Colgate Total Toothpaste 150gm Rs. 19 – eBay

colgate-totalSeller sankalpdeals_in is selling Colgate Total Toothpaste 150gm for Rs. 19. Features complete 12 hour protection for whiter teeth in 2 weeks and healthier mouth.

• This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.
• Only 1 qty of the featured product can be availed per person or household.

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24 Responses to “Colgate Total Toothpaste 150gm Rs. 19 – eBay”

  1. pilu says:

    sorry ajk
    i also orderd 5 products till now i did not get one now i am struggling for money refund in ebay . so please don’t cheat with innocent people for marketing of ebay

  2. ajk says:

    bhai mai to ab tak 8-10 product manga chuka hun… and i am not ebay employee. actually u need to make a new account with new number and slightly jumbled addresses. they have also cancelled my order 4-5 times but most of the times i have got it..

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a scam.

    you will waste your money.

    I was trying last time.

  4. manoj says:

    i just don’t understand why the seller like ebay bring offers like those where so many complaints was posted by so many users.
    guys i also order earlier this product and didn’t got the delivery, its fake offer.

  5. Nilesh says:

    This bugger really chor hai -

  6. papu kumar says:

    kutta chor hai ye sankalp walal

  7. Parag says:

    If some one is saying they are looking for new account. So my account was brand new and newly registered cell number only still they return order. If they dont want to ship you then while ordering the product they should denied for purchase. Ebay should lerarn ethical business. Also i agree that those who are telling they received product must be from ebay only else they ship some product geneunly to prove they are not fake.

  8. Parag says:

    Ebay is hopeless. Because they entertain hopeless sellers. Now This seller will take your order and then ebay will retrun your Rs.19 after use of 15 days. Its their policy to take money from lot many customers and use it for few days and return it back. I have seen multiple such a experience. I would recommend never buy any thing from ebay.

  9. sabyasachi says:

    i told because i hav proof
    i created new accnt new mob no. slightly modified address,new name. still they cancelled my order.
    also tried once more doing this trick but they didnt ship.
    jab tum logo ke order cancel hoga tab pata lagega ki ye accnt ke sath address blacklist karte he

  10. Kishore says:

    Really fraud. Due to offer only 4 fresh registration,evry1 registered nd purchasing bt products nt delivering. So that 1000′s of our registrations remain in site… Very fraud don’t purchase fresh registration offers…

  11. pilu says:

    deal is fraud
    those who are commented received the item they are all employee of ebay
    so don’t buy you will loose your money

  12. Bhaskar says:

    Sankalp deal is fraud….
    It is wrong statement.
    If you wanna an item with a high discount you have must be patience bro…

  13. halwa says:

    i got items everytime i order.
    but dont use that old ID again…
    thats all
    he dint blacklist addressses

  14. tansukh says:

    i ve bought 5 colgates with the same no 2 days back,all shipped and getting them tomorow

  15. lalith says:

    i have recived most of the items from sankalap…just make sme change in address

  16. jdjain says:

    I have got almost 70 percent of their items. No need to change of address and Name.

    If they do ask for sms verification and all your mobile no have got taken, then give your friend or relative no. They hardly know about these special schemes. And come handy,

    In 80 percent of items there have been no sms verification.

  17. Arpit says:

    I also face same problem with this seller, he never ships the item.

  18. sabyasachi says:

    before buying it plz take my advice—
    dont buy if u already bought from sankalpdeals
    u can only buy if u bought from other sellers like arta_shop

    bcoz those sellers are blacklisting those addresses they have sent products.
    chahe jitna bhi naam ya mob no. badlo agar address same hua to ye ship nhi karenge
    matlab ek address pe artashop se 1 product aur sankalpdeals se 1 product manga sakte he.
    if u want more then new accnt,new address,new no. & order
    # if u dnt take my advice ur money will be refunded & u ll nevr get that product delivered

  19. Arjun says:

    That seller uses phone and address varification system, so if u r using same address or mob no then even if ur order is successfully placed it wil automatically get cancelled

  20. MG says:

    I also agree

  21. DEEPAK SINGH says:

    but i received all the order placed to sankalpdeals_in if you follow their restrictions regarding only for first time buyer only.

  22. Mahita says:

    No that is wrong statement……whenever i ordered..i recd the products….only thing is every time they ask new account……thatsall..

  23. MANDALS says:

    i do agree with Sudhakar.

  24. Sudhakar Reddy says:

    Faltu Seller….. Dont buy, from this seller. before buying read his rating comments.

    He will never ships the item

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