Big Bazaar The Great Xchange 2014 + Free Rs. 150 Exchange Voucher

bigbazaar-xchangeNew Free Rs. 50 Exchange Voucher.

Get Best Rates for Your Junk, only at Big Bazaar. Example: Old News Paper Rs. 30/kg, Old Jeans Rs. 200, Old Utensils Rs. 200/kg, Old Footwear Rs. 30, Gas Stove Rs. 1000, Others Rs. 30/kg.

Free Rs. 100 Exchange Voucher from: Junk for Xchange
Free Rs. 50 Exchange Voucher from: Forward your junk email to and get additional exchange value of Rs. 50.

Big Bazaar The Great Xchange: Terms & Conditions

61 Responses to “Big Bazaar The Great Xchange 2014 + Free Rs. 150 Exchange Voucher”

  1. Peter mardi says:

    Big bazzar is cheating people we sold items worth 4k but we have to spend 40k to get that discount waste deal. they can give cash or vouchers so that people can use it waste deal and they are fooling people by showing the cash price for your old items but actually giving some crap discount after u waste ur money after selling all ur junk .. raher give ur old clothers to poor people and sell the newspaper to local kabadi wala atleast u will get something out if it.,
    big bazaar very sad: change the name to chor bazzar

  2. payel roy says:

    Exchange offer vaild till date ?

  3. PRADEEP says:

    Mr. big bazar,
    Let me know the extended last date for dispose off old junk / waster clother and
    papers, I stay near Osmania University, which is the nearest place to exchange the
    old ones. Pl. inform by my E-mail regarding the complete details of the

    Thank Q

  4. Basavarajappa says:

    big bazar offers 10% discount on profit club card along with 20% exchange offer written on the display board for the prestige hybrid stove . During billing they say that 10% offered on profit club card is not coming through . the transaction made on 13-4-2014. so attention is required

  5. Urvashi says:

    Exchange offer vaild till date ?

    which store i want to go [ Rcity mall Ghatkopar west ]


  6. sanjay says:

    is that offer open till date.
    i have old cloths around 50 kg want to sell.

  7. Indian says:

    Hi all,

    Please check if we can put a law suit on Big Bazar for cheating like this. If so we all shall file a case against this.

  8. monty says:

    i hv exchanged my automatic washing machine in hurry with out knowing the hidden rules, plz dont do the same mistake , it is totally foolish .

  9. raj says:

    Big bazzar is cheating people we sold items worth 4k but we have to spend 40k to get that discount waste deal. they can give cash or vouchers so that people can use it waste deal and they are fooling people by showing the cash price for your old items but actually giving some crap discount after u waste ur money after selling all ur junk .. raher give ur old clothers to poor people and sell the newspaper to local kabadi wala atleast u will get something out if it.,
    big bazaar very sad: change the name to chor bazzar

  10. s v c says:

    i gave all my valuable jeans, old clothes, and got the point of Rs 1200 pl sujjest how to use them
    This is pakka the loot bazaar they are suggesting to make shopping upto Rs 12000

  11. Anonymous says:

    these guys are fooling around.only go for the offer if u have to dump the thing for ever.xchange has no meaning.better to give your old clothes to poor ppl.

  12. anonymous says:

    valid uptill date?????/

  13. raj says:

    I have 40 to 50 kg Old news papers what u give offer voucher amount for me.

  14. Santosh Khanna(Mrs) says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have fully automatic washing machine and I want to sell. Is it possible to collect from my residence as exchange offer

  15. Rumpa says:

    Xchange offer in really making people fool.I gave nearly 12 -20 kg goods. In exchange they showed an amount of nearly 2000rs in my payback card.My whole salary will be wasted if I want to redeem this money.Its have been better I have given them to the kabar bala.Bull Shit offer. Dont go for it.

  16. vaibhav says:

    6th april expird ,,, i gon exchange 10 jeens paint thy r making fool
    thy givn me 1700 exh value ,,pay back pont ,,, 10 % 20 % cut ,,,so ahv to buy 17000 rs any product fooolllllllllllllllll bakwass

  17. prasad says:

    I have not received any voucher after submit the mail also.

