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cenizas_towel_18aprShopClues has Cenizas Bath & Hand Towel Set of 3 for Rs. 168. Pack Contains: 1 Bath Towel (54 Inches x 27 Inches) & 2 Hand Towel (21 Inches x 14 Inches) & Material: 100% Cotton.

Coupon: SCCT79

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12 Responses to “Cenizas Bath & Hand Towel Set of 3 Rs. 168 – ShopClues”

  1. Pawan says:

    Friends never buy these towels from this seller, recently I purchased cabana towels from this same seller but what he sent to me was some local indian brand towels. I lodge a complaint to shopclues too, but they were also replied in favour of that seller …please friends don’t buy these towels …..

  2. Amit says:

    Shopclues please stop selling fake products, if comments posted above are true !
    This gives me enough reasons to stop believing SHOPCLUES in future..

  3. Ruchir says:

    @Bharat-Very sorry to hear that.I am sure friend you must also have bought through cracker,one day deal etc near 200 bucks.

    Point is very simple.I can’t prove it directly but those who buy at full 700-800 approx must have got actual Cenizas printed towels and at deals JJ etc,dreadful towels.So that actual margin is always healthy-400-500 regular and 75-125 when at sale price,of course through deceit.

    Even simpler put,if you want unbranded towels which every village has at much cheaper rates,go for BMWC deals costlier and third class quality and if you want original Cenizas,my research says,visit Infibeam,buy same thing-1+1 at 399-10% via ICICI etc at 360 net or wait for 2x which means 2*399-250 if 250 off coupon revisits.548 for 2 full size Cenizas and 2 Cenizas hand towels.As good as it gets.

  4. bharat says:

    i only know that this is very very poor quality towels and daily my wife quarrels with me for buying this

  5. Ruchir says:

    The bottomline is whether I asked for some help -what is cenizas I asked.And bigger,whether we review to hep each other or jump up and down and don’t care to help others..Whether it is an essay of your Cenizas achievement and smile through Smiley or say what is relevant to the prospective gain or loss,asked or anticipated.
    Everywhere tendency to look others as we are.But we are different people.Nothing big but anybody can see what I have written everywhere is unique,unknown and as relevant and useful as possible.But I am happy that you are gloating.Perhaps and everybody can see-If you are lucky-you will gloat and if benign,luck will be bad,but will be good for others.
    Examples are hundreds.
    Incontrovertible but needs a pure heart to understand what to say of admit.

  6. Ruchir says:

    A normal person gives the answer asked.But an intelligent and/or real great will add 10 other answers from experience or mistakes other can make in other respects.But you won’t find a person of that type except Mr Anna Hazaare,Mr. Dinesh Trivedi etc.Or you decide.

  7. Ruchir says:

    @emmemm-Just a confusion.I had 2 ques.You answered one.But didn’t told me not from Shopclues.I got 2 sets of these could easily mean for most that you applied from 2 Ids at Shopclues.I was skeptical as you can see on Feb 24,before buying I said about the most imp issue-risk.A very responsible not that you are not but with shortcomings would have stated what u said afterwards or before my query,See my threads and the clarity even if a pain to read,But fool proof details.You knew even after having so many coupons at others,it still costs more than 450.How can anyone sell at 208.
    So technically you are right,no mention of Shopclues but on your self,you could easily say,not possible at Shopclues as almost 500 per head even after huge discount at real sites.If I asked for the source,it would have been over.If u added the source,no order would be made at SC.

  8. emmemm says:

    @Ruchir: never did I said that these are original Cenizas towels :D

    you swallowed my words without chewing :D

    PS: I got 3 of them from Pepperfry using discount coupon and getting them around 1400 in all


    another site with original product:


    you can try returning to shopclues if possible..

  9. Ruchir says:

    Thanks for your Ibis dreams.I knew and said ratings issue but believed your belief.I was right in suspecting the seller.They are not Cenizas. They are three,two sized hankerchiefs,one normal but all 3 JJ not Cenizas. Which hotel uses JJ?You and I are fooled.Rarely do I believe other’s intellect without sense but I would have been correct if I did same this same time also.
    At least I should not have buried this common sense that anybody would not sell towels priced always at 899 for 208 anytime if he would not like to be bankrupt.All three should cost max 108,so second class towels and end of Taj Mahal dreams,courtesy emmemm.
    By the way,you will see the difference if you buy it from Infibeam and this JJ titling Cenizas which you must have got if you purchased it like you said.This is not a shadow of original Cenizas sold at reputed sites.I knew Shopclues is good for order around 100,above that you are taking a gamble.Many reasons.

  10. Ruchir says:

    Anticipated Pre Dated Thx brother.
    Point is not quality as it is not expensive for nothing.Sold at 899 at bmwish,549 at Goodlife and 399, Infibeam all (1+1) only. Infibeam 1 order 3 burner Shakti but I am loving it.
    Issue is 96% ratings and duplicate Arrow Handkerchiefs once frm some seller.This will be a trauma.Took risk having faith in your faith for SC.If original,Jackpot.
    Keeping fingers crossed.Will build emmemm temple if got hold of original.Really!

  11. emmemm says:

    Cenizas towels are very very good. They are super absorbent and 100% treated cotton. Ibis chain of hotels use these kind of towels .

    I got 2 sets of these :)

  12. Ruchir says:

    Does anybody know what this Cenizas is all about,its default is 899

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