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coolwinksPayTm – Rs. 1500 Cashback on on Rs. 1500+: Terms & Conditions
PhonePe – Rs. 1500 Cashback on Rs. 1500+: Terms & Conditions
Airtel Payments Bank – Rs. 1500 Cashback on Rs. 1500+: Terms & Conditions
Amazon Pay – Rs. 1000 Cashback on Rs. 1000+: Terms & Conditions
FreeCharge – 50% Cashback upto Rs. 2500: Terms & Conditions

Website: CoolWinks

38 Responses to “Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Rs. 1500 Cashback on Rs. 1500 – CoolWinks”

  1. Anand says:

    Got all amazon cash back 1700 rs

  2. Anand says:

    Got cash back bit to say quality of glasses is very poor as glasses are made of poly carbo fibre it’s not ade of glass it’s type of plastic so can say it’s gettable in local market for 200 rs also so not very satisfied called Collins customer care they told it’s better than plastic but not glass so if don’t want send it back we will return so very simple answer they are blocking lots of money in wallet and sending very cheap product

  3. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:


    have you got remaining 100 as well in amazon wallet

  4. Anand says:

    Got 1600 cashback instant Amazon and Paytm also bought today on Amazon got 1600 cashback and 100 extra cashback after 72 hours interms mentioned so waiting

  5. Anand says:

    Bought goggles from Amazon payment got cash back instantly great

  6. Anand says:

    Don’t use sun20 code in paytm as mentioned no cash back will be given if code used in paytm cash back offer

  7. ADESH says:


  8. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    @ is there no replacement policy ?

  9. mikey says:

    guys very disappointed with coolwinks, ordered 2 specs one for me and one for Pa , mine wassingle vision so there was not much problem only the thing it is very big for my face and sticks of the specs are tough to fold. also i got a lens cracked from the edge,
    second i orderd a progresive glass for my Pa but it is not as expected, near vision is not clear in the lens they made wrong lens.
    ab mere pas return krne k alawa koi chance nhi bt i will lost my chance of getting cashback if i return it back bcs phonepe gives cb only twice. i think its their policy to give wrong products to customer jisse if they will return back their money will be blocked in any of the wallet

  10. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:


    blue dart courier

    timings depends upon location
    may vary 2-7 days.
    no damage found till now.

  11. Yash says:

    Which courier?
    Within how many days delivery?
    Packing is proper or tempered/damaged box?
    Please reply

  12. Gabbar says:

    Amit wow great looks like you gonna shut down coolwinks site ..great going keep hunting for great deals …gud luck

  13. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    @gabbar. paytm also gave instant cashback in my case

  14. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    @gabbar. i already ordered 14 sunglasses for family and 4 dunglasses gifted to friend family

  15. Gabbar says:

    Hi Amit…till now I recvd 6 orders for self and family lol…all products are great and of super quality..Im thinking of ordering more using my multiple verified ids which give instant CB like amazon pay, phonepe…thou also have multiple paytm and freecharge ids but not sure they give instant CB….Amit it’s not a bad deal …where can one get specs for Rs 4 , 104 or 281…go for it order more for future use..gud luck

  16. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    @ Gabbar

    did you order ?

    how was the experience ?

  17. Gabbar says:

    Amit thats good I will also order now thanks

  18. Amit Garg Noida says:

    @ Gabbar – Quality is OK. Atleast worth 400-500

  19. Amit Garg (amitnrw) says:

    @hppgle rs 800 were available earlier. but now out of stock.
    wait for some time , the new stock can come

  20. google says:

    amit 800 ka toh h bhi ni yr koi 850 ka h..tmhe 800 wla kha mila bhai..

  21. Gabbar says:

    Hahaha.. right said amit

  22. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    @Gabbar expected delivery date is 9 Oct.

    However looks like these are branded. Even if local still not a bad deal in Rs 5 per sunglass

  23. Gabbar says:

    Amit and himansu how is the quality please let us know.

  24. Amit Garg ( amitnrw ) says:

    @ Anand I have placed below successful orders

    Two orders from amazon pay 1359+GST =1604 and got instant Cashback
    Two order from Paytm 2*800+GST-20%(Sun20) = 1510 and got instant cashback

    Sun20 is applicable only on app and only on sunglassed

    Now just waiting for products. hope they get delivered

  25. Himanshu says:

    Use any payment method..Paytm/phonepe or Amazon pay..cashback will be instant and offer applicable on final amount which we are paying by wallet. Like if amount is 1400 and 200 GST.. total 1600 and we pay with Amazon..we will get 1600 cashback

    Amazon 1600 cb on 1600+
    Paytm and Phone pe 1500 on 1500+

    All twice per id

  26. Anand says:

    Discount is available with gst amount or without as price is 1350 + 250 is gst so total amount I paid 1600 so will get 1600 cashback or should I pay 1600 + taxes extra for Amazon cashback please someone reply with correct answer



  28. Rajesh says:

    Cash back not credited in Paytm ..neither my order is showing …where it has gone…do anyone has received the specticles from this site ..please confirm…

  29. sri says:

    Anyone paid with the Paytm for the second time? recieved the cashback twice?

  30. Abdul rehman says:

    Better to use phonepe and get instant cash back

  31. Dhruv bhatia says:

    Used paytm still after 4 days cashback not credited.

  32. Abdul rehman says:

    Anybody using paytm???

  33. Abdul rehman says:

    Cash back in phonepe is instant

  34. Anand says:

    When cashback will be credited what time nothing in terms and condition

  35. amit says:

    cash back will be credited on phonepe wallet

    and can be used for the future purchase using phonepe as well as bill payment in phonepe

  36. Bil says:

    Cashback will credit on you phonepe wallet.u can use other offer coupons instead of phonepe , by transacting through phonepe cashback will automatically credicted.

  37. Anand says:

    Will cashback in phonepe wallet or coolwinks account

  38. rohit says:

    can i use cool cash and pay via phonepe? will i get cashback?

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