Clothing Rs. 300 off on Rs. 1000, Rs. 800 off on Rs. 2000, Rs. 2000 off on Rs. 4000 – HomeShop18

Time to rejoice! You can get a stylish wardrobe makeover without feeling a pinch in your pocket.

Rs. 300 off on Rs. 1000+ Gift Coupon Number: GCGB1V472E5C
Rs. 800 off on Rs. 2000+ Gift Coupon Number: GCCUCF5V95P5
Rs. 2000 off off on Rs. 4000+ Gift Coupon Number: GC1AG515P4PS

Good Buys: Rusty Jones Pack of 3 Denims Rs. 1399 | Peter England Combos

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9 Responses to “Clothing Rs. 300 off on Rs. 1000, Rs. 800 off on Rs. 2000, Rs. 2000 off on Rs. 4000 – HomeShop18”

  1. Naresh Jain says:

    @Ruchir – HS18 sucks bro….They have cancelled 5 orders of mine after they recieved the payment. They shouldn’t take the order in the 1st place if they cant fulfill it. They called me on 6th jan and say orders are cancelled. I had placed the order on 21st of Dec

  2. vignesh says:

    useless offers

  3. Ruchir says:

    @Surya-Luck of the decade.Otherwise these types of mistakes are never seen.In that case all e-businesses would have shut down.

    And buy from here tension free.Amazing prices,gift quality packing etc.I can vouch for HS18 now.If any issues,inform me via SMI. There may be lapses by the employees but their care for reputation is unmatched which means no troubles to customers.

  4. Surya says:

    Just now ordered for the products worth rs.2237 and after applying the gift coupoun its reduced upto rs.1237……….and u know what its amazing……thnks save money india for saving india’s money…………..Good job.


    i buy in morning rs 500 off on rs 1500

  6. kabir says:

    @tanveer ahmed….Its out of stock bcos you came late, bought up to 20 pieces of cloths.

  7. VIKAS says:


  8. Milan says:

    B8 2 denizen shirts:-):-)

  9. tanveer ahmed says:

    Its A Useless Offer..!! Every Good Item is Out of Stock….!!

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