Big Bazaar Profit Club Pay Rs. 5000 Shop for Rs. 6000, Pay Rs. 10000 Shop for Rs. 12000

bigbazaar-profitNow, you can shop smart and get 20% savings while enjoying exciting benefits every month at Big Bazaar!

Big Bazaar: Profit Club

29 Responses to “Big Bazaar Profit Club Pay Rs. 5000 Shop for Rs. 6000, Pay Rs. 10000 Shop for Rs. 12000”

  1. durga prasad says:

    Hi panda,
    You can use that balance upto next 3-4 months, so use whenever possible to go bigbazar and use total amount

  2. prabeer panda says:

    My profit club card expires on 31st March.How i will refund my balance amount which i could not used due to COVID-19.

  3. aditya sahu says:

    i have been victim of this the time of making this card they have not told any limitation date but after 2 year i was having 4 thousands and some money left but all are blocked…

  4. niru says:

    There is no benifit in this scheme. card dete time es ki limitations ke bare me kuch nhi btaya
    jata this is not good for customer.

  5. vijay singh says:

    good benefits at 20% savings

  6. Anurag Bhargava says:

    THIS IS A SCAM. While at home, I received a message this morning on my mobile that my card is used even though it was in my purse. I spoke to the store and they refused to credit the balance.


    BEWARE, they will be taking the money like this without your notice.

  7. S.K.GOHIL says:

    I am profit club member
    Though the scheme I like but recently Ahmedabad 10 acre BIG BAZZAR reduce its sise to 1/4 and so many items not available in store mostly electronic items & washing m/c where we can spent/encash our acumulated funds

    Previosly this scheme was enjoyable.

  8. Saurabh says:

    I completed my first card 12 months of shopping and recharged again for another, the total experience was very good and useful.

  9. Ashish Deshpande says:

    This is a fraud. Understand that you can purchase only rs 1000 every month.
    You cannot buy this 10,000 card and shop for rs 12,000 the next day.
    This scheme is confusing. I bought the card only to realize immediately that I have
    to wait 12 months to make full use of it. Don’t waste your time guys.

  10. jitu says:

    closeing date this scheme ?

  11. jitu says:

    if have bigbazar voucher 10000 and get benefit this scheme

  12. Dilip panda says:

    Its profit upto 20%.

  13. Anonymous says:

    very good scheme
    i have copy of this scheme in my store

  14. archna says:

    return is 39%.Your money not return after a year. it is return from 1st day in 11th months.calculate interest on reducing balance

  15. Rohan says:

    Its very nice to hear this plan “PROFIT CLUB” , but before selection this plan we must have to know about the terms and conditions and reality of the same such as :-
    1. From where Big bazar will give the benefit of 20%.
    2. In general purchase we avail the discounts on products in every month but the same will not be given in Profit Club why? . We shall have to pay full MRP on each products.
    3. What happens if we discontinue the purchase.
    4. How will we refund the profit club deposit money back if not satisfied with this plan.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This scheme is no doubt very good.

    The rate of return is almost 39-40%. Please note that fact that you can shop immediately 1000/- after you have paid 10100. So actually you are only paying 9100 for 11000. Due to money coming every month the rate of return is coming as 39-40%.

    There is no restriction on the type of shopping. So there is no reason to be apprehensive of the scheme. More over you can buy as much profit club cards as you want for a family if you spend more than 1000 in Big Bazaar.

    However big question is how Big Bazaar will sustain this cost.

  17. SHRAVAN says:

    guys the big bazar offer is ok..nut the main problem is we should but 5kg bigbazar atta,2kilo mirchi powder..2kg sugar..and some other products woth 400….of big bazar it’s a must …so be careful they are making a good profit by this scheme…

  18. Deal Grabber says:

    I would not go for this scheme as the direct profit of 2000 Rs looks good on paper but it is actually not. And with big bazaar i hope they do not have stupid restrictions.
    Their scheme of buying old clothes and newspapers is the most stupid scheme and i see stupid people falling for that, don’t know why there is no commonsense.

  19. Vineet says:

    Good Scheme, but remember you going to pay 10000 in advance to company and once you pay you have stucked. They gonna pay you back 1000 per month till one year(865 principle+ 165 additional value) and rest amount you have to pay in cash from pocket. So assume if your basket size is Rs. 5000 per month you fixed additional value still will same i.e. 165. so the additional value you are gaining is (165/5000)*100=

    Too much risk involved for the company’s profitability as the whole scheme is based on assumptions. it

  20. jyoti s. patil says:

    very good scheme. grab before they close scheme

  21. Narendra says:

    The return is 15.18% offsetting the cost of prepaid funds @ 10%, Good Scheme though if there are no restrictions on purchase of any specific item and at any specific store

  22. Piyush says:

    How can check my Profit Club account on line
    Like How much i have purchase and how much balance .. etc…

  23. naveen says:

    hi guys not benifit

  24. prakash says:

    direct calculation is 20%
    10000 -> 12000
    1000 -> 1200
    100 -> 120

    20% profit

    strange to see how 40% is profited.
    If you take prepayment interest as 8.5% (deposit %) – It is coming around 12%

    So, actual is 12% (If your nearby wholesale store sells all items 12% less than Bigbazzar, than it is a “take it easy offer” if not, want all in one place worth trying it).

  25. Rajesh Pal says:

    Wud be keen to see how u calculated that 40% figure. Looks correct though:)

  26. Mitul desai says:

    If you calculate….it’s return of 40% p.m……great opportunity….grab before they close….

  27. Rahul Govil says:

    This is a very good scheme from Big Bazaar and enery Big Bazaar Customer should get membership in Big Bazaar Profit Club…..

  28. hemant says:

    Yes. Guys Major cities not covered so pls chk your city before purchasing.

  29. Rohit Goel says:

    very small list of Participating Stores

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