BSNL Broadband WiFi Modem 100% Cashback on New Subscription – BSNL

bsnl-modem-cashbackUnder the scheme, new Broadband customer who subscribe under a Broadband plan with monthly charges of Rs. 700 & above, shall be able to purchase the Broadband modem from BSNL at Rs. 1500. Such customers, shall be given Rs. 100 per month as cashback for 15 months. BSNL is also offering warranty support for the modem for FIVE years period without any additional charges.

BSNL: Press Release (PDF)

2 Responses to “BSNL Broadband WiFi Modem 100% Cashback on New Subscription – BSNL”

  1. clash of clans says:

    omg new way to fool people by bsnl… bsnl internet is worst in india an their prices are way too high compare to other internet providers they keep increasing prices but they dont increase speeds where as other providers are increasing speed and decreasing prices… so people please dont get bsnl connection even if they give you 50% discount

  2. Vishal says:

    SuperLike :-)
    Great Going BSNL.

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