BookMyShow MyWallet Free Rs. 150

bookmyshow-mywalletFeatures Safe One-click Purchase, Instant Refunds & Secure Payments.

On BookMyShow MyWallet Activation:
• New Users Rs. 150
• Existing Users Rs. 50

Website: BookMySow (Account > MyWallet > Verify)

79 Responses to “BookMyShow MyWallet Free Rs. 150”

  1. kartik says:

    Old user will also get 50

  2. gale says:

    wat about old users..??? is it wrkn still..??

  3. kartik says:

    Working but now only 50 for new user

  4. Sagar says:

    Working but giving rs.50 only..

  5. udhaya says:

    Its working now

  6. Anand says:

    Yeh raj jaise logon ke kaaran hi dusre ka nuksaan hota hai dont mislead any one sach bolo everytime

  7. Rohan says:

    Did n’t get 150 or 50 in 2 accounts

  8. kishore says:

    Super pari…i don’t know why someone misleading the people to waste others time. Anyway thnx 4 ur info.

  9. Pari says:

    Don’t trust Raj, I just checked and didn’t get 150 rs.

  10. Raj says:

    offer started again i got 150 just now wow great

  11. Anonymous says:

    I also havn’t gotted

  12. Raj says:

    Present Offer working or not any one please reply?

  13. Mahendra says:

    abhi offer hai ya nai plz tell its working or not now

  14. saini says:

    Goted 150 just now

  15. akash says:

    I got 22*150
    But this offer was over at 8 pm yesterday

  16. Raj says:

    Agreed saajan you said 100% perfect

  17. vishal says:

    agreed @saajan
    dont show off guys
    all are clever to do that thing…

  18. saajan says:

    r u fool,stupid who r commenting here that they have done 100,200 a/c and earned rs 3000, 4000 money. If u r doing this then why r u commenting here. no need to comment.. for u guys the offer is reducing day by day. They r reading ur comments.shut up ur mouth and do ur own work.u r the only fool people through whome other people r suffering.. shittt…

  19. Kalpit says:

    Now its over..

    This offer working no more..

  20. vijay says:

    showing Bal. after 1 hour of Activation .

  21. bibhu says:

    Abhitak aya nahni dosto

  22. bibhu says:

    Activation ke baad kitne time ke andar 150 bonus ayega.pls reply .

  23. bikash says:

    Got 15000 rs.from 100 ac. Still waiting for 12 acounts.
    Mere gaaon walo ko lekar iss barr movie dekhne ka maza kuch aur hi ayega.???

  24. mandeep says:

    super offer buddy… 0-o
    nd dont worry jinhone miss kr diya ye offer
    ek bar fir aayega is bar miss mt krna
    Qki last moka milga
    to SMI check krte rhan dosto
    or han use krna bta du
    koi muskil kam ni h dosto
    1. new accout bnao – jisme email pr koi confirmation nhi jata uski fikr na krna.
    2. wallet ka option dhundhna h ji ab- jo ki “hi guest ” likha hota h vha hoga. nd click it
    3. ab kya ab first name last name or mob no. fill krna h fir verify otp krna h jo ki aapke mob p aa jayega.
    4. after verification 150 or agr account se phle tickets vghra purchase ki h to 50 :( rupee aapko congratulations k sath diye jayege
    so is bar tut pdna dosto or bs btana mt yar kitna kitna le gye. khoon (blood) jlta h yar sun sun k ki mne 50*150=7500 kma liye

  25. Mahendra says:

    Got 1050 in 7 accounts

  26. sumit says:

    i have earned enough money to see new movie every week for 3 month with gf

  27. Ankur says:

    Not working…0 balance

  28. BaSwamy says:

    I got 5*150?=650?

  29. pinku says:

    kya offer he bhi ya nhi koi to btao mujhe kuchh bhi nhi mili

  30. skywalker says:

    Guys offer is over .. I called bookmyshow just now ..
    I got 150 in my 22 accounts ..
    150*22=3300 ..
    But I registered 25 accounts successfully ..I have not received credits in my 3 accounts till now ..

