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3bra500Last Day.

Zivame is offering Any 3 Bras for Rs. 525. Automatic discount in cart.

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6 Responses to “Any 3 Bras Rs. 525 – Zivame”

  1. Raja says:

    Try sports Bra!

  2. Ruchir says:

    I am not questioning or answering anything but just some curiosity.
    I don’t know anything about the garment but Miss Raniji says so much non(3) and 1 not that it becomes a poem unintentionally and reasoning must be correct.Great commenting skills.
    But Sushri Payalji-You haven’t rebutted Miss Raniji and accept problem but how can it be said that they are sexy!And whether there are platonic bras in the market
    Herculas-Sorry but Hercules is OK,actually who and then you can share your happiness with this garment.Now a photostat.
    I can understand if at least one says they are lucky but sexy……………….
    Anyway it was a joke and if SMI thinks we need jokes and fit,plz publish.
    If published if visitors think it was a good joke,type vu or +1 or -1 for brain tumor.
    So that I can know the situation and do according to the scruples and principles and if applicable humor.

  3. SIMHADRI says:


    Benefits of buying INDIAN products:
    1) Increase in the value of rupee against dollar.
    2) The profits made by Indian companies remains in India.
    3) Increases employment.
    4) Decreases trade deficit.
    5) Encourages other Indians to be an entrepreneur.
    There are many Indian brands which match the standards of foreign brands. So next time when go out to buy fmcg, electronics
    or automobiles google out for Indian products.

  4. Herculas says:

    well said Payal

  5. payal says:

    bahut sexy bras hai. purchase it.

  6. rani says:

    Non wired Non padded Non sized need not be purchased

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