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89 Responses to “Amazon Diwali Dhamaka Week”

  1. a says:

    Was interested in buying moto e sparkz was listed at rs.111 free delivery till 9th oct. Ob 10th the same item …bookmarked by me…was being sold for rs.165 plu 50 delivery!!!! Cancelled the idea then n there. Do they think ppl r dumb?ppl usually compare first n then buy. By saying sale they wanted me to pay such a high price?

  2. kirti says:

    arpan@ it doesnt matters that flipkart is not from india,but you still purchase items from them na.. so dont take so much tension,just keep shoping and stop being knowledge baba.. lol

  3. arpan says:

    so don’t fool,it’s not indian company.

  4. arpan says:

    Legally, Flipkart is not an Indian company since it is registered in Singapore and majority of its shareholders are foreigners. Because foreign companies are not allowed to do multi-brand e-retailing in India, Flipkart sells goods in India through a company called WS Retail. Other third-party sellers or companies can also sell goods through the Flipkart platform

  5. rajesh says:

    Ashish you dont knw any thing

    Better you go and sleep

  6. Truthsayer says:

    @Vaibhav, Come on man.. are you kidding. 1200 Rs is not a discount for such a hyped Diwali Dhamaka offer advertised for lakhs of rupees. Also they cheated customers by giving same deals as a special festival deals.

    Also such 2 K discounts can be got by cashbacks and several direct shops.

    So called best etailer Amazon failed and you people are trying to save their face.

    I would take great deals with inconsistent server than no deals with consistent server.

    People dont admit truth becos they couldnt get Flipkart deals. it was not a scam and they returned all money with 500 Rs gift offer and apology. What more do u expect, they should distribute 10 Lakh phones for 1 Rs and go bankrupt?

    First come first serve.

    Amazon, failed and failed big time to keep reputation. Their deals can be beaten by even Croma shops which are expensive.

    Selling old phones like Lumia 625 and unpopular 530 is not good.

    Lets see them show their power by offering highly popular phones like S4, 5S, Nexus 5, Lumia 925 , 1020 and such phones.

    We are not Dogs to be given Dog food deals.

  7. anmol says:

    dear ashish..increase your knowledge please… flipkart is indian founded by sachin bansal and binny bansal. U must visit Wikipedia once.

  8. Vaibhav says:

    Hey I got best deal. I bought Micromax Canvas Knight for 11999 – 1200 = 10799. And I think its best deal for me. I do agree that not all deals are best some are really worst. but after flipkart’s Big Billion flop and fake show i think they had to reduce their discount prices due to some factors. Other wise we would have got best deals.

  9. rajesh says:

    Ashish lol what ever its but not an indian

    Dont answer such silly question

  10. amith gupta says:

    Amazon der is no best deal. It just like a daily show bad.

  11. Sharad says:

    Milan@ perfect time as they are giving 750/- gift voucher on A1,,, also use card…..if you wants some more discount then first buy e gift card worth rs.3500 through hdfc card then yu will get 300 rs. more e gift card.

  12. Promoth says:

    Flipkart is the best ,, AMAZON are cheaters they are quoting discounts in the price mentioned in the box and its no way near the market price, common you will get much better products in FP.useless discounts and ffoling people around…
    All online sites are useless except flipkart

  13. Milan says:

    I want to buy micromax A1….

    kya ye mobile abhi buy karna thik rahega ya nahi??
    I m confused ..
    Muje nhi lagta ki amazon wale is mobile pe bhi discount offer karenge…

  14. ashish says:

    Rajesh flipkart is singapore based company chk wikipedia

  15. rahul s says:

    nothing is worth of buying.. i donno y it shows 100% claimed on many of products? I mean come on.. ppl dnt buy it aftr comparing prize on othr site?? or they r faking tht 100% claim is made to impress customers to buy othr products tht r available?

  16. rajesh says:

    Dont buy from amazon its american site

    Buy only from flipkart and snapdeal

    Make our country economy strong……

  17. ashish says:

    Yes i also read two days back in toi amazon has allready said jaw dropping deals dont expect

  18. yogi says:

    Mehul can you post the link if its online?? i dont find your claim on website as such

  19. Vidya says:

    Deal not up to the mark….

