Asus Laptop X450CA-WX214D Rs. 190 – Amazon

asus-x450caFeatures 14″ Display, Core i3 3rd Gen Processor, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD & DOS.

Buy: Asus Laptop X450CA-WX214D (Likely pricing error. Orders may be cancelled.)

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  1. parrhsidana12 says:

    They shld deliver the laptop after some of dhamkis. Plz say to all.

  2. Raj says:

    Those who have received the laptop please provide the order number so others can go ahead with same.

  3. Raj says:

    Hi All,

    Some of customer got the laptop in Rs 190/-… so here amazon is partial between customers… not to buy from amazon…this is now on snapdeal way…like snapdeal “amazon” is also posting such deals and taking benfits of pricing error which is not legal as per law….

  4. siddu says:

    Hi Asish, have you received that 2 lapptops ?

  5. suresh says:

    Very cheated amazon,

    i booked laptop but cancelled.

  6. Aashish says:

    My order also got canceled. Is there any FB page or anywhere people are appealing against it?

  7. nithin says:

    Hi Friends,

    please support this case in facebook .
    i have already posted this complaint in facebook(amazon official page).and wat we want is that amazon has to display the error msg caused to every one in there home page as the got lots of publicity becasue of this fake stunt.please comment on fb

  8. malik says:

    Today all the laptops which were shipped by the seller were called back and orders were cancelled,

    2 laptops for me and 1 for my friend all got cancelled.
    that was a close call…

    now thinking of buying a toy laptop from shopclues at around 190 so that i can say yes i got a laptop at190 to relatives and friends :)

  9. Samik says:

    @malik and @naat …haha…the order will be shipped back to the seller !!

  10. Akshay says:

    @malik & Naat
    Please do provide ur order Id after u receive ur order.
    It will help us strengthen our case.

  11. bad boy says:

    Ya it’s gonna be shipped in your dreams…
    Keep 90rs ready for your laptop while sleeping

  12. naat says:

    My order is shipped now may be receiving in 3 days…very glad for getting at rs 90 (-100 amazon gift coupon for posting ad at junglee)

  13. soumya says:

    I cannot express my happiness for the fact that all the morons who purchased lappy got cancelled.

  14. malik says:

    toy lappy :)

  15. malik says:

    Yipee…my lappy at 190 has been shipped…

  16. Anonymous says:

    @Sowmya psycho

  17. Soumya says:

    Very happy that all the orders got cancelled.Thank god

  18. GEEK says:

    @bad boy
    Ha ha ;)
    Welcome to India bro… Forget 190!! People r expecting a 9 rupees laptop deal here…

  19. bad boy says:

    Agree with pankaj you stupid guys want a laptop for 190 rs lol
    keep dreaming we all knew order was gonna cancelled. .
    Stop crying here and move on

  20. Prasad says:

    This was a publicity stunt nothing else

  21. Anonymous says:

    Say that u r jealous becoz u didn’t get it
    There are people who have confirmed in chat sessions and over phone that they will receive the order.
    It was clearly a promotion and not pricing error at the cost of agony for people excited for half day and popularity at the cost of embarrasement for purchasers who also informed friends and relatives

  22. pankaj says:

    People who are disappointed after order cancellation are seriously sick
    What people think they will receive a laptop in 190 rupees
    Mistakes can happen with anyone accept it otherwise nobody forced anyone to order.
    In this kind of situation try your luck and be cool if it comes good otherwise leave it.

  23. Samik says:

    Guys..After the cancellation mail…have you got any other mail about refund?

  24. Kirtikumar says:

    My order is cancelled and mentioning the same reason of pricing error. what should be done ???

  25. Suresh says:

    Hi All,
    I am deeply disappointed with these cheap On-line Retailers.I tried to apply a complaint on Amazon India in but under On Line Shopping segment I can find ebay, snapdeal but not ‘Amazon India’. Guys,could you please help me filling this complaint via on-line.

  26. Anonymous says:

    that was clearly a publicity stunt and not pricing error
    we got cheated in this process

  27. Bhargav says:

    From my self also decided to give complaint, Please help me with the options, where the amazon option was listed

  28. akshay says:

    my complaint ID: 125634.3.2014
    lets see what happen

  29. Dhiraj says:

    This is not acceptable..i placed an order, got mail from you guys regarding delivery date change for that shipment and later on the order get cancelled by you. How can you ppl fool us like this. Why have sent the delivery estimate update without confirming the order. Guys we can file the complaint toll free at “File your complaints on Toll Free No. – 1800-11-4566 ” & visit “” for more details.

  30. Sandeep says:

    My complaint number-125583.2.2014

    i will not settle for less than a laptop

  31. shravan says:

    My complaint No-125614.2.2014.Hope Something Is Better Than Nothing.Let’s See What AMAZON Does.
    Seriously Disappointed.

  32. shravan says:

    Just Filed The A Case About AMAZON Cheating Service By Simply Saying Pricing Error That Doesn’t Mean Anything Right? Just Like Flopkart These People Are Making Fun Of Customers And We All Know That For rs-190,We Will Not Get Even A Half-dozen Of Apples LOL? But Playing With Customers And Without Any Prior Intimation? Down -Down AMAZON, THis IS Serious Guys.Thanks To @Anand.

