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cadbury-dry-fruitKhauGaliDeals has discounted Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit 162g to Rs. 120.

Buy: Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit 162g

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  1. Krishna says:

    Hi KhauGali / SMI,

    I was planning to order 2 pieces of the above…

    but after reading the reviews here… I certainly am NOT going to buy this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. K says:

    Mark Uzair, you are right about HomeShop18. I have also had similar experience of order and payment being accepted then cancelled with the lame excuse that the product is out of stock—even as the website clearly showed the product being still available. Perhaps this their underhanded way to lure customers to their website. Also, note that they will not post reviews that are critical of them. Homeshop18 has thus far not posted the review below of a mattress I purchased from them:

    Review not yet posted (re: Coirfit Daydream Mattress (

    Deceptive advertising. The mattress is very hard, not “extra bounce” or “springy and comfortable”. And certainly cannot be compared to a “trampoline” as one reviewer has stated. Also, I STRONGLY suspect that all of the previous three individuals who have written product reviews are the merchant himself—–Aisha, Sana and Rani are all from Maharshtra and are likely pseudonyms for the merchant. Homeshop18 will only serve to damage its own reputation if it turns a blind eye to merchants deceptively advertising their own products while pretending to be legitimate customers. Typical “chalta hai” attitude.
    Finally, horrible delivery exprience from Safexpress. Safeexpress personnel not only delivered several days late but also demanded additional money on delivery contrary to stated Homeshop18 policy and agreement with customer. END OF REVIEW

    Message below from HomeShop18 after I clicked on the send button. The review/message was obviously successfully sent.

    Thank you for submitting your review on the product
    It’s good to have your thoughts about Coirfit Daydream: Pocket Friendly Comfort on HomeShop18.

    Other customers will be happy to read your thoughts and review.

    We’ll publish the review as soon as it is reviewed and approved by a moderator.

  3. JD says:

    Please dn’t buy from KhauGaliDeals. They never ships the product…. FAKE………..

  4. Aashish says:

    The company will take your money and won’t give u the product even they don’t reply to the queries. its all fake

  5. KhauGaliDeals Admin says:


    The offer are not Lucky Draw. It is a Special Offer & the customers who have paid the amount for the product would get it.

  6. Hola says:

    Its like a lucky draw !! Money blocked till results announced

  7. Rohitsayslove says:

    You either win the price or we refund 100% of the money back to shop at You can check in Loot Lo Offer Tab in your ‘My Account’ at Winners would be announced on our Facebook Page (

    Ordered one and the order confirmation page says this… this winning??

  8. Mark Uzair says:

    Also Don’t trust Home Shop 18..they are misleading public with their deals and cancelling the orders even after order is accepted and payment done on pretext of silly excuse of “out of stock”. They do not show any responsibility on fulfilling the orders accepted by them.

  9. dharmendra says:

    one f the worst sites, they do not even have sedrvers capable of handling traffic, what to say about their services, boycott sites such as this, kretazee which is another scamster

  10. JANNAT says:


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