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Contents: Sticker Activity Book, Copy Color, Alphabet Book, Animal Book, Number Book, Nursery Rhymes (Copy Color), Shapes & color book, Sticker Colouring fun Book, Oil pastels set of 15 shades + 1 free black sketch pens, Jumbo wax crayons set of 12 shades + 1 free glitter crayons, Sketch Pens set of 12 colors, Sparkles set of 12 including one glitter shade, Glitter colors set of 6, Pencils set of 10 Pcs + 1 sharpener & 1 eraser free, Fun clay set of 6 colors, Eraser set of 5 Pcs & Sharpener set of 5 Pcs.

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12 Responses to “Art Kit & Coloring Books Rs. 174 – AllSchoolStuff”

  1. NARESH PATEL says:

    my order no 743611 as on 30jan20013 Guys lets put a case in our respective cities against them. Go to consumer forum. please dont buy from this site .they are fakers and they wil not ship your item . even they will not even care to reply to you or your mails .so please Flipkart is one of the best sites and its coupons,schemes,vouchers tantrums are hardly there.But min margins,best support,genuine,latest,well packed & shipped items etc etc.They are for business,not loot like most seducing sites do as a business style.

  2. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    You can.

  3. arghya says:

    i cant add links here.

  4. xxxxxx says:

    Hi Arghya,

    Please share with us the procedure of complaining about them at the consumer forum. It would be helpful to many of us like you.

  5. arghya says:

    this allschoolstuff is a crooked site. dont buy anything from this site.i got my product after 2 month when i complained against them at consumer forum.

  6. Manoj Kumar Sahu says:

    harami hai allschoolstuff company and all employee company ke manager employee ko kharid liya hai.

  7. anand says:

    Dont buy any thing from this site …even after 1.5 month no delivery & even try to call cust care revert one pick up phone..stay away !!!

  8. Dhawanbm says:

    Allschool site is not responding to the calls now. See order no 748890 dated 31st JAN is still pending with them, its over one month, money is blocked? SMI please see and help?

  9. Gurdeep Singh says:

    all school stuff is fraud and cheat company both .

    forget for months after order . they are selling items more than Mrp .

    if Mrp is rs 130 they will sell it for rs 150 saying it is for rs 150 .

    when you receive the product by luck before one month then only you will realize

    what the hell they are selling

  10. mukesh agrawal says:

    Dont buy any thing from this site …even after 1 month no delivery & even try to call cust care revert one pick up phone..stay away !!!

  11. Ruchir says:

    Is there any guarantee that ASS will send it in the first place.

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