  33. dheer says:

    friends this all website like Shoplcues and amazon are making customer fool and wasting there time for publicity stunt we should definatley do case on them

  34. fernan says:

    Order got cancelled now. This is what i expected too…no probs amazon, but you cant let those mistakes to happen again. Atleast , amazon could have sent some GV’s to ordered ones..

  35. anand says:

    Print – Close Window – Click More at the bottom of the email to print a single message

    Subject: Amazon India commented on your post.
    From: Facebook
    Date: Friday, 12 December 2014 3:46 PM


    Amazon India commented on your post.

    Amazon India
    December 12 at 3:24pm

    Hello Anand, I’m sorry for any disappointment this causes. The item was listed with an incorrect price on our website for a short time; this error has since been corrected. Our sellers work very hard to accurately list their products, but on rare occasion a pricing error may occur. I’ll be hiding your post as it contains your order number, which we consider personal information. Our Facebook wall is visible to the public. – Priyanka



    See Comment

    Reply to this email to comment on this post.

    This message was sent to . If you don’t want to receive these emails from Facebook in the future, please unsubscribe.
    Facebook, Inc., Attention: Department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303

  36. Sandeep says:

    Pricing error is mentioned by SIMI not amazon, cancellation mail pe koi reason mentioned nhin h, earlier i have bought VIM BAR , Fairness cream in just 1 rupees in Lightening deals on amazon,
    and 190 me nhin mil sakta to daala kyun tha , its your fault, consumer is god , how can you cheat him.
    Consumer court complaint free of cost hai , agar amazon ki galti nhin hogi to koi baat nhin case reject ho jaayega

  37. anand says:

    Docket Registered Successfully !!

    Consumer Name : anandkumargoyal

    Docket No. : 452227464614

    Thankyou for registering your complaints on our web-site. The responsibility of the resolution of the complaint lies with the service provider as per their internal grievance handling system. The customer is advised to follow – up their complaints with the concerned service provider. The details of the nodal officer of the service provider can be had from us during any working day from 9.30am to 5.30pm. NCH is purely a telephonic helpline which guides and advises consumers.

    NCH toll Free No is: 1800-11-4000

  38. Vinay says:

    How can anybody trust that someone can sell a laptop at RS. 190. They have also mentioned that is a pricing error and what is the case in Consumer Forum gonna do?


  39. Sandeep says:

    I have argued with amazon for 1 hour , they are giving 10 different reasons , a new reason for cancellation every time, and i am filing a case in consumer court , bhai sab daalo, we have order details, ab to le ke rhenge laptop,
    Fault amazon ke IT department ka hai , not ours log a complaint here and make amazon pay

  40. sumit says:


  41. anand says:

    forward email to news chhans also

  42. anand says:

    all of we forward complain to ministry consumer affairs delhi social media against this type of cheat promotion


  43. shubhbajaj says:

    Amzon LOoted Money . I will fire a cause in amazon couurt they cancelled my order and recd my cashback

  44. Mayank says:

    In gadho ko 190 me laptop chahiye…
    galti se price galat daal diya to cancell nahi hoga kya order…
    courst me jayenge…LOL

  45. madan says:

    All of my and my friends order noone getting nothing…try other deals…

  46. UNKNOWN says:


  47. siddu says:

    amazon cancelled my order also. let’s drag them to court like flip kart.

  48. siddu says:

    My order Canceled

  49. Naresh says:

    My order Canceled
    Amazon this is not fare…

  50. ajk says:

    amazon cancelled my order also. let’s drag them to court.

  51. Mahesh says:

    Order cancelled

  52. Harish says:

    My order just got cancelled… Amazon….. This is bad…..

  53. Prasad says:

    received order cancellation message. Amazon failed to fulfill expectations

  54. Annu says:

    My order has been cancelled…
    May be all will be cancelled as it was a pricing error.
    No one will get the laptop.
    dont keep false hopes

  55. tapan says:

    i got the sms of order cancelled & refund process

  56. bhagwan says:

    Refund intiated in y a/c. any one get in wallet/

  57. Tanveer Singh says:

    My order got cancelled.

  58. Man says:

    Cancelled as expected!!!
    Spoiled the GOSF mood…POOR Amazon

  59. vinod says:

    Just received order cancellation message :(

  60. Technext says:

    Hello friends…. My 2 order is canceled.
    What the hell is going on with AmazonB-) v

  61. arya says:

    Hi.., did anyone received shipping details.?

  62. bhagwan says:

    Recived my order in 1 day waiting.

  63. puneet says:

    Hi All,
    please complaint against amazon in consumer court if they fail to fulfill our orders.

  64. puneet says:

    I will fill complaint against amazon if they cancelled our orders . If its a mistake or else you have full fill our order. first they give order to increase numbers users and apologies for the mistake .

