AskMeBazaar Rs. 700 off (no minimum purchase)

askmebazaarLikely coupon error. Orders may be cancelled.

Rs. 700 off (no minimum purchase) Coupon: JUNE300

Website: AskMeBazaar

Good Buys: Rs. 499 Store (select Sort by: Price – High to Low)

8GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive + 8GB SanDisk MicroSD Card Class 4 Rs. 0
8GB Sony MicroSD Card Class 4 + 8GB Sony Pen Drive Rs. 0
16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Rs. 0
16GB SanDisk Cruzer Force Pen Drive Rs. 0

54 Responses to “AskMeBazaar Rs. 700 off (no minimum purchase)”

  1. nisha says:

    ohh i missed it…coupn invalid now

  2. varshini says:

    I have also received backpack.

  3. Rajat sharma says:

    got sony 10000 mah power bank costing rs. 699 free of cost…not able to upload pic of invoice otherwise i would have.

  4. yatin says:

    ordered 17 products on that day got led bulbs 3 days after the sale and got 3 products the day before they messaged that other products will be cancelled but still got 4 products thanxx to my friend nikhil and smi too

  5. vicky says:

    I also got one product out of 3 for free…a women sandal…they randomly cancelled all other orders of mine

  6. R1 says:

    Got 8 gb micro sd card and 8 GB sony pendrive for 0 … Thanks SMI

  7. Arun says:

    Got the genuine Sandisk 16Gb Micro Sd card Ultra for just 1 rupeee ..thanks SMI.. and thanks askme bazaar

  8. Arun says:

    Ordered Only One product 16 GB class 10 sd card for Rs.0 .. and its been shipped

  9. suraj says:

    Thnx smi…
    My order “Dinner set of 26 piece” from is received by Bluedart tpday…This was about Rs. 1700 but I found it at Rs 99 only…

  10. Anuj says:

    Don’t ever BUY anything from ASKMEBAZAAR

    SMI also requested not to publish anything related to askemebazaar

    I Ordered a Refrigerator Samsung-RR19J2104RHTL-Single-Door-Refrigerator, and my bank A/c got debited, but my order status is unknown.
    I CALLED THE CUSTOMER CARE SEVERAL TIME BUT DIDN’T GOT ANY RESPONSE,and the experience made me realize what bad customer service means and why I shall pay extra to Flipkarts & Amazons of the world. Dealing with the customer care of askmebazaar was a nightmare.
    My money is nowhere in there account, neither the order status.
    I wrote several mails to them also, but didn’t got any revert.
    FAKE! site and the worse customer service.
    You can’t even see your order history for the failed orders,
    unable to trace, where my money is lying…
    worst experience ever.

  11. Ashok Rambhia says:

    Got an sms from askmebazaar…Thank you for shopping on! We are honoring one of your orders, as coupon code JUNE300 is valid for a single purchase only. All other orders with the same coupon code stand cancelled. We value your association and would love to see you back shopping with us!

  12. vicky says:

    Just got the sms…order cancelled

  13. Anuj says:

    ASKMEBAZAAR is not a trusted site, Customer care is very bad, You can’t even see your purchase history, Any dispute or enquiry, one needs to call their customer care on phone, and they don’t solve your problem, therefore you will be running from pillar to post.

  14. Bk says:

    Invalid Coupon!! Please Try Again..:-(

  15. anmol says:

    Received led bulb 5w set of 5 for only 80rs after discount coupon, not bad askmebazar.. go for it guys prefer COD specially

  16. gIRISH says:


  17. Soham says:

    Is “Shriram n sons” a trusted seller? Does anybody know? I have ordered an earphone frm dat seller

  18. Vineet says:

    Invalid Coupon!! Please Try Again..:-(

  19. Uttam says:

    Asmebazar online payment got stuck twice and they are now not refunding. Ccare is like parrot saying same justification and my money is no where to be seen so prefer COD.

  20. a says:

    There is no word of delivery of my 10days back purchases…even reminder mails unanswered.
    seems like they hv money to pay ranbir but no money to transport goods ???
    caution…use cod to avoid money loss

  21. kimi says:

    Be it any site choosing a good reputed seller during placing order is very important or else you will get cheated


    Ask me cheaters bazaar..period…
    No sign of the orders ..
    No sign of d refund…

  23. Mahesh Sulakhe says:

    “Waste Offer” its not working now so don’t waste your time.

