Aryan Flax Seeds 2 X 500gm Rs. 125 – SatvikShop

SatvikShop has discounted Aryan Flax Seeds 2 X 500gm to Rs. 125. Features premium quality 100% certified organic flax seeds enhances the flavor of whole wheat or white flour based recipes

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11 Responses to “Aryan Flax Seeds 2 X 500gm Rs. 125 – SatvikShop”

  1. Sabyasachi says:

    @ sandy. I also had a bitter experience with HS18 until i contacted someone senior VP( He was nice, appologetic and the issue was resolved very very fast.
    Actually the customer care of most of the online shopping sites are useless ( except Flipkart etc). I also have experienced stock out issues in HS18, but i still trust HS18 becoz i know whom to contact. :) . Luckily no issues with HS18 after that.

  2. vinay says:

    i too have ordered one time they were not late and they sent extra one more item

  3. sanjay gambhir says:

    Kindly provide the date of manufacturing.

  4. sandy says:

    @Sabyasachi: had a query.. you mean the contact details of the high profile people of a company are kinda easily avaiable? asking you coz i need the number of a high profile person in homeshop18… they are the worst among these ecom sites.. might sounds strange to you folks.. but should you trust me… they DONT ship an order at all man and after so many follow ups they say- we are out of stock and forced to cancel your order.. thats insane man…
    hence if anyone has a number of the homeshop18 high profile person do share…

  5. Sunny says:

    Mr. vishal check expiry date on packing

  6. Sunny says:

    sending expiry date products………….. fraud site

  7. vishal says:

    i booked chick peas on 16 th may and i got on 20th of may

  8. Srinath says:

    chor site i didnt get my chick peas ordered in jan till now…not returning the money also pls dont buy anything from this site

  9. sri says:

    i have ordered one time and i got the order item but as people says delivery seems to be late than others

  10. Sabyasachi says:

    i will never buy from this site. Had a very bad experience. They dont ship and dont reply at all. Even their CEO’s contact details are not in public domain to complain. So you are stuck up.

  11. ravi says:


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