  65. Prasad says:

    order confirmed for me and delivery will be by 28 Jan. Hoping for the delivery

  66. fernan says:

    I placed my order and i received a confirmation sms from Amazon . But the delivery date mentioned is Jan 31 . Order not cancelled yet. Now the deal is closed. Hoping for the delivery.. :)

  67. Rai says:

    mu order also confirmed
    and delivery date is 16 Dec to 22 Dec
    i am waiting

  68. Anonymous says:

    Order confirmed..Delivery by December :)

  69. rohit says:


  70. Rahul says:

    some are telling that it is confirmed and some of you telling it is cancelled. post pics…

  71. roshan says:

    order confirmed for me and delivery will be bfore 16december .

  72. warriorvivek says:

    Ordered Canceled… Kya tha yea amazon ne bhi publicity suru kar di

  73. Pradeep says:

    This is pricing error…confirmed from amazon representative .. All orders will be cancelled in few hrs!!

  74. Bhargav says:

    Dear Az, Sorry to say. Nobody got any details about order.. They are just saying on January..
    That was not correct, that’s why i post like that.
    Still now no orders were cancelled, Because i am the 2nd buyer in that promotion..
    So waiting for amazon response…

  75. Eldho Jose says:

    Sorry guys the deal you are made will be cancelled

    sorry for the inconvinence

    The Prics is 26,800 Rs

  76. saurabh says:

    Dear Amazon,

    Please cancel this order, this is highly demotivating.

  77. Nagendra Goud says:

    I bought two for 280 only.thank you SMI…

  78. Frendz4m says:

    Order cancelled :(

  79. Az says:

    @Bhargav : are you sure ? delivery date in dec 15 . cz all others have got in jan.

  80. rohit says:

    guys … if order gets cancelled , do lt other no .. tell it here in smi …

  81. jay says:

    Shit yaar miss ho gya

  82. Shalav says:

    It was ROCKY MARKETING who was offering the laptop at 190.. Hope he do so… Most importantly it was an ‘Amazon fulfilled’ item.. Hope everyone receives…

  83. Ashish says:

    Bought 5 Laptops yippee 2 shipped alsoo…rest dispatching…

  84. Ajay says:

    Hey guys where can i find wait list ? I can only see wish list…..can you please help me the whole procedure who have booked this ?

  85. Abhishek says:

    THis is fake, I ordered a Laptop, and it got cancelled.

  86. Samik says:

    haha…All orders will be cancelled…Be happy , trust amazon or sit with fingers crossed …doesn’t matter.

  87. Bhargav says:

    Order confirmed.. Ready for the dispatch, Estimated delivery date 15-dec

  88. Anonymous says:

    I pray god that all orders should be cancelled. Because i didnot purchased it.

  89. krupa says:

    order placed awaiting confirmation, looks like only for HDFC Cards

  90. Vivek says:

    I am also doubttful about its delivery. But we can trust on amazon.

    Lets Cross the fingers :-)

  91. Rai says:

    i also done at 190/- and delivery date is 31 january 2015.
    i am waiting this feel very exciting yaar.

  92. kathik says:

    this is not pricing error as it shows 99% discount..

  93. kathik says:


    i placed order for asus laptop just for Rs 190. deliver on january 28. fingers crossed…

  94. Gotu says:

    Just got mail that Order cancelled

  95. cheeta says:

    now the price is 26000/-

  96. Amit says:

    Ordered laptop in 190. Waiting for order cancellation, yaar ek baar myntra par free tshirt ka offer aya tha yaad hoga sabko, sare order cancell huye the. maine COD me order kiya hai so no need to worried about.

  97. nirmal says:

    got lappy for 190…thx smi,,,amazon is trustable site…so the order is conform…

  98. Vishal says:

    Asus laptop i bought for 190 , It should be delievered by 28-Jan

  99. Ramu says:

    ordered Asus laptop i bought for 190

  100. Bhargav says:

    Bought 5 dudes… Kirak Offer… What a GOSF..
    Waiting for further process

  101. Baibh says:

    Ordered 3 laptops with COD. Fingers crossed

  102. srsenapati says:

    I also bought a one , let’s see they delevered or not .

  103. murali says:

    Bought one at 190 rs Great SMI AMAZON got e- mail

  104. Err Hunter says:

    Ordered 2 from both accounts..

    Hope this GOSF ends with a BANG!

  105. Az says:

    Even I have ordered but I don’t think they will deliver, like flipkart they will cancel The order

  106. rishe says:

    if not delivered at least i hope to get the money back. Hope they do not send a brick.

  107. shravan says:

    tHANK yOU smI I have Purchased The Asus Laptop For 190? Can U Believe It! Thank You So Much!

  108. mehul says:

    It is a pure pricing error, dont fool yourself to get it delivered.

  109. akshay says:

    i bought asus laptop at 190
    is it real orr any problem in website
    my order is complete …but how it is possible dude …laptop at 190 only

  110. sumit says:

    bought one for 190 …
    but delivery date not available…

  111. G Tattva says:

    ordered Asus laptop for 190 !! unbelievable…hope it gets delivered ;)

  112. subbu says:

    Asus laptop i bought for 190 , but not sure whether it will deliver or not.:)

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