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bigrock79• Offer is only valid on first year of domain registration.
• This Offer is applicable for new customer signup only.
• Offer is not valid on premium COM domains.


BigRock: Deals on Domains (Go > Add > Checkout > No Thanks, Proceed to checkout > Remove Privacy Protect > Apply Coupon > Proceed to Payment > Create an Account)

10 Responses to “.com Domains Rs. 79 – BigRock”

  1. mounish says:

    go to blogger.com

  2. anuraj says:

    I’ve been running my own startup for two years now. The best web hosting provider i have found is hawkhost. You can also find coupons for hawkhost online. To start off, i suggest go for shared hosting. Depending on the website you have in mind, the best idea would be to find a wordpress/joomla template and create it using that. You’ll find tons of people on worknhire and indeed.com who will customize, install and create a website for you for less than 15-20k.


    P.S. Domain is the smallest cost you will incur for your website :P

  3. WR says:

    SMI you are as smart as expected

  4. WR says:

    For those who don’t know the procedure:
    hosting cost INR 500/- to 500000/- per year
    for eg:- SMI runs @ 5000/- per year and flipkart runs @ 50000/- per year
    Yes some of server remain down, too busy so you have to choose wisely just like u make purchase of your needs and yes if u chose wrong server ur money gone…..!
    Next you have to link your domain to server ?
    Then you have to make your website won’t be easy dude or ask professional’s to make?

  5. sankar says:

    if you are planning a less data intensive website..go to 000webhost.com. its free and with good service..other hosting are expensive when compared.

  6. ankit says:

    i am done with domain registration,now how much we need to pay to host and make our website live..

  7. arunesh says:

    now you have to pay more money to host your site………….
    first step to —domain registration
    second step– make ur website
    third step —— host ur wbsite.

  8. Ruchir says:

    ak-Find a free web host.Google for hours,necessary for a zero like me at least

  9. zeeshan says:

    same question as above

  10. ak says:

    help help
    i just purchased a domain ….now what next….how i manage my website ans how i make it live??

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