Car LED Keychain Rs. 12 – YumeDeals

This Amazing Plastic Car keychain looks very fashionable style and it has high intensity led light beam. The key chain has ON/OFF buttons when you press the button ON the keychain, it displays two types of colours red and blue. You can clearly see the beam in the day light and at night. It makes a great gift for any one.

Buy: Car LED Keychain (Deal starts at 12:12PM for 12 minutes)

11 Responses to “Car LED Keychain Rs. 12 – YumeDeals”

  1. Ruchir says:

    I ordered once for a pen worth around 30-a chinese pen with around 10 color ball points.The packing was the worst as if they are sending garbage.Knew later it was cheaper here.It is a typical site with typical tricks.Better is to avoid it completely however compelling the deals are.It shows they only bank on impulsive buying.Not very difficult to understand.Almost all cheap Chinese high margin items.NO CREDIBILITY.
    Many other sites much reputed than this only wait time will be more.

  2. sagar says:

    where is the discount coupon?????

  3. rp says:

    this cheater site went slow exactly at 12:12 pm , so no body can avail this discount…..
    I logged in at 12 pm it was working fine but as 12:12 it went slow. … never to waste time for such sites

  4. shaiksha says:

    I Too faced same problem.That site was Jammed for 12 minutes. Fake Deal and i think Fake Site too..

  5. Ranjiv says:

    very less time for offer
    yumedeals site was jamed during 12 minutes.
    when i place order at Rs. 12 then after checkout it was Rs. 50.
    flop offer by yumedeals on 12-12-12 at 12:12:12 pm

  6. Nirmal says:

    YumeDeal is a fake website I think.

    Earlier I booked soups, which they didn’t deliver till date.

    Even now their site is not opening for availing this deal.

  7. pallavanj says:

    I added the product(for rs.12) to cart but the site went slow, and not able to checkout

  8. Amit Arora says:

    i want this keychain

  9. amit says:

    dont waste ur time

  10. amit says:

    we will only loose rs12, yume deal is a fake site.

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