Clothing, Footwear & Accessories 50% off on Purchase of Rs. 500 – HomeShop18

hs18-clothing-accessoriesValid till Sunday midnight.

HomeShop18 is offering 50% off on purchase of Rs. 500 on clothing, footwear & accessories sections. Coupon may not be applicable on a few select items.

50% off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: DCKC51BPTY9V

Good Buys: Bags & Back Packs | Luggage | Casual Shirts | Formal Shirts | T Shirts & Polos | Inner Wear | Formal Shoes | Womens Footwear

HomeShop18: Clothing (Best Sellers) | Footwear (Best Sellers) | Accessories (Best Sellers)

21 Responses to “Clothing, Footwear & Accessories 50% off on Purchase of Rs. 500 – HomeShop18”

  1. Man says:

    No gagan choudhary u can`t do this….:(

  2. gagan choudhary says:

    SMI, can we use this coupon multiple times with same account?

  3. Anshul says:

    yo man…than a ton SMI… I have bought two numero uno flip flops worth 780 bucks for just rs 390… and that too cash on delivery …so no fear :)

    thanks guys
    god bless you…

  4. Gagan says:


  5. gagan choudhary says:

    SMI what is 60% off coupon for homeshop18?
    plz. reply.

  6. Bk says:

    Placed two order with 50% and 60% thanks SMI.

  7. ajk says:

    placed 2 orders.. lets c if i get them..

  8. MEHUL SHAH says:


  9. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Not reliable at all, Most of the orders under this kind of promotion is cancelled. My last 3 orders got cancelled & no one will answer your mail or on phone. Very Bad Service from HS18.

  10. Badal says:

    What about puma casual black shoes?? What about quality?? Rply plz. Thnx.

  11. pk says:

    just ordered and saved 50%. Thnx SMI for sharing the info.
    very prompt service of HS18 here at Delhi (as per my personal experience)

  12. VARUN KAPILA says:


  13. Amal Augustine says:

    cheaters they made everything out of stock.Don’t buy they will cancel your order

  14. Amal Augustine says:

    Very bad site,not reliable

  15. sasasa says:

    will it be flat 50% off or up to 50%????/ pls reply this time SMI

  16. sandy says:

    HS18=home sleeping for 18 hours…

    this is the worst site i can tell you who keep cancelling your orders after 5-6 days of follow up by you..forget their bloody claim of delivering the items in 4-5 days!!!
    these ass people cancelled three times my order..even after their people placing the order for me..

    the reason they gave- we have received overwhelming response and hence out of stock!!!

    funny to hear to their pathetic ass services…

  17. Ruchir says:

    SMI makes the income approx double.E.g.,a salary of 10000 works as a salary of 20000.That is the magic.Although SMI has removed the claim of savings worth lacs,don’t know the need.But SMI is the Boss.

  18. gaurav says:

    got 35%on lee cooper shoes.thank you SMI.

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