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appliancesFlipKart is offering 99% off on Appliances. Free shipping on orders above Rs. 500 & Rs. 40 / item on orders below Rs. 500.

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Good Buys:
Bajaj Majesty Mini Induction Cooktop Rs. 1
Pigeon Favourite 1L Rice Cooker Rs. 1
Eveready Emergency Light HL51 Rs. 1
Gigaset Cordless Landline Phone A490 Rs. 2

52 Responses to “Appliances Rs. 1 – FlipKart”

  1. rajeshfp says:

    The way Flipkart fooled, turned Tushar into mad and he is now living in hallucination that he received the items. haha

  2. xyz says:

    Tu bikul sar h @Tushar sabka order cancelled aur tera ek din baad delivery… Tujhe pata h delivery ka minimum time 9 months h..

  3. varun says:

    I have also got emergency light today

  4. Abc says:

    @Tushar please provide your order id’s then other people can ask Flipkart people.

  5. Tushar says:

    OMG emergency light delivered today…got one another in on the way

  6. Venkata Hyd says:

    Greetings from!
    Thank you for your order ,You made an excellent choice by deciding to purchase one of the top selling products on Flipkart. However, due to high demand for this item and in order to provide all customers an equal opportunity to avail this great deal we had to cancel the following items in your Order.

  7. Dj says:

    order cancelled refund received.

  8. Max says:

    Baba ji ka thullu.

  9. Mani says:

    Tushar don’t play game. All their orders was cancelled. Please post right one.

  10. Robin singh says:

    Order cancel now time to proceed to consumer court

  11. bjesh says:

    order cancelled at evening fake cheap company.

  12. Tushar says:

    I got message that my order shipped … yippee.. total 2 order

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dont purchase in flipkart, sellers are cheater.

  14. Ak says:

    All order one by one they cancelled

  15. shakun says:

    Mine order for Cordless phone also cancelled. Dont we have any right to sue these companies?

  16. Mehul says:

    Cancelled , stupid Flipkart .

  17. Puneet says:

    Totally fake. bogus flipkart. just for getting traffic by falsifying methods. SMI take care from these.

  18. 007 says:

    My Ordered cancelled

  19. bm says:

    Order Cancelled. Flipkart cheating public.

  20. kamal says:

    All Order will Be Cancel

  21. Flipkart says:

    Fraud site flipkart..placed my five orders & after sometime cancelled all my orders saying that it was by mistake of the seller what price was shown
    Cheaters flipkart

  22. anup kumar nath says:

    I successfully added the product and now they are cancelling the product. All three order of mine got cancelled.

  23. anup kumar nath says:

    Hey all are fake 3 orders of mine got cancelled by Flip cart.
    Its pathetic

  24. Sg says:

    Flipcart is cheap Company. can’t you expect good offers like amazon and Paytm.i rate 0 to them in ecommerce companies .

  25. gaurav says:

    all order cancelled ,how to get gift voucher from flipkart???

  26. Priyank says:

    My Ordered cancelled

  27. Manoj says:

    Pigeon Favourite Elect… in your order OD307155905124656111 with have been cancelled.
    Please check email for more details.

  28. dj says:

    only shipped message is not enough, flipkart cancelled many orders even after shipping so dont get excited before you actually get your product delivered.

  29. varun kapila says:

    one of two my order is ready for shipped

  30. AD says:

    Missed deal
    Anyone’s order shipped than say here

  31. sabya says:

    they are preparing for big billion day & these are just technical errors while updating their database

  32. Anonymous says:

    order canceled

  33. Manoj says:

    My order is just shipped ???

  34. raj says:

    flipkart is doing preperation only for the upcoming big billion day sale… all these orders will get cancelled..

  35. Tanbir says:

    Thanks smi???

  36. Kamal says:

    Thank’s SMI

  37. Gurjt Singh thind says:

    fake deal
    no ullu bnawing
    no ullu bnawing

  38. Kamal says:

    Offer Ki Detail Kaha Se Thi Kya Kisi Ko

  39. Chetu lal says:

    ordered 3 cordless phones.. even if they cancel, i hope we will get a gift voucher

  40. Debasis Chakrabarty says:

    Traffic increasing but reputation decreasing Flipkart.

  41. Rahul says:

    Seems price changed to original values now

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. prashant says:

    Bajaj induction and 2 sandwich machcine and 1 light.yuhuuu

  44. bjesh says:

    order 2 product got also mail for oder confirm ..
    lets see wht happ…

  45. Naushad Alam says:

    Successfully place an order for Emergency Light @41. See what happen???

  46. Kashi says:

    Hey guys i purchased 2 items at Rs1..cooker and emergency lights
    did received mails sms as order confirmation…hope they stand on it

  47. kartik says:

    order Cordless phone @ 42rs . lets see what happens. .

  48. Bunny says:

    Yipeee, i got 3 of each products and got confirmation message too from flipkart.

  49. Anis says:

    Time Wast offer
    I successfully added item in my cart.

    But when i updated Delivery Address , Red flag hosted
    Item not delivered to the address.

    Where they will deliver this.. Don’t know!

  50. Saju says:

    All orders are auto-cancelled at the same time…fraud

  51. gunnender goel says:

    This is bogus offer by flipkart just to get traffic on there site. Before also they came with such offer where they gave the offer of 10 Tshirt for 500 and send only 1 in parcel. So please don’t trust flipkart.

  52. fd says:

    all orders are going to cancelled

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