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fashion100Cashback can be used to Recharge, Pay Bills, Buy Products from 500+ Categories or Book Bus Tickets.

100% Cashback Promo Code: BUY100

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135 Responses to “Clothing, Footwear & Accessories 100% Cashback – PayTm”

  1. Mahesh Sulakhe says:

    Paytm this people just increasing their site traffic by giving this type of offers… don’t waste your time with this type of offers… They are just fooling us guys

    waste waste waste offer

  2. ppz says:

    Day 1: 10 products
    Day 2: 4 products
    Day 3: 0

    Day 3 fake sale, no success.

  3. Pinku says:

    order 3sliper

  4. Nil Ghosh says:

    Some time cant attend the deal But the remaining time all products are out of stock. :)
    Congo to those who take the deal. :)

  5. ASHISH says:


  6. kask says:

    added item to cart , for a minute it was showing offer expired at 6:03 pm coupon got applied and then it got stuck at select address page. “unexpected error occured”.. Cant blame paytm also.. thousands of ppl are competing for very few products; May be 80-90 total.

  7. krishn says:

    fraud offer, time pass only.

  8. mussa says:

    bana rare hai paytam wale

  9. roni says:

    totali time westtt

  10. makkiii says:

    all the item are out of stock

  11. sreenath says:

    even though the products are available the code is not working

  12. GANESH says:

    At last i got today 1.00pm deal 100% cashback offer pink leather belt..

  13. sidhart says:

    nothing else, but just waste of time.
    the offer was active only for 5 min..
    all products are out of stock, and those are in stock, promo code was not working. says offer expired.
    barahi kanjus hai yeh paytm..

  14. Piyush says:

    Bought 1pc saree at 1PM sale today, was about to buy another one but it says offer expired at 1.02PM today, Any way thanks SMI, i got 1 product, Now last sale at 6PM.
    Total bought 24 products till now from all 8 sales.


  15. AMit says:

    Fake offers on PAYTM…publicity stunt kar raha hai…1:02 pe diya, aur 1:02 pe hi bolta hai out of stock, and 1:03 pe bolta hai code expired…What a ___???bewakoof banata hai…PAYTM sucks..

  16. Pankaj says:

    3 Din Se Ek Bhi
    Order Book Nahi Hua H
    Ya To Out Of Stock
    Nahi To Code Expire
    Wo Bhi 2 Minute M

  17. dinesh says:

    Although product were available coupon code didn’t work saying offer expired at 01:03PM

  18. parth says:

    aj ka fake he bt keep on paytm please maintain server so all can see the buy now button at a time and if there is out of stock then all can see out of stock

    today is your black day no offer can reedemed just a OFFER EXPIERED THATS IT

  19. harsh says:

    What the yar…

    I tried from 2days before..
    But still cant obtain any product.

    Now it says sorry expired code

  20. Sevy says:

    code came out at 1:01 all products showing out of stock at 1:02pm code expires at 1:03pm…
    fake sale today
    yesterdays 6:30pm and 1st day sale of 10am was gud…
    all others were mess

  21. King says:

    you gave wrong promo code, and that too soo much late

  22. Rohin says:

    Fake… All are out of stock… Waste of time…

  23. kul says:

    out of stock sale

  24. vinita says:

    today i bought keychain chota bhim shpg chg rs30 price 125

    ok offer not more then 30 not great

    yeah but still manage to buy today that was great

  25. sreenath says:

    today 100% cashback sale is fack.from starting to the ending of the sale buy100 code is showing expired even the products are available.

  26. suraj says:

    Hurree…I bought 11 products till now.
    Today only got 1 product …

  27. S Gurumurthi says:

    Today at the 10:00 am sale some products were “Item Out of Stock” with “0 Orders”.
    Paytm is learning the tricks.

  28. rakeshji says:

    acha bna rha h paytm logo ko 100% cashback bol kr ek bhi item rkhta nhi bechne k liye or bolta h 100% sale h.. sab out of stock item rakhta h sale me or ye log jo bolte h ki mene 3 mene 4 item buy ki ye b sb farji h.. kisi ko kuch nhi milta h

  29. Piyush says:

    Today on using code BUY100 from very first second it is showing OFFER HAS EXPIRED. WTF
    Anyone bought today anything ?

  30. MONU says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    18th june 10am sale was actually a fake one. each and every item was out of stock.

  32. Gags says:

    Everything was sold out at 10:01 am

  33. Vishal says:

    kya bewkoof bana raha hain sab kuch kaise sold out???

  34. Rohin says:

    Item out of stock. no product available

  35. Ali says:

    out of stock fake deal

  36. Veer171 says:

    Item out of stock within a second.
    Great 100% cash back Sales being offered by Paytm.
    Good Job !!!

