Amazon Prime Rewards

prime-rewards• Shop with Amazon Pay Balance & get 2% cashback (upto Rs. 2400) on all eligible purchases on Amazon. This offer is only applicable for enrolled participants.
• Only prime members can enroll for this offer. To enroll, a prime member is required to set up Auto Reload of Rs. 1000 or more.
• The applicable cash back under this Offer will be credited to the eligible customer’s Amazon account as Amazon Pay Balance within 10 business days post the order placement.
• The Offer is valid from the date of enrollment to 31st December, 2019, 23:59:00 only.

Amazon: Prime Rewards

3 Responses to “Amazon Prime Rewards”

  1. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    I start getting Prime rewards :)

  2. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    enrollment to prime rewards is eligible till the time
    prime membership and Auto Reload of Rs. 1000 is active

    otherwise automatically enrollment get cancelled.

  3. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    i have been auto enrolled.

    got this message after clicking the link

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