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These sharpeners work on rotary mechanism and have a storage space for sharpening waste. These have sharp blades that let you obtain the best sharp tips for your pencils with the least effort in sharpening.

Coupon: DRS99

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5 Responses to “Deli Rotary Sharpener Rs. 174 – AllSchoolStuff”

  1. madhuram says:

    SMI plzz dont post this website offer they r cheater, plzz dont buy anything. they didnt shipped, i order dvd pack after 1 month thry did.t shipped and they didnt give reply of my phone and mail.

  2. sanjeev says:

    chor website dont buy

  3. Well wisher says:

    Yes very true. All the time they would have written “ready for shipping”. But I don’t know when the shipping is going to happen. Ship never comes to their bay it seems. So don’t allow yourself to fall in to this trap. Even “Save money India” people should also stop posting advertisement of such website.

  4. Rohit says:

    Ya don’t buy anything from this site. I placed my order on 26 jan but they have’t ship it yet.No call attending, no email reply. I think i lost my money. Please don’t buy.

  5. manisish says:

    do not buy from this websie ,they are chaeater,fraudar,and any thing say about them,they do not ship your order,they do not refund your money,so please it my humble reqest please do not buy from this website

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