  37. Dhawal says:

    Fooling customers… buy the time you open the link its already out of stock.. +Faketm

  38. shail says:

    I ordered 4 items

  39. Venkat says:

    I got 1 order,totally 3 orders,thanks SMI & Paytm

  40. Manish says:

    fake offer, all stock is out of stock in just 1 min.. How can be possible.. Very bad

  41. Siva says:

    I don’t find any coupon code at 6:30 pm on paytm web site. Anybody pls tell me how to avail 100% cashback?

  42. Prasanna says:

    ordered 2 things from 2 ID’s.

    Thanks paytm

  43. Vinzi says:

    Only one order per user :(

  44. Naddy says:

    ordered 3 items yesterday n finally today i got lucky with 1 item
    2 deo
    1 t-shirt
    1 shoes
    paytm rox

  45. Prasanna says:

    Bought engage deo and now it has been shipped and got cashback too.. :)

  46. samarth says:

    What is the promo code???

  47. raman says:

    @saurabh when its 6.30 simply click on the given on savemoneyindia it changes with new sale so click the link when its 6.30 and than quickly look for products on which item which are in stock and click on that item and then you will see the promo code on that page right above the product description and under the photo of product and click select the promo code and then add to cart and buy and please add money to your paytm wallet for faster shopping it saves the time

  48. Rajesh says:

    yesterday Engagae deos were available in plenty.i left it so that it cud get better deals on DAy 2 and 3.but the sale on Day 1 of 10Am sale was the best.

  49. Sumit K says:

    time changed.. can anyone know the coupon code of 6:30 pm sale ?

  50. vicky says:

    Now sale start at 6:30 pm

  51. Parth Sejpal says:

    Sale time changed to 6:30

  52. Sagar says:

    I am surprised that people have bought things which were never on sale. Sale was on. There were only few categories listed but not the ones mentioned here by few hyper active buyers

  53. ppz says:

    8deo 2 sandals 2tshirts

  54. saurabh says:

    kaise apply huta hai promocode bhai log btao plzzz
    sale ke time par
    aur pta kaise krte hai ki yeh product hai sale mein sale krne ke liye plz help me

  55. raj says:

    Bought 5 sleeper,3 suit,8 shoes,3bag, ect..happy with paytm

  56. piter says:

    2 t-shirts, 2 deo, 1 shoes, 1 sandle, 2 slippers happy with paytm sale

  57. Sneha says:

    Bakwas offer, offer expired .. Out of stock . same thing from yesterday ..

  58. Dharmesh soni says:

    i also get red t-shirt rajesh

  59. Neeraj says:

    I have buy then all out off sock

  60. Vinzi says:

    Got 1 finally :D

  61. ranju ghosh says:


    I got atleast three products

  62. Rajesh says:

    finally bought one red t shirt.

  63. Dj says:

    fir wahi error.

  64. kul says:

    are 1 pm ho gye

  65. Aayush says:

    Ordered total 9 items from yesterday onwards

  66. eahul says:

    I have got one shies in rs 50 mrp 699

  67. Rinku says:

    It’s a fake sale…i guess only paytm employees are able to order products…not anyone from general public..

  68. Madhu says:

    All are out of stock :(

  69. Samik says:

    All out of stock :-(

  70. Krunal says:

    Its bakvas sale… all is out of stock.. Paytm stop giving such deals is you dont have stock. i think this is old stock clearance SALE

  71. Amit says:

    FakeTm .com h ye site okaat to h nhi Offer dene ki

  72. kul says:

    got 1 watch at shipping 50 price 299

  73. Shiva says:

    This time cashback sales are good.. Atleast managed to buy 1.. If I had already amount in wallet, i would have managed more!!! Next try..

  74. priya says:


  75. Anirudh Parashar says:

    At 10:01 everything was out of stock

  76. raj says:

    its not 100 % cash back sale but out of stock sale

  77. ubed says:

    paytm go to hell…last time also i didnt get anything…

  78. Rinku says:

    total time waste…I wont be wasting my time tommorrow.paytm..go to hell…

  79. Veer says:

    Paytm waalo ne bana kar rakh diya hai sabhi ko.
    Abe jab mein d nahi hai toh Q 100% sale ka offer de rahe ho.

  80. raman says:

    wow this product is already out of stock 44 log order kar chuke hain ise wow what a joke

  81. sai says:

    weste of time error occours…

  82. raman says:

    @Parth sejpal lagta hai tu paytm ka jamai babu hai sabse pehle sirf jamai babu ke liye 1 product de do 6pm wali sale mein se baki aur kisi ko kuch nahi dega paytm sirf jamai babu ko hi dega aaj.
    itna brag mat karo yaar

  83. raman says:

    puri website ki GF chuki hai not able to bay any thing any product from categories also paytm ki silni bhi mushkil ho rahi hai

  84. rk says:

    abey piyush, itna mat fak ki logo ko pata chal jaye ki tu faku hai.