  20. Anoop says:

    Total waste of time , no discounts only DOG & CAT food.
    And Adult diapers

    Are Cats & Dogs shopping online these days :)

  21. mehul says:

    Check Economic times of today which clearly says that Amazon has told not to sell products below landing cost & also to check on discounts offered on products. So do not expect any fire works in Diwali Dhamaka Week.

  22. Abhijit says:

    If thats call dhamaka, then flipkart shown us triple dhamaka :p

  23. Vicky says:

    What we see is underestimatIng the Indian customer. The product displayed and price quoted is unimaginable with status of showing quantity Remaining. Either they think they are smart or Indians are fools it’s wrong assessment.

  24. Tara says:

    AMAZON dhamaka aadhi to Kutto ke liye hai ! LOL!

  25. kalyan says:

    no discounts .. they are fraud
    guys flipkart deals were best compared to amazon

  26. ramya says:

    worst deals. RIP amazon
    Flipkart is best !!!!!!
    they sent me 500rs free voucher unlike these cheaters amazon and snapdeal.

  27. YOGESH says:


  28. Truthsayer says:

    Dont know why people are calling flipkart cheats. Atleast they had far better deals and some people got it.

    Here Amazon deals are not loading and even if they load, the discounts are shit. So Amazon and Snapdeal are the biggest thugs.

    Flipkart sent 500 Rs bonus to people for whom orders were rejected.

    Open your eyes and encourage Flipkart, the only true online deal master.

  29. Tara says:

    Same old useless deals by amazon, waste of time and bandwidth indeed!

  30. payal says:

    guys be ready lenovo tab is coming.. lets see how much % they drop in price

  31. uk says:

    first hour ki nhi pure din ki deal flop hai. amazon aj din bhar me kis kis time par koun koun se product sale karne wala h uski list pahle hi de di hai. so pahle hi dekh lo apne kam ka kya hai jiske kam ka koi item ho to apne time par aaye aur order kare.

  32. manish says:

    Totally flop show from amazon in first hour deal

  33. uk says:

    amazon hdfc card par discount de rha hai. but usne already 15% price kar diye hain. vaise bhi inki lightning deal hamesha se ghatiya hi rhi h.

  34. yogi says:

    Bansals will be smiling :) Finally anyone can manipulate customers…Expectations…Killlssssssss!!!!

  35. Truthsayer says:

    Dont know what you guys are harping about. A bumper deal is supposed to bring dirty cheap deals for good items.

    Amazon has opened up now and the 1st hours is just sh*t. None of the deals load properly and even if it loads, its the same 20 % deal like it was all through this month.

    Amazon is the real cheat.

    Flipkart got criticized by people who couldnt get the offer and shouted out of jealousy. That kind of deals can be provided by no one.. neither Amazon nor Snaddeal or whatever.

    Sleep lost due to this sh*tty Amazon.

  36. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    Flipkart was good

  37. sam says:

    its not say diwali dhamaka..i oftenly found same discount every day…i never think that atleast AMOZON WILL do like joke with us…

  38. rahul says:

    same old deals as everyday, even same price. zzz i woke up early for this amazon.

  39. XYZ says:

    SMI please suggest some good buy’s

  40. Bharath says:

    there is no special discount. Waste of time !! Its just like daily deals.

  41. Ravi says:

    Khoda pahad nikli chuhiya…

    Come on guys lets not get fooled with the tag of heavy discount. Buy what you need.

    What will you do of Airbus A380 even it is available in rs 10, where do yo gonna park it :) so think.

  42. Badal says:

    It is not called as good deal or Diwali dhamaka.. just a publicity by amazon.

  43. kamani nirav says:

    there r nothing much like discount
    all product are useless for us
    amazon make only publicity

  44. N M Rao says:

    First they gave ad in TV and papers Diwali Dhamaka will go live at 12.00 AM on 10/10/2014. But the time postponed to 7.00AM. But the status is site is not opening to view the product. Only amazon will answer actually what happened or its just taking statistic of the traffic.