  18. Khushi says:

    pl. tell how much Rs. per kg old cloths exchange?

  19. ivaan says:

    What is the fuss all about…
    If they think they are smart, we can be bit smarter than them…
    Visit Payback website and you can redeem your points for any product in exchange of your points… I did the same. Therefore sharing… placed order for an 8 GB Pendrive in lieu of 2000 points…

  20. Anonymous says:

    what the hell…what nonsense….very ashamed of yuy guyz………….very baad……….u r makin us fool……bad!!!!!!

  21. parth rele says:

    ab to condition hai ki junk should hav resale value so now big bazar will sell used product also this is good business first u sale your product in exchange and earn profit and also sale used item and make money really public ko cheat kar rahe hai

  22. Rakesh Jodan says:

    You r right Geeta,
    Its absolutely a loot bazar…Stupid shit bazar.

  23. seeta says:

    its LOOT BAZAAR, the period is only upto 6th april. mean if u got Xchange value of 1000, u have to purchase goods worth 10,000/- in this short period, they u just making fool.


  24. Joy says:

    Sheer nonsense is this offer.

  25. subbu says:

    dont give away any item unless u cant get rid of it anywhere else.the amount u recieve is only in figures and to avail it u have to buy products ten times its value and that is also nopt for sure. u wont get away with this the management of big bazaar as u are cheating people. at least increase the time of refunding the amount due to the customer so that they can fully utilise the offer.

  26. nonuu says:

    Utter wste…..janta ko lootne ka naya tareeka

  27. zz says:

    itna kharab policy hai ye big bazar waalon ki
    bus logo ko buddhu banane ka kam karte hai
    mera bhi nuksan karwa diya
    isse khte hai “………………..JO HOTA HAI VO DIKHTA NHI AUR JO DIKHTA HAI VO HOTA NHI………..”

  28. s s patil says:

    ye offer bus ullu banane ka kam hai lasr year mare 2500 ke kupan rah gaye kutch bhi offer nahi

  29. suresh says:

    I will slipper the person who had given this ad from bigbazaar,bcoz they have put something on the news paper & when i went to bigbazaar they r fooling & telling something else & nobody responds when v talk,i had given them 5kg of old cloths so total shopping value is 1250/- but they say u can shop for only 250rs

  30. priya dash says:

    be careful while shop.offers make us fool.

  31. jugal says:

    If you are regular visitor of big bazar then this is good deal..

  32. Batsha says:

    I want to sale . Let me know how to do it.

  33. Ketri Rahul says:

    Ya that’s correct

  34. deal grabber says:

    Anyone who falls for this is a big stupid person. You have to know all the facts before you go there by taking your kabaad. The discount coupons are valid only after you make a purchase of 5000 Rs and such, not on small purchases and they will not give discount on things which are expensive like Ghee/Oil etc.
    Use brains, SALE dekha nahi ki chal pade.

  35. muthu says:

    Not worth
    only 10% off on clothing …..waste….last year it was worth

  36. Geetika says:

    Arreye, How we can get rupees 50 coupon?? no any email come at my email

  37. WR says:

    now we have carry old newspaper to bigbazaar

  38. bvk says:

    yeh sab bevkoof banaane ke dhande hai

  39. anuradha says:

    I want to exchange computer,please give me the details,is it possible,
    if possible how to proceed

  40. rajesh kumar singh says:

    I want to my exchange my freez, kindly let me know the scheme.

    Thanks & Regards


  41. Anonymous says:

    bhai ye offer band q na karte ..,neck dil wale se baddua lete ho …

  42. Sia says:

    kabadi wale atlest paisa de deta hai.. not ke buy this n get off from coupons which is also a scam…coz u need to buy things wrth 2000 or 5000 etc..

  43. Siddharth says:

    Kabadi bhi big bazar se accha offer deta hai…… Kabadi bhi Big bazar walo seimandar rahata hai…..

  44. Siddharth says:

    Big Bazar wale customer ko lutne ka dhanda kar rahe hai aise offer la ke……………..

