Close Up Deep Action Red Hot 150gm Rs. 19 – eBay

Deeper the cleaning, fresher the breath. Close Up Deep Action Toothpaste gives you 3x fresher breath! It has active Zinc mouthwash. It kills germs up to 99% and gives you up to 12 hours of fresh breath! It also has floride for strong teeth.

• This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.
• Only 1 qty of the featured product can be availed per person or household.

Buy: Close Up Deep Action Red Hot 150gm (seller will only ship if it is the accounts 1st purchase)

14 Responses to “Close Up Deep Action Red Hot 150gm Rs. 19 – eBay”

  1. vivek says:

    its not fake ,i just got it today..:)

  2. Sonu says:

    Fake offer only vesting of time your money will be refund around 30 days.

  3. sri says:

    I too ordered this and got the product

  4. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the information…I order one of my newly created account…

  5. Swarup Kumar sen says:

    Me 2 order 2 red lable tea and i got the refund after 30 days Nd products after 40 days.

  6. sanjeev kumar says:

    this is totally fake,so friends cant trust this offer….

  7. Raja Shekar says:

    Last time i ordered for 2 red label packets from 2 different accounts, i got them received successfully after 20 days approx. this time 4 ;).

  8. Sachin Bhanot says:

    check the note always.. Place order with new email id always..

  9. Abhijeet says:

    fake totally fake…after 15 days amount will refunded in our a/c.totally

  10. akj says:

    be careful its no sankalpdeal

  11. akj says:

    new account verificatio mail not received

  12. nikunj shah says:

    i had reaceived the product in 5 days in april…sankalp is good.

  13. Anuj says:

    whoeversays anything, but i Know the prosuct will never be shipped and the money will be refunded to u after 25 days

  14. Nishant says:

    order placed successfully but know whether they will ship or refund…….

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