  45. uk says:

    diwali dhamaka me amazon se kisi ne kuch kharida kya ?

  46. dinesh says:

    How useless deals were claimed 100%, or they have only one product for sale? waste of time woke up early in the morning.

  47. KAPIL says:

    flop show from amazon because site /page could not open to view deals. bad experience.

  48. Sarthak says:

    Wasn’t expected this from amazon!!!

  49. Rahul says:

    Fake Amazon…site is not working…

  50. kashish says:

    there is no special discount.
    Its just like daily deals.
    amazon is flop

  51. varunK says:

    See World always underestimates the pwer of we Indians,,,,,anyone in India can hake a websiite weather he is a softy engi or NOT.

  52. ajeet says:

    this kind of joke is not expected frm Amazon

  53. N M Rao says:

    Site is not opening for view the product. After bad experience few days back precaution should have been taken to cater heavy traffic.- Let us wait and see how day pan out.

  54. swamy says:

    Amazon also became fake. they are creating more publicity. everthing is loading in page. Not but deals. f–k–g amazon

  55. Keyur says:

    Site is not working

  56. payal says:

    you amazon..!!
    Nothing is working.

  57. suraj says:

    i thought they will learn smething from the mistake of flipkart …… but knowing all these things they have situation worst than that of flipkart…….. horrible amazon

  58. suraj says:

    waste of tilme….

  59. Puneet says:

    Servers couldn’t handle Dhamaka.

  60. kamani nirav says:

    site hang not show anything

  61. Sam says:

    what’s wrong with the site?//

  62. Badal says:

    site hanged…

  63. MAHENDRA says:

    not working….

  64. Aman Gupta says:

    Page not loading

  65. Joydeep says:

    Site hanged…

  66. Abhishek says:

    Got 1 Info guyzz They r providing 40% discount in nokia mobiles .. so dont expect mobiles @99 or 1000 .. it ll be around 3k or 4k instead 7k/8k …

  67. Gajendra says:

    Hdfc bank offer 10% cash back on amozan

  68. BIKI says:

    Amazon is the best!

  69. Ashutosh says:

    Too much excited for tomorrow’s dhamaka deals. .

  70. badal says:

    it will be 12 am or 7 am ??

  71. Hitesh says:

    I thought this amazing offer is better then flipkart and snapdeal…..#Amazon… just wait and watch!!!…

  72. Pratik Kushwaha says:

    DADDY of all Shopping e-commerce is here…AMAZON- the REAL offers starts here…

  73. Anonymous says:

    exited so much of diwali dhamaka :-bang bang

  74. Mohammed Danish says:

    Amazon can’t beat flipcart in offers

  75. vidhya says:

    i m eager to buy a Tab in good offer

  76. suhan says:

    When ll b the all offers revealed. N how can v buy d products?

  77. victor says:

    At wat date it will start

  78. Kishorchinni says:

    Waiting for by Amazon…

  79. Anubhav says:

    amazon ‘ll definitely beat the flipkart’s big billion day.. Far better frm hassles of flipkart’s sale

  80. Yashas Muralidhara says:

    How much % discount will be available…?

  81. Vinay says:

    Steal deals should be there !!

  82. bharat says:

    AMAZON is leading the Race…and will come out Victorious.

  83. Swapnil says:

    Agreed to all

  84. the logical indian says:

    A good friend of mine working as a senior product
    manager told me that Amazon will not offer any ‘steal
    deals’. They will only offer genuine discounts. Their
    ‘mission to mars’ sale was an indicator of the things to
    come in the diwali sale.

  85. Supravat says:

    I am aree. Now a days, amazon is the best. No cheeting.

  86. RAJIV says:

    I think it will beat big billion day.

  87. somesh says:

    amazon is best online shopping site among all
    now i am waiting for Diwali dhamaka offer.

  88. Nitin says:

    This year i have faith only on Amazon as per their offer on mar mission success, snapdeals and Flipkart are busy in cheap publicity and advertisement not give offers to people.

  89. Amit says:

    Amazon is the best!! Go for it!!! I am confident that they will do much better than flipkart in terms of managing the online traffic during the promotional period.

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