[Contest] LensKart Win a Chance to get Rs. 500 Voucher Rs. 2

lenskart2LensKart is offering chance to win Rs. 500 Voucher for Rs. 2. Winner will be decided by an electronic draw of lots every 2 mins. Payment will be non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Tip: Try when there have been no winners for more than 2 minutes.

LensKart: Contest (scroll down for Terms & Conditions) | Winners

12 Responses to “[Contest] LensKart Win a Chance to get Rs. 500 Voucher Rs. 2”


    I got Rs. 500 Voucher after try of 2 times but the t&c of this Voucher is difficult.
    “NA on following brands Rayban. Fastrack, Arnette, Oakley, Vogue, Carrera, Killer Loop, Maui jim, Boss Orange, Lee Cooper, Flying Machine, Van Heusan, Trends, Allen Solly, Varg, Synergy Louise Philippe ,Polaroid Sunglasses and Contact lenses, Casio , titan , Sonata & Esprit, Coins,Solitaires, gold rose,AG, Kiara & Collectibles.”

  2. Anupam says:

    got it.thanks SMI

  3. Mehul says:

    got luck but how receive voucher.

  4. S Gurumurthi says:

    Be ready to enter for at least 5 Coupons.
    Check the increment of the winners – there are less than 5 entries sometimes and therefore your chances of getting the Rs. 500 prize is high.
    Be Ready to loose Rs. 20 and go for at least 10 tries – there are no limitations on the number of tries (but do only 1 at a time – multiple purchases with one payment would mean one coupon)

  5. pramu says:

    2 rs ki chunna lag gayi…

  6. Rohit says:

    no luck…

  7. sabyasachi says:

    now take my vouchers LENS01062013 this is 500 off on 1000+ purchase on eyeglass,sunglass
    WATCH01062013 this is 500 off on 3000+ watches
    JEWELS01062013 500 off on 1000+ on jewellery
    BAGS01062013 300 off on 1500+ on bags

  8. sabyasachi says:

    check bank statement it makes 2 time payment.
    1st it gives error msg that transaction was nt made then again payment by other method results in duplicate payment.
    1- citrus pay lenskart
    2- Dealskart online services
    both are charging this is cheat

  9. krishan says:


  10. vikas says:

    got it

  11. nikhil says:

    bakwaaassssssssssss…………….making fooollllllllllll

  12. KRANTHI KUMAR says:

    i got lucky coupon.. thank you.. SMI

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