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dairymilk-silkKhaugaliDeals has discounted Dairy Milk Silk 65gm to Rs. 45. Features creamier, smoother, and tastier.

Buy: Dairy Milk Silk 65gm

83 Responses to “Dairy Milk Silk 65gm Rs. 45 – KhaugaliDeals”

  1. FARID AHMED says:

    100-/- chor site hai site ka naam khaujisite hone chahiye mere 2 order kha gaye koi phone bhi nahin uthata frnds koi mat bharosa karo is chor site pe.

  2. vishal says:

    its a fake deal yet not got my order even they dont attend my call we have to complain in consumer court against KhaugaliDeals

  3. ar says:

    It is fake..please dont order..I order 2 times,my product and money never comes back.

  4. nishant says:

    55 ka maal 45 me mil raha hai koi khaas fayda nahi hai or koi deal dekho ….

  5. Aashish says:

    I have ordered on 10th April still I have not received the product nor payment. the order no is 5129.

  6. Gagan says:

    I placed an order for the same deal on this website a month back. But neither i’ve recieved the chocolate nor i’ve recieved my money back. Moreover when i check the website there is no customer care no available and I sent at e-mail 2 times but didn’t got any reply for the same.

    So my advise is not to buy anything from this website as you’ll not get anything delivered.

  7. Arnab says:

    Not available for Kolkata……………

  8. nitin says:

    @ KhauGaliDeals Admin i purchased and paid for this but after 5 days you have not give any conformation neither asked for my address is it fake site? are you trying to loot people bye fake loot lo deals..?

  9. Manoj says:

    I have also received the mail to choose from 3 options. Now, it is sure that the site is fake. how they offer Rs.50/- credit to our bank against paid of Rs.9/-? But what intence behind this.

  10. meet says:

    received mail from the site and they gave me 3 options

    1. We will deposit hard cash of Rs. 50 ( MRP of Dairy Milk Silk) in your Bank Account in return of your purchase of Rs.9 for Dairy Milk Silk


    2.We will deposit Rs. 9 in your KhauGaliDeals.com Account. ( Using that cash you can purchase any other product from our website)


    3.We will courier you Dairy Milk Silk in Just Rs.9

  11. Xav says:

    In this summer… the dairy milk will melt into liquid by time it reach you…

  12. KhauGaliDeals.com says:

    Thanks everyone for the purchase. Everyone who have bought the deal would get it. There is no Lucky Draw. Customers who have purchased the deal before the stock lasted ( i.e 4 PM) would get the Chocolate within 7-8 working days.
    Stay tuned for more offers like this in near future.

  13. Gagan says:

    The website is working now and i placed an order. But looks to me a fake website.Please check the information which i got on the order page.

    You either win or we refund 100 % of the money back to shop at KhauGaliDeals.com.You can check in Loot Lo tab in your “MyAccount”. and KhauGaliDeals.com winners would be announced on our Facebook.

    Also when the order id was generated it was showing loggedin as Guest instead of the user name. It seems to be a new site which is trying to capture User database. I was not aware it will be a Draw and winners from that would get the Silk Chocolate all others would have the money in their KhauGaliDeals a/c.

    Please try on your own risk.

  14. akshay says:

    web site is fake

  15. Dharamveer says:

    Please stop promoting these kinds of deals.. Tradus and Shopclues are far better. Atleast they give what they promote unlike KG deal…
    Please dont put these kind of deals …

  16. Anonymous says:

    It just got some 20k Email ids and mobile numbers………For free………all those who entered are fools………..

  17. Regular Buyer says:

    fake deal..useless website. SMI, pls don encourage such sites n such deals. offer opened at 11 with over 10,000 pieces(as claimed by them), but was out of stock by 11.05!! Do u think customer’s r fools to believe such stuff. kindly ensure the genuineness of the offer n website b4 posting it

  18. vaibhav says:

    I got an email from Khaugalideals asking for shipping Address and Contact No.May be they are Genuine.

  19. Pta nhi says:

    sale deal k naam per Capital C banate hai…

  20. Sunny says:

    Most useless site. Wasting everyones site.

  21. Vineet says:

    contact us link at this website contains some trojan.
    beware guys. if you have installed any updated antivirus then surf website.

    Bitdefender blocked this page
    The page you are trying to access contains Trojan.Iframe.BMY.
    Take me back to safety
    I understand the risks, take me there anyway
    not safe
    Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

  22. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know how it got sold out when the site itself was down.
    SMI kindly don’t promote this kind of website…this is only hampering your image.

    unnecessary time waste…

  23. Ganesh says:

    I completed the payment but did not got the order details. Its empty.

  24. nirav says:

    chu**ya banaya khaugali valo ne….

  25. Mehul says:

    They ensured numerous registrations of new users (by false promotion) without offering any deal. Beware of such sites.

  26. Badal says:

    @yogesh:- try to call customer care or send them mail..

