Clifton T-Shirts Set of 4 Rs. 287 – SnapDeal

clifton-tshirts4SnapDeal is selling Clifton T-Shirts Set of 4 for Rs. 287. Fabric: Cotton.

20% off Promo Code: FASHION

Buy: Clifton Cotton T-Shirts (click Sort By: Price twice > add 2 x Rs. 179 Combo of 2)

3 Responses to “Clifton T-Shirts Set of 4 Rs. 287 – SnapDeal”

  1. shiv says:

    only XL size is available

  2. Sudha says:

    Its snapdeal selling clifton products

  3. Amit Shah says:

    Buy if you are ready to wait, atleast 1 month or more.

    Clifton will not deliver anything on time. i have past 2 experiences.

    So just adding information,

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