    Hope they will credit soon

  31. Anonymous says:

    dint got

  32. sud says:

    Any one please tell friends i created account and also verified mobile number but my wallet is still zero plz tell how to get it & to be continue an offer tell me

  33. Raj says:

    I haven’t got any cb for both new and existing accounts

  34. raju says:

    offer is expired

  35. sud says:

    create new account,but not get 150 Rs.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Not getting… wtf

  37. sagz says:

    hey unlucky ,its expired on 8.15 pm

  38. jeinil patel says:

    offer finished

  39. Raj says:

    it’s not saying that Rs.150 for new a/c’s anymore :(

    can anyone please confirm?

  40. suraj says:

    I made a new account but not received 150 after verify what should I do?friends please help

  41. sachin says:

    i am not getting …what d hell…

  42. vicky says:

    How to use it ??

  43. shopper says:

    Validity of Cash back amount? any Idea?

  44. Rajan says:

    Got on 7 new accounts..while doing 8 it’s “SORRY”

  45. hemanth says:

    thanq smi…
    received 150 rs money to wallet..on activation BookMyShow MyWallet

  46. KILLER says:

    How are able to have so many accounts please tell us the trick when using one mobile again it says already registered how you made so many accounts 50+

  47. samkit says:

    yupp got the cash back

  48. Keval says:

    Old account …I did not get cash back ?? How I get ?? Help me

  49. Bhargav says:

    @Smriti.. May be I think, your second signup gives nill balance.. Use incognito browser..

  50. zafar says:

    Got 1500 in 10 new accounts ??? thnnnq SMI ?

  51. Smriti verma says:

    Any one please tell friends i created account and also verified mobile number but my wallet is still zero plz tell how to get it

  52. raju says:

    ThankS TO BOOKMYSHOW I GOT 150*50=7500

  53. Abhishek says:

    Only 50 bucks now.

  54. sajad says:

    got 900 in six accounts. I have more nos but there is a aying lalch buri bala hai. So no more lalach. Six free Tickets are enough.

  55. Sunil says:

    Now giving only 50rs

  56. Hardik P says:

    Now 100 Rs. for new user.

  57. ravi says:

    got 3000 on 20 account

  58. praveen verma says:

    great , i got rs 150 . mix it with mobiwik and enjoy IM rogue nation for penny

  59. kul says:

    where the hell is my wallet button

  60. omm says:

    got 450 in 3 account

  61. Ashish says:

    Thanks all I got activated 4 new account in vich 3 account I got 150rs and one 50rs.

  62. Bhargav says:

    Jai Mahishmathi… 21 accounts.. RS.3000 and Rs.50 = Rs.3050.. ???

  63. ajay says:

    got it 150 rs yipee

  64. hiten says:

    Logout first , then login

  65. SANket says:

    1st login
    /sign up

    then look at right of ur window in Hi, ur NAME section u will see my wallet button

  66. Ruchir says:

    Probably 100 and if site is not creating hell by auto logging in,out,refresh,reject etc

  67. Bhargav says:

    Create a new account..You can use old number..go to on my Wallet(“new”).. Click on verify number.. Enter otp.. Go for a movie with 150 Wallet balance :)

  68. Ashish says:

    Where is bookmyshow my wallet button I can’t find plz help

  69. Deepak says:

    what is the procedure for it?

  70. Akash says:

    How u got 150 can u elaborate.

  71. nagaraj says:

    thanq smi…
    received 150 rs money to wallet..on activation BookMyShow MyWallet

  72. Akash says:

    Got 50 in old. But didn’t got any thing in new account.

  73. VIJAY says:

    got 50 chk booking history to confirm new user

  74. mehul says:


  75. kartik says:

    How to get it plz explain

  76. Bhargav says:

    Got only for 5 numbers

  77. karan says:

    they only gave 50 for new users only

  78. chirag agarwal says:

    got 150 rs thanks smi

  79. Sumit K says:

    Old Users – General
    New Users – OBC/SC/ST

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