  27. Vineet says:

    1 bhi haath nhi aayi and they said sold out… :(

  28. naval says:

    u r rite raman, they r nt asking for adress.culprit site……….be awre

  29. Sandeep says:

    It Is Fake Deal Yesterday they say that offer opens from 10 april at 10 am but when i see at 10 am they say tomarrow 11 pm and now they say that it is sold out this is fake deal just for advertise dont waste your time that khaugali website is totally fake

  30. Yogesh says:

    You either win the price or we refund 100% of the money back to shop at KhauGaliDeals.com You can check in Loot Lo Offer Tab in your ‘My Account’ at KhauGaliDeals.com Winners would be announced on our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/khaugalideals) You can also view this information, along with other orders, under “Login” (Click on Login on top right corner of any page on the website)

    what is this…..?
    also the money is debited but it never asked for shipping addressss…..
    Can any one help

  31. kannu says:

    haahahha………….wat a joke it is…….now it’s sold out inse puchu…..khareda kisne hain inse….site to band padhi thi tabse

  32. raman says:

    guys plz dont buy from this site.. they are not asking for “ADDRESS” they are directly connected to the payment gateway.. so dont buy guys.. and be aware..

  33. M's says:

    Deal —— Sold Out

  34. Sugumar says:

    The real culprit site. now the site works but the product sold out???? Wat a crap. :@

  35. kalyan says:

    sold out…………

  36. jatin says:

    Bought 7..yipie :-) :-)

  37. Kumar says:

    Sold Out

  38. Shilpa says:

    Now Showing Sold out….:(

  39. kazy says:

    sold out

  40. kalyan says:

    Internal Server Error

  41. mkgp says:

    is it only for those cities mentioned on the top of the site like pune, delhi, ahmadabad…….

  42. lalith says:

    @ KhauGaliDeals Admin- if u not able to tackle the heavy traffic why would keep the offers…now ur site fame gonna very down

  43. raman says:

    bhangar deal. i put 6 item in my cart and they saw grand total 000.. lolz.

  44. Praveen says:

    Still not able to open the website on lease line connection

  45. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Hi KG Deals Problem still persist

  46. kazy says:

    its not the deal it is like lucky draw

    You either win the price or we refund 100% of the money back to shop at KhauGaliDeals.com You can check in Loot Lo Offer Tab in your ‘My Account’ at KhauGaliDeals.com Winners would be announced on our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/khaugalideals) You can also view this information, along with other orders, under “Login” (Click on Login on top right corner of any page on the website)

  47. Munish says:

    bakwas site..still not opening…

  48. bhavun says:

    500 internal server error

  49. Imran Ahmad says:

    site ki to watt hi lag gayi……………… heavy traffic on site….. jaisa ye chahte the…………

  50. KhauGaliDeals Admin says:

    Sorry Guys ! Due to heavy traffic the website gas gone down. But we have resolved the problem. You all can buy now

  51. soury says:

    did any one got the item booked??

  52. kazy says:

    site is working nowwwwwwwwwww

  53. Bk says:

    10K ka traget hai par,
    It will take 80Years to sold 10K, to achieve there targets. :D

  54. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Spoiling their own name by giving this kind of offer & not able to handle traffic.

  55. Shashi says:

    website has gone down Bakwas

  56. sachin says:

    jab baski ni tha toh offr kyu ki inhone…………pity site :D

  57. sachin says:

    sari dairy milk lut gai :D

  58. Anonymous says:

    sari dairy lut gai

  59. shikha says:

    kuch to mera net slow hai .aur site bhi bahut slow h.chalo market se hi le ate h

  60. unknown says:

    bakwas hai bhai
    \bhangar site hai dont surf

  61. dasf says:

    Inke bas ki nahi 10k sell karna……….site hi bekar hain……cannot handle more traffic……

  62. MINESH MALDE says:

    site veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssslllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooowww , aaj kuch meetha nai hoga

  63. Dharamveer says:

    heavy traffic on site… Site not able to handle the data/user traffic.. WTF

  64. Baljinder Brar says:

    Site Gyi kaam se…Kuch meetha ho jaaye…fudu site

  65. shikha says:

    mujhe to nhi lagta ki hoga order

  66. mehul says:

    Site Down, New entry in E Commerce so not able to go through. wait & watch

  67. pramu says:

    unnecessary time waste…fadu site…

  68. Tushar says:

    What happened 2 the site……??????

  69. soury says:

    website damn slowwwwww

  70. Mehul says:

    Deal is live, but their server jammed

  71. nirav chokshi says:

    geeting error site vero slow nahi de na tha to qqqqqqqqqq post kar te ho

  72. dasf says:

    Site hi baith gayi !!

  73. Ajay says:

    Message shows as “start at 11 AM tomorrow” Now will it work today or tomorrow

  74. Punnu says:

    Hello, this deal will be fake as I have gone to this experience before..
    So doon buy the product.

  75. sudheer says:

    hello will they ship for hyderabad……?

  76. john says:

    will thry ship for hyderabad?

  77. anand says:

    presence across nation

  78. mohit says:

    what is d meaning of pan india

  79. ss says:

    its for all over india

  80. Vvv says:

    10,000 pcs in stock….don worry …

  81. Lalit Charan says:

    I Send a mail to custmar service and they reply me offer is for PAN India.

  82. MEHUL SHAH says:

    only for Mumbai & will be sold off at 11.05 am

  83. unknown says:

    is this deal applicable for ludhiana residents??

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