddu says:

    is there any one who ordered any product by using today’s treasure hunt…pls say…n post ur order scrnshot…by which we vl get conformation dat whether the site z fooling us else its true.

  547. Bhavesh says:

    have anyone got any deal

  548. rj says:

    How to claim ? Details pls

  549. deepak says:

    Canon power shot

  550. rohit says:

    Canon Powershot SX400 IS 16MP. Quantity: 1!!

  551. manz gasmi says:

    got the Canon Powershot SX400 IS for Rs. 1

  552. Rk says:

    Got harry potter, but missed the dslr .

  553. rj says:

    Wgat is 1pm clue ? Cannon

  554. Arpit says:

    is it related to canon camera

  555. Nikhil Rathi says:

    canon powershot 1pm answer

  556. Karthick says:

    Cheap deal…Amazon is making people fool.. Stupid deal…
    Found the all 3 clues within a min, but says 100% claimed and waitlist full…
    Why this stupid advertisement… Fraud Amazon…

    Don’t waste your time…

  557. Phani says:

    Kudos Amazon…
    Nice way of testing ur app capability..

    New ways of testing app in real time with real users!!!

  558. Nirav says:

    fake offers …time pass kar rahe he…

  559. Anonymous says:

    fake total 1 quality there

  560. deepak says:

    Just to earn by using app traffic data they are creating such cheap deals

  561. GAURAV SAHU says:

    amazon waitlist full stocks 100%claimed

  562. rohit says:

    I’m using android on my laptop, opened the product instantly as soon as the 12PM deal started, using broadband internet, but then also product is 100% claimed + waitlist is also 100% full. Fraud deal.

  563. Mk says:

    Waiting list full in 15 sec cant believe this
    fooling people

  564. SITAKANT says:


  565. bittu says:

    answer of 3 clu?

  566. chin says:

    Harry potter 7 volume childrens paperback

  567. RP says:

    12pm answer -Harry potter 7 volume childreans paperback boxed set

  568. Vinod says:

    Harry Potter 7 volume children’s set – waitlist full in 25 seconds…Is this a joke?

  569. Rashmi says:

    The product showed waiting full at 12.02 pm…
    Is there anyone who actually got anything?

  570. ASHIQ says:


  571. Krupen says:

    i got to the product page at 12:01 -> Harry Potter still i see waitlist is full !! WTF !

  572. NAND KISHOR says:


  573. gaurav says:

    what is the answer of 3rd

  574. rohit says:

    Harry Potter 7 Volume Children’s Paperback Boxed Set, waitlist got full within around 30-40 seconds. I guessed it instantly and this was the first product I opened, but still missed it. Fraud deal.

  575. sridhar says:

    by 12:02 waiting list full

  576. NAND KISHOR says:

    3 deal ans is harry potter books

  577. Shivam KUmar says:

    bna rahe hai…100% waiting for harry potter..

  578. Jeetu says:

    Clue for 12PM is “Harry Potter”

  579. HARSH says:

    amazon is fooling us. Waitlist is full at 12… I mean how it can be possible

  580. sourabh says:

    harry potter 7 volumes childerens paperback boxed set

  581. Anil says:

    Harry potter series for this hour and waitlist is already full.

  582. Sam says:

    harry potter and the prisoners of azkaban

  583. AT says:

    harry potter and wait list full at 12.00 !!!

  584. Ajay says:

    useless. just in 5 sec sold out and only one quatity

  585. kumar says:

    100 % claimed. quantity =1

    which means only one quantity is available. just for show only. don’t waste ur time on this guys

  586. bittu says:

    the short story collection by p.g.wodehouse

  587. Anonymous says:

    Amazon is making foolish to people…wait list is full within 3 minute ??? …

  588. bittu says:

    wait list is fulll

  589. Arpit says:

    on my screen its price is not reflected @1 and even it was not available

  590. mehul says:


  591. CHIRAG says:

    P.G. Woodhouse

  592. Islam Khan says:

    “Stories of PG Wodehouse” Answer of 11′o Clock

  593. ROHIT says:


  594. Arpit says:

    meet lord emsworth, bertie, jeeves and Mr Mulliner

    is it related to P. G. Wodehouse

  595. watae says:

    what is latest clue?

  596. Dhruv says:

    2nd Clue Answer : The Short Story Collection by P.G Wodehouse Box set @Rs.1

  597. Kashyap says:

    how to find the 1rs. products? I can not find anything on app.

  598. rohit says:

    At 10:06 I opened sandisk orbit but it showed waitlist full.

  599. abi says:

    Unable to see sandisk orbit , is the deal over ?

  600. Harsh says:

    Is app is available for windows phone

  601. Kumar says:

    where can i see the clue?

  602. Anonymous says:

    how to guess the answer?

  603. rai says:

    answer kya hai

  604. Ajay says:

    Waiting full with in a minutes. Only 1 or 2 piece

  605. Deepak says:

    Didnt find option to go on search for the answer page on app… should i search in app search bar…

  606. Anirudh says:

    Answer for clue 1 : Sandisk Orbit

  607. Anonymous says:

    Wait list is full

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