AM/FM Radio with Flap Open Speakers Rs. 399 – PepperFry

radio-flapPepperFry has discounted AM/FM Radio with Flap Open Speakers to Rs. 399. Features large display for alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, green backlight display & option to set your favourite radio station as alarm.

Buy: AM/FM Radio with Flap Open Speakers

16 Responses to “AM/FM Radio with Flap Open Speakers Rs. 399 – PepperFry”

  1. AKA says:

    and i know that it is not the fault of this site that i am not able to find any discount on the products I want to buy.

    just to clarify…

  2. AKA says:

    On pepper fry it is showing of 380 Rs, so i guess this website is showing it correctly.

    On this site, I have never found discount on the products I want to buy.

    But still I give my respect to the person or team, for devoting so much of time, apart from normal day to day work, to create it.

    Thanks a-lot.

  3. ramu546 says:

    I got this at 399… Hurray… It is worthy buying.. searched in ebay .. price is high …

  4. rajat says:

    ebay se buy karlo use 100 off coupon.

  5. Mahesh says:

    Pl. do not purchase this product. It is of very cheap quality. Available at less than 200 on roadsides….

  6. Monika Jain says:

    Those who visit SMI regularly and get best deals should not speak anything wrong about SMI.
    This happens sometimes. I am a software engineer and working in retail market domain. I have felt several times that due to a small coding mistake actual amount differs among front end and its back end.

    So SMI is not at all to blame for. I am with SMI and wishing it all the best wishes.

    Always remember, due to SMI only we get good deals to gift our family members and of course our friends as well… :-)

  7. Niral Shah says:


    Thinks and Review before posting sir….the actual cost of this product is 2999….

    why the savemoneyindia give permission to post fack add like this??

    savemondyindia need to create some strict rule for this types of Fack add…..


  8. Monika Jain says:

    Hi SMI,

    I am very much interested. But the price showing is little high… its 2,999/-. :-(

    Please do something… please… i need it… i need… :’-(

  9. ved says:

    fraud actual is 2999.

  10. sam says:

    yes it is showing prices as 2999….pls remove this from savemoney india ..

  11. santhosh says:

    This is wrong price, actual price is 2999. it should change.

  12. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Price increased.

  13. Gtk Kumar says:

    Price Shows 2999/-Rs Not 399/-Rs . Provide any promo code OR Coupon Code.

  14. KAMAL says:

    PRICE SHOWS Rs.2999

  15. Rahul Gupta says:

    Price is 2,999 not 399…

  16. Sathees says:

    Hi Savemoney, Its showing 2999 as the price in the cart. Do we need to enter any promo code?

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