Asus Wireless N150 Router RT-N10E, Netgear N300 Wi-Fi ADSL2+ Modem Router D1500, Photron Lens Pen, Huawei Power-Fi Data Card E8231, Belkin Essential Series Surge Protector – Amazon

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Asus Wireless N150 Router RT-N10E Rs. 575 (Citibank) or Rs. 639
Netgear N300 Wi-Fi ADSL2+ Modem Router D1500 Rs. 1619 (Citibank) or Rs. 1799
Photron Lens Pen Rs. 88 (Citibank) or Rs. 98
Huawei Power-Fi Data Card E8231 Rs. 1529 (Citibank) or Rs. 1699
Logitech K100 Classic PS/2 Keyboard Rs. 269 (Citibank) or Rs. 299
Belkin Essential Series 4 Socket Surge Protector Rs. 404 (Citibank) or Rs. 449
Belkin Essential Series 8 Socket Surge Protector Rs. 764 (Citibank) or Rs. 849
Severin Egg Boiler EK3127 Rs. 3712 (Citibank) or Rs. 4125
Signoracare Hand Blender cum Chopper Rs. 899 (Citibank) or Rs. 999
Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM50 Rs. 4397 (Citibank) or Rs. 4886

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