Cottinfab Women’s High Low Dress Rs. 99 – FlipKart

cottinfabFlipKart has discounted Cottinfab Women’s High Low Dress to Rs. 99. Features Round neck with front open button, cut sleeves, gathered on waist, knee length with full linling dress.

Buy: Cottinfab Women’s High Low Dress (select size M) | More Clothing

27 Responses to “Cottinfab Women’s High Low Dress Rs. 99 – FlipKart”

  1. ram says:

    Flipkart making fools

  2. anil kr says:

    ab to flipkart b apni per aa gaya, 99/- ka offer dekar pichhe bhag gaya

    name Flipkart

    apni mitti palid kara hi di akhir

  3. kavita says:

    I also placed order on cod..but i didnt get any credits..pls help getting it

  4. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Kavita
    I placed order on COD basis.

  5. Sudhakar M says:

    Ordered 32 with 4 orders 8 each on COD.
    All got cancelled with Rs200 on each order.
    Thanks :)

  6. kavita says:

    I have not got..have you placed order on cod or prepaid..because my order cancelled but credits are not given

  7. AMIT GARG says:

    My both orders get cancelled but I got credited for 200 in wallet for each cancelled order.
    So i got 400.


    Now, I have received Rs 200 As refund of cancellation of this order.
    “Greetings from!
    We’ve processed refund for the following item/s in your order OD00075612309690XXXX.
    The amount of Rs. 200.00 towards the order/item will be refunded to your Wallet by Monday, 15 Sep’14″.

  9. mehul says:

    Credited Rs.200/- per order. Yipee.

  10. mehul says:

    This time unlucky. Cancelled orders without store credit.

  11. ashish says:

    Your item has been cancelled.
    Mon, 15th Sep12:14 pm

  12. varunK says:

    I ordered many orders from 2 difference accounts, in both I have receive emails that we can’t despatch so many orders, — then I asked how many can you ship ?,,,,, they said we will call you in an hour, but my orders haven’t been cancelled, so I went ahead and cancelled 98% of my orders.

  13. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    Order has been cancelled. Now order status is showing-
    “Your item has been cancelled.
    Mon, 15th Sep12:05 pm
    Your item has been cancelled”.

  14. ngblr says:

    Orders cancelled– no credit of wallet ?

  15. mehul says:

    @you receive shipping details?

  16. varunK says:

    They are shipping it lol,,,, Khud hi cancel karne padenge ab saare orders and No store Credits for sure..

  17. mehul says:

    Anonymous, they will credit Rs.50 per account & not on per order Rs.50/-

  18. dinesh says:

    ordered one. let’s see what happens !

  19. Neha says:

    I bought this product only in 99,my product has been approved now..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Bought as much as possible because they will credit my wallet with Rs.50 per piece.
    OMG!!!..I am so clever.. :D :D

  21. dev says:

    its showing 949.

  22. Sena says:

    likely to be cancelled error in pricing?

  23. AMIT GARG says:

    Ordered on COD. Let see whether they deliver or not.

  24. mehul says:

    100% cancellation on its way

  25. AMIT says:


  26. Pratik says:

    Its Rs 949 @ flipkart. Wrong info

  27. sam says:

    bought three but i think it will get cancelled.

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