[Chandigarh] Free Herbal Gulaal & Gujiyaas – Uber

uber-holi• When: TOMORROW Friday, March 6th 2015 | 9AM – 12PM
• How much does it cost: It’s FREE!
• Where: Chandigarh (Tricity)

Uber: Chandigarh Holi 2015

4 Responses to “[Chandigarh] Free Herbal Gulaal & Gujiyaas – Uber”

  1. Ankit Jain says:

    Uber you are shame
    Trying to gain reputation by playing these cheap tricks

  2. KILLER says:

    It’s OK if you guys are concern about security of women its not, no you guys are only making fun of that incident you don’t have any thing to do beside making fun

  3. TinTin says:

    Yes Kishore. They will take advantage of this situation. Uber creating opportunity to abuse again! BEWARE GIRLS!

  4. Kishore says:

    Gujhiya me Behoshi ki Dawa hai, Uber Cab se Girls Savdhaan

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