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colgate-plaxYumeDeals has discounted Colgate Plax Pack of 4 to Rs. 100. Combo includes: Pepper Mint 50ml & Fresh Tea 60ml. Features Removes up to 99.9% germs, Alcohol-free, Provides up to 64% healthier gums, Helps prevent cavities, 12 hour protection against germs & plaque & Gives long lasting fresh breath.

Buy: Colgate Plax Pack of 2 (add 2 quantity, minimum purchase Rs. 100 for checkout)

11 Responses to “Colgate Plax Pack of 4 Rs. 100 – YumeDeals”

  1. GG says:

    Clearly it is not a deal, and it is not saving any money and technically it should not be on SMI`s page.
    If it`s not cheating, Merchant is trying to carry online shoppers away on a bad ride! Thanks to people like “K”.

  2. Amrish says:

    Agreed with your point that you purchased 250 ml bottle at 95Rs. It may be possible that colgate will sell 500ml bottle at price less than ( 95 * 2 Rs) . Vaseline body lotion 100ml is of 69Rs whereas 300ml is of 165Rs .It is not cheating. It is global rule that less quantity bottle are expensive when you compare with them higher volume bottles. But at the same time less volume bottles are handy when it comes to travelling. So it is customer choice. They mentioned MRP is 70Rs, now it’s buyer choice whether they want to go with high volume or low volume with two different flavours.

  3. DINESH says:

    k good

  4. K says:

    Yes, they are now showing 60 ml when the photo is magnified. That was not the case when the so called ‘deal’ was first posted here. The picture clearly showed 250 ml prior to my first post pointing out this matter. Moreover, this does not in any way excuse the merchant for selling the item at a higher price with lower ml content than what is available at a regular retail store. Thats no “deal”. Its cheating in my book.

  5. GG says:

    Thanks “K”, I`ve observed here we rather I would say “I” make mistakes, without knowing market price i try to place order with false impression that buying online is cheaper/economical. Nice catch. Smart buyer.

  6. A says:

    Thanks K!

  7. sanchita says:


    See carefully they are showing the same 50 and 60ml magnified image.not 250 which you are saying .may be you visited some other site :-)

  8. K says:

    Perhaps you should learn to read more carefully including the details of what I have stated. Reread my second and third sentences. Second sentence states: “Magnified Photo on merchant site shows 250ml bottle.” The mechant should not mislead and show 250 ml if they are selling 50/60 ml bottles. Thats cheating the fine print notwithdstanding (which I have also mentioned)! You seem to have a “chalta hai” attitude when it comes to reading.

  9. Amrish says:

    Where is cheating ? they have specifically mentioned bottles are of 50ml and 60ml bottle respectively. Buyers do not read specifications carefully and later they cry foul.
    All sites comply with what they have written about product. So before calling anyone cheater or fraud, do read specifications.

  10. Patrik says:

    Whoa, thats bad… thanks for informing that ‘K’ !
    dekh k post kar yaar SMI

  11. K says:

    Another case of clever cheating. Magnified Photo on merchant site shows 250ml bottle. But the fine print shows bottle contents are 50 ML for (Pepper mint) and 60 ML (fresh tea). For four bottles total content is therefore 220 ML. I recently bought a 250 ml (pepper mint) bottle for Rs 95 at a local store. So gullible customers will pay Rs 5 more for 30 ml less. CAVEAT EMPTOR! or buyer beware! This is how many online retailers are making money from unsuspecting customers. Typical “chalta ha”.

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