Amazon Wish & Win upto Rs. 9999

wish-winNo Purchase Necessary.

• Add 3 or more items to your wish list. One of these must be an eBook reader.
• Each week 5 lucky winners get gifts upto Rs. 9999.
Make sure you enter your full shipping address on your wish list profile to be eligible for the Sweepstakes.

Compulsory: (on product page click Add to Wish List) Kindle Wi-Fi + Any 2 or more products worth upto Rs. 9999 (individual product MRP should be Rs. 9999 or less)

Amazon: Wish & Win

2 Responses to “Amazon Wish & Win upto Rs. 9999”

  1. Ganesh says:

    Its amazon, Such giveaways are no big deal for them a drop in a ocean.

  2. Ram says:

    they are not mad to give that much for free!! actually they are taking survey – that what most Indians like! they provide this survey to some 3rd party and get huge money!

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