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aryan-chick-peasSatvikShop has discounted Aryan Organic White Chick Peas 1Kg to Rs. 110. Features Wholesome Flavour, Uniform Colour, Highly Nutritious & Rich in Protein.

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15 Responses to “Aryan Organic White Chick Peas 1Kg Rs. 110 – SatvikShop”

  1. Srinath says:

    dont buy you will never get the product…they have looted my money…still didnt get chickpeas ordered in jan.

  2. Sunny says:

    Received above product today which has already been expired on march 2013….
    Poor customer complaint handeling

  3. mukesh agrawal says:

    Dont buy from cheaters ,,,,Worst costomer service.

  4. Syed Zoeb says:

    SMI seeing the reviews i m frighten. Y u post such deals who are not trusted???

  5. amit says:

    Anyways the price of these chickpeas is very high. Mkt price is 75/-

  6. dharmendra says:

    dont buy any items from kretazee, they dont reply on chat/mail and just gobble your money

  7. Srinath says:

    correction “they wont prosper”

  8. Srinath says:

    I have ordered chickpeas in january still didnt get..they are giving some vague explainations I already warned them of publishing in the local newspaper …they seem not to bother. I have shooted atleast 15mails till now to them but no proper response. They wont proper by looting customer money. They will have to pay for it. Pls dont buy from satvikshop.

  9. Amandeep Singh says:

    good website and good quality products

    received all my previous orders in good condition and quality

    order this time again

  10. Sudha says:

    wasn’t it 70 last time? @smi

  11. Ankur says:

    I have also ordered white chick peas (chole) and still awaiting Rajmas.

  12. GANESH says:

    Ordered 1 qty (1kg)….Lets wait and see , what we receive… So many pending now with satvikshop…… RAJMA, HONEY, CHANADAL+RICE, CHAYANPRAKASH, now CHICKPEAS…. total pending for delivery is 5 items… Very difficult to followup all….Hmmmmmm…..

  13. Manas says:

    I’m from Bhubaneswar. I have purchased 4/5 items from Satvik last month and found them better.

  14. GANESH says:

    Hi Manas, You got your rajma good…me still not yet…. i am in chennai , your place manas… What you think this chick peas offer good one and worthily to buy this price compare tomarket price…Thanks..

    Thanks to SMI… for the information…

  15. Manas says:

    Ordered 1KG. Nice offer, already received 1kg Rajma from Satvik

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