American Tourister 2 Duffle Strolley + Backpack Rs. 2150 – HomeShop18

• Tuff polyester fabric. • Matt finish metal components. • Push button lockable trolley for ease in height adjustment. • Soft handle in side for ease of handling. • Bottom studs, for protection of trolley and fabric from getting soiled.

50% off on Rs. 4001+ Discount Coupon Number: DC96AHP1Z9ZY

Buy: American Tourister Duffle Strolley Combo + American Tourister Backpacks (to make total Rs. 4001+)

11 Responses to “American Tourister 2 Duffle Strolley + Backpack Rs. 2150 – HomeShop18”

  1. msquare24 says:

    This product is again in Stock..

  2. Kruti shah says:

    @Ankur : can u pls explain how u ordered..??? It shows out of stock on home shop 18. Hv u ordered from home shop 18…??

  3. Ankur says:

    I have also just ordered. thanks its awesome deal.

    I tried at 12:05 am and it worked earlier it was out of stock but after 12:00 it was in stock.


  4. Kruti shah says:

    @ Kalash Jain : I think u r right…!!!!

  5. msquare24 says:

    Go to the below link:

    You will notice that there are two combo products with different item id but both are same.

    One of them was Out of Stock (OOS) when I tried to purchase. But I clicked on the second similar item and purchased it.

    Now both are showing OOS. Peace !!

  6. kalash jain says:

    msquare24 ke liye home shop 18 ne alag se stock rakhai hai baki sab ke liye out of stock hai

  7. Kruti shah says:

    How u purchased…can u pls explain….

  8. msquare24 says:

    I just purchased it.. awesome deal.. still in stock !!

  9. kalash jain says:

    it is out of stock

  10. Kruti shah says:

    I want to buy this combo product @rs.2150…..and it shows instock also…then why I can’t buy this….????

  11. Kruti shah says:

    This deal can’t be proceed….what a fake deal is this….!!!! Can somebody explain me how can I order for this deal..??? And if this deal does not exist then why is this shown on save money India website…???? Talking abt the deal of American tourister 2 duffle strolley+backpack @ rs. 2150….!!!!!

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