  85. vishal varshney says:

    is baar wali sale mein to hdd hi krdi paytm walo ne…
    “unexpected error” ke alava kuch or likha hi nhi dikha…:-(

  86. akki says:

    showing arror

  87. ajay says:

    Abe sirf javascript use kar ke error dikha rhe ho.
    paytm Ajax run kon karega.

    Sirf ladies ke liye sale nikalne walo janta maf nhi karegi… :P

  88. Parth Sejpal says:

    I got 1 product in 6 pm sale :)

  89. KV says:

    An unexpected error occured.

  90. KILLER says:

    i don’t know how other people are paling orders it continuously shows same message and on product page order counts are increasing don’t know how.

  91. sony says:

    paytm ka server hang ho gya

    Showing ERROR

  92. Shuchi says:

    an unexpected error has occurred in every product

  93. Dharmesh soni says:

    koi sale nai he dena hi nai he sirf add he unexpected error

  94. narendra says:

    total time kharaad nhi hota

  95. Rajesh says:

    An unexpected error occured.

  96. jaddu says:

    be yaar paytm waale ko bolo banana bandh kare sab kuch out of stock ho gyi

  97. Dj says:

    same error here also.

  98. KILLER says:

    an unexpected error has occurred showing in every product
    you guys also facing same problem or it sjust me

  99. Sumit K says:

    An unexpected error has occured

    hate you paytm >.<

  100. Sumit K says:

    502 Bad Gateway :(

  101. Piyush says:

    I got 15 products from 5 different ids at 10am sale and got 5 products from 1PM sale.

    Thanks SMI

  102. priya says:

    this time 100% cb sale is better than previous ones…v dnt need to hurry aaram se ho rha hai iss baar

  103. dealhunter says:

    It ain’t fake,I got an item.Isn’t it obvious that items will be oos in a few moments

  104. kul says:

    tujhe mil gye toh bakwas kar raha h

  105. Rinku says:

    It’s a waste of time…all product out of stock…offer expired within few mins..

  106. nikhil says:

    A msg to All who are saying they got defrauded – shopping krna seekho…free me mil raha hai to jahir si baat hai bheed to hogi..sabko to milne se raha item so stop criticizing n use ur brain n fingers fast…mujhe 3 item mil gaye bina kisi jalbaazi k

  107. KV says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  108. kul says:

    bakwaas deal at 1pm

  109. Anku says:

    cash back offer open hi ni ho rha…
    any one help me..plzzz

  110. Dharmesh soni says:

    yaar kuchh nai mil raha sab t of stock ab next sale 6pm

  111. guddu says:

    time waste all items are sold out at sharp 1pm

  112. Aayush says:

    Got 1 item

  113. JRM says:

    Promocode not working at 1:00pm

    Whats the use of publicity?

  114. ANKUSH says:

    it says that offer has expired…

  115. hr says:

    Ordered 03 items :) :) :)

  116. Rinku says:

    Wasted one hour…all items out of 1 item…that too with 50 rs shipping charge…Not worth the time and effort…

  117. Vivek says:

    Meena kiyu jhut bolke partisan kar rahe ho…

  118. Meena says:

    Ordered 16 items totally…

  119. vivaswan says:


  120. Pappu says:

    Got 5 items

  121. varun kapila says:

    in one id max three placed,i place total six orders in two id

  122. Anonymous says:

    Stock out

  123. rakeshji says:

    guys paytm ki 100% sale me kabhi kisi ko kuch milta bhi h? sale ke pahle , on time ya after time jb dekho items out of stock hi rhti h.. ye to bs bewkoof bnane ki trick h ek publicity k liye ki paytm 100% cashbak deta h… esa hota kuch nhi h

    or jo log bolte h ki mujhe ye mila mujhe itna mila wo fraud hi h, paytm k kharide hue.. 1 2 item se jyada kuch nhi deta paytm free me

  124. nikhil says:

    Got 4 items B)

  125. Vinzi says:

    Got 1!

  126. irshad says:

    1 deo for rs 30 as shipping charges amount 255

  127. jignesh says:

    Buy 2 product…but forgot to apply prono code HIT100

  128. ashish says:

    got 3 deos, rs30 delivery charge on each

  129. viv says:

    2 engage deo and a one piece :)

  130. Preetesh Surana says:

    I got 1 item. but they are charging shipping charges on every product.

  131. kul says:

    bought 1 deo for rs 30 as shipping charges amount 167

  132. jagadeesh says:

    Ofter out of stock promo code pettaru

  133. Ritesh says:

    got 1 item

  134. Ganesh says:

    got 2 items

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