Besure Aloe Vera Soap 75gm Pack of 4 + Recharge + Rs. 21 Cashback Rs. 70 – SnapDeal

besure-soapFeatures Aloe Vera Glycerin Soap with Jojoba Oil.

Recharge: Scratch Coupon Scheme. Rs. 10 to Rs. 60.
Cashback: Valid only if displayed under price on product page

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16 Responses to “Besure Aloe Vera Soap 75gm Pack of 4 + Recharge + Rs. 21 Cashback Rs. 70 – SnapDeal”

  1. Yash vaja says:

    Mobile recharge

  2. Henry says:

    i got recharge number but not working…

  3. somyajit Das says:

    Soap is good and all skin friendly.

  4. soumya ranjan pradhan says:

    the total cost of my order is 70 ruppess and i get 30 ruppess of recharge now the cost of my order is 40 ruppess means 1 piece is 10 ruppess when the orignal price of 1 piece is 50 ruppess WOW I AM REALY HAPPY. Happy holi to all.

  5. Pa says:

    Mila to kuch bhi nhi

  6. Akram Reza says:

    Only 20

  7. Pa says:

    Recharge not done

  8. Bk says:

    I got recharge of Rs. 20, I entered all details on the site, but my recharge is not yet done, dont know when it will be get done.

  9. nicky says:

    what amount of recharge coupon we will get

  10. PARTH says:


  11. kumar says:

    cashback received immediately after order, but for recharge we have to register at and send the purchase details. They will recharge after 14 days.

  12. Ganesh says:

    It says 70+32=102

  13. OMG says:

    @Ankit Jain issi liye tuje chawal nahi mile us din.

  14. Ankit Jain says:

    mein to lifebuoy se nahata hu :D :D

  15. Bk says:

    Total:Rs. 49
    Delivery Charges:+Rs. 16
    You Pay:Rs. 65

  16. Rav says:

    Whats this recharge???

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