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books100-200HomeShop18 is offering Rs. 100 off on Rs. 500 & Rs. 200 off on Rs. 1000 on Books. Shipping Rs. 50 on orders below Rs. 500.

Rs. 100 off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: GCGJ6HNKSC56
Rs. 200 off on Rs. 1000+ Coupon: GCEP5I4CHIF8

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7 Responses to “Books Rs. 100 off on Rs. 500, Rs. 200 off on Rs. 1000 – HomeShop18”

  1. Hariharan says:

    Thanks a lot.

    I purchased some good Graphic Novels. Total saved is Rs.600/-

  2. Uttam says:

    This is a trap. The seller reduced the onsite discounts, and provide the useless discount of addition 100-50 = 50/- where they sell book at the highest price than other sellers(flipkart, eBay).

    They charge Rs.50 for shipping, even though they don’t ship the book in time.

  3. Ramith says:

    It is actually 50 off on 500. Because it will add 50 after reducing 100 from 500. Waste as shreekanth pointed out, prices are increased.

  4. shreekanth says:

    Biggest scam of the year…they’ve reduced the DISCOUNTS on the books and are calling it SALE!!
    for eg. LAST WEEK this book “Himalayan Blunder: The angry truth about India’s most crushing military disaster” was available on HS18 for Rs 279 …
    TODAY BECAUSE OF “SALE” they’ve increased the price to Rs 405 !!

  5. Chuck says:

    good one was able to purchase MBA arun sharma books…@801…

  6. Alok says:

    Deal is sold out…..

  7. aLiEn says:

    thank YOU

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