Belkin Surge Protectors 35% off from Rs. 554

belkin-surgeBelkin Surge Protectors deals from FlipKart, InfiBeam & ShopClues.

Buy Belkin Surge Protectors from:
FlipKart from Rs. 584 (automatic 35% discount in cart)
InfiBeam from Rs. 56010% off Max Discount Rs. 250 Promotion Code: INFI250
ShopClues from Rs. 55410% off Max Discount Rs. 500 Coupon: SCICICI10 or SCAXIS10

2 Responses to “Belkin Surge Protectors 35% off from Rs. 554”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Vinay T-Very true Vinay Bhai.Pain and depreciation of SP and accident if as tight as Belkin 3 port and risk to equipment.Indians are not pushovers is proved by Powersafe which has this and I had to buy SP500 magic box which has 2 USB direct chargers as well with 5 universal ports as against age old Belkins having design changes only.PS says it is as responsive and efficient as Belkin.How would you rate Powersafe in absolute terms and vis a vis Belkin?Not many companies to compare

  2. Vinay T says:

    I wish they had individual switches. Pulling out a plug to switch off an equipment is a pure pain, that too after paying that much.

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