  24. ambrish varshney says:

    use AMB99 for 99off on 199

  25. Rohit says:

    “Invalid Coupon!! Please Try Again..:-(”

    Tried on 8GB pendrive and on 8GB microsd.

  26. Shashank says:

    Guyz any product which I can buy now ?
    Pls help
    Coupon showing invalid on the above links .

  27. manny says:

    invalid coupon. seems like expired. :(

  28. VIJAY says:

    r the products delivered r genuine

  29. Vijay says:

    @Varun, If u have so much problem with SMI profits, then why the hell are you following SMI?

  30. Alok says:

    AskMeBazaar is not a fake site at all. It depend upon sellers reputation which you have to choose wisely before placing an order.
    Sellers like Softek Surya is a reputed seller and can be found on other e-commerce sites such as Rediff,flipkart,Snapdeal.
    I placed six orders of sandisk ultra 32 gb memory card after using coupon,it cost me 496 Rs/- each. Received all the orders on time and all cards were 100% original.
    I also placed the order for MI power bank earlier and I knew very well that only flipkart is alone authentic seller of it. In this case I received fake power bank .
    In last I mean to say that whenever you shop on any website , before placing any order must see the rating and name of seller.
    Keep the name of seller in your mind and whenever you see the same seller on other website offering any cheap deal then you can order it easily without any hesitation . In this case 100% chance of delivery of genuine item is guaranteed and prefer COD when shopping website is new to you.

  31. priya says:

    i placed 19 orders during 100 off coupon 4 orders got cancelled…12 got delivered… 3 pending

  32. Azhar says:

    @Varun , I have been profited a lot with SMI , there is no point in blaming SMI . everyone knows askmebazaar is a cheat. even then all are giving a try . Let SMI make profit so wot its win-win situation . even we are profited .

  33. lalit says:


  34. Raj Vijay says:

    @S Gurumurthi Hi ive got 2 tshirt @ 25 each during there Rs 100 off coupon and they delivered the product too.

  35. Rajan says:

    Not working any more. But i have ordered 2-3 orders an hour back. Hope they don’t cancel those orders.

  36. umesh says:

    Invalid coupon

  37. Ronak says:

    Showing Invalid Coupon on Every product…not getting enything…pls provide me link of product which is available

  38. Sanchit says:

    Ordered 16gb sandisk memory card… got mail also… Order Confirmation… FREEE

  39. Nipun says:

    Placed 4 orders of Eveready 9W LED Bulb. I hope orders don’t get cancelled.

  40. Vaibhav says:

    Not working, may be expired

  41. kimi says:

    One order place let’s see

  42. S Gurumurthi says:

    I agree with Varunk – AskMeBazaar “NEVER” delivers any “Discounted” product.
    Request someone to update if they have received any such “Discounted” products.
    Would also request SMI do there own checking.
    I frequently check SMI and appreciate the deals they search and display for our benefit.

  43. vinzi says:

    Did not work for me :(

  44. SATISH SINGH says:

    Coupon not working. Saying “Invalid Coupon!! Please Try Again..:-(“

  45. pintu deva says:

    Its waste of time. check out page comes again and again when click on “Confirm Order”. I tried so many time but not works.

  46. hope says:


  47. sumit says:

    Bought eveready 2 LED 9w bulb for free thanks SMI

  48. King says:

    Bought some stuff…
    Earlier I received some books even for 5 rupees, expect them to deliver.

  49. varunk says:

    You published it hat’s off to you. by the way since when did these change came in your attitude ??

  50. varunk says:


    You know what…SMI is nut, Ask me Bazaar has brought these offers many a times, sometimes 250 off on 500, and sometimes 500 off on 1000/-, (customer pays half the amount), and this time they come with bang – Flat 700/- OFF, The common thing with their services is they never send the discounted product, so that’s why publishing their advt. Yes Advt. SMI is becoming bloody profit making organisation through cheating customers. ya ya I know you wouldn’t dare to publish my comment as its missing in you.

  51. Harsh says:

    Works fine on the 8GB ones… but not applicable on 16GB pendrives

    ordered both sandisk and sony 8GB pendrive + 8 GB memory card… thanks…

    lets just hope the order doesn’t gets cancelled :D

  52. Abhijit says:

    Waste of time of course orders will be cancelled. You can’t get any thing free.

  53. sanchita says:

    it works placed 1 order

  54. Ram says:

    works good ;) placed 2 orders

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