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booksFlipKart is offering 5% off + Buy 3 Get 50% off on Books. Free shipping on orders above Rs. 500 & Rs. 40 / item on orders below Rs. 500.

Buy 3 Get 50% off: Automatic discount in cart. May not be applicable on few books.

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Example: Many Lives, Many Masters + 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers + You Can Sell = worth Rs. 1225 for Rs. 604

7 Responses to “Books 5% off + Buy 3 Get 50% off – FlipKart”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good. Bought books for about 10K

  2. Ankit says:

    Didn’t work out for me. I added 3 books to the cart, but no automatic discount. :(

  3. nick says:

    Good offer. Initially tried to buy 5 copies of same book but not possible. Only 3 copies of same book can be bought.
    Then added 2 different books. All books at additional 30% discount.

  4. Vinay T says:

    I have a kindle paperwhite, books are now purchased instantly and almost 30 to 50% off on most books! I can carry those books wherever i go. Read them on kindle, phone, tablet, computer etc. Books never become old or tear apart no matter how many times they are read or how many people. Life long. Less environmental pollution. You dont need a kindle to read those books, but kindle is gentle on the eyes compared to books. I can underline, mark up the pages and even get the meaning of a word by just touching it ;)

  5. Naveen says:

    Ya … agree with you… even Amazon have lesser cost than Flipkart and free shipping … Just search your book in flipkart then compare same book with Amazon.

    But Flipkart have quick shipping … :)

  6. sadat says:

    thank u for the right advice

  7. vam says:

    amazon is better than flipkart for books….free shipping

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