  45. manish says:

    I have noticed current promotion Of big bazaar .Pay 10,000 & take good of 12000 in next 12 month.i dont know condition for same but this was written on their board

  46. manish says:

    Good Deal, I have recently purchased 6 month goods worth rs.20,000 . Good discount & no cheating. Only bad thing is that long queue for doing billing takes minimum 1 hour on sat /sun & they were not doing free home delivery many times when customer response is huge on promotion. Also, they were not giving any discount on oil,ghee.

  47. R K Tiwari says:

    Sale the scrape which is not purchased by your kabadi (Scrape dealer).
    Purchase items from food bazar in which you are atleast getting 10% dicount on printed MRP.
    Be’coz after all we have to buy these essential items from elesewhere.

  48. abhishek says:

    pagal banane ka dhanda ha big bazzar valo ka wase og time n money

  49. justicewillbeserved says:


  50. pran says:

    In a market economy,these things will be there.Every capitalist wants to earn as much profit as he can.There will be marketing offers(or stunts or gimmick) like this.What we can do, is playing smart.
    If you really want to get rid of the junk at your home and at the same time,want to buy something from those stores,then the deal can be considered(mind you “consider”). Various factors are at play like
    1.Amount and value of the junk.
    2.Amount and value of products to be shopped.
    3.Quality of the products at sale.
    4.Transportation costs(to and fro).
    5.Time lapsed etc.
    Permutations and combinations of these and others factors should be done for effective decision making.

  51. naga says:

    dis exchange offer is stupid, indirectly big bazar is givng only 10% or 5 % on the total bill we are making in return for the items we are giving to them.

  52. sunil says:

    @ruchir do u work for big bazaar

  53. joy says:

    kabadi ko bechoo zyada fayda milega @ ruchir :)

  54. Ruchir says:

    @msquare24-In this age,you can’t probably stop them from entering Indian market but patriots don’t love it.I am sure you too.Should not ban entry maybe.
    Simple economics say profit to Walmart means profit to US citizens and profit to Indian comp will make India richer in several ways and are practically non deletorious to Mom and Pop stores here.

  55. Ruchir says:

    @Joy-Stunt is not the right word.Not into Bollywood movie making yet.But marketing yes.Everybody has to do that,common sense.
    Good point.Some products at 5x also.Read carefully.5*30=150,5*50=250 etc is not a big amount.If you are buying only bread and butter,waste.But other normal buys like
    Apparel, Plastics, Utensils, Crockery, Home Fashion, Toys, Stationery, Furniture, Footwear, Home Decor products etc who buy actually can be bought without problem of scale.Same items may cost costlier at shops.
    Doesn’t affect me who subscribes but understand it microscopically.Truth is complete understanding which results in a better decision,whatever it is.

  56. msquare24 says:

    come walmart and these big bazars, more, reliance stores etc will be history..

  57. joy says:

    i am not doubting on deal i am just saying this is a marketing stunt of bigbazaar…… mere liye to bakwas offer hai.

    purchase value has to be 10 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed. lol :p

  58. Ruchir says:

    Visited Big bazaar,Saharaganj many times.Purchased many items and all were below MRP which was not possible even with friendly shopkeepers at Indiranagar. The premium leather shoes had a life of 2+ years,excellent shoes.All other items fine like cylinder trolley was around 80 selling at 200+ at online stores.No reason to believe they are cheat in any way.

    If there is a reason,that may have its weight.But if we don’t understand the deal or just doubt it,there is no cure.I didn’t had a bad experience.Scores of visits.Paid for 40 Rs with card many times although below min amount permitted with card.There are relatively cheap shops and costlier shops,sloppy security guards like most other places but no case of fraud by Big bazaar,Food Bazaar I could notice.

  59. Rakesh says:

    TRAP is ON once again guys… Beware… Read my review posted few years back…

  60. joy says:

    bakwas deal , bewkoof banate hai big bazar vale aur kuch nahi. sell bhadane ka naya tarika hai ye.

    acha yahi hai ki sara kabar kabadi ko hi do…. thode paise milege par bewkoof nhi banoge

  61. Shivam says:

    waste of time this deal

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