Dell Optical Mouse MS111 Rs. 219 – Amazon

dell-ms111Amazon has discounted Dell Optical Mouse MS111 to Rs. 219. Features High-performance, reliable optical engine with faster, more accurate response, Designed to maximize your comfort and productivity & three easy to use buttons including scroll wheel.

Buy: Dell Optical Mouse MS111 | More Keyboards & Mice

12 Responses to “Dell Optical Mouse MS111 Rs. 219 – Amazon”

  1. h.s.gupta says:

    plz avoid this mouse at any cost… im using this and its really bad.. mouse pointer moves automatically throughout the screen.. not accurate..

  2. Raj says:

    Do not buy this product, i m using it for a month, realy bad product from a top brand.nt satisfied
    At all. Dats wy its cheap u see

  3. pawan says:

    Where is this offer.its for 250

  4. Ruchir says:

    Mr. SMI,
    As you are rarely wrong and never lie,I take it that you got it on 50 and that is why you posted as you don’t post without checking directly.Issue is how much time back and out of how many times(%).Most imp is even if you get it but 90% don’t,well not good for others.Take a poll,9 out of 10 may say no coupon never on 50 forget 5 hrs.I have waited 7 days,mail and cell.Payment ID,yes,anything else no.
    Like Starcj fulfills its 10 % orders correctly but will this encourage a prospective buyer,we know not.
    This is the very seller mentioned above who says not me-
    Recharge & get Rs. 100 off on eBay from:
    Recharge Airtel for Rs. 100 and get coupon
    Recharge Vodafone for Rs. 150 and get coupon
    Recharge Reliance for Rs. 150 and get coupon
    So, if ANYBODY ELSE receives it as well,it makes a case for poll,else 50 is wrong.And 50 and coupon of 100 is no business even if we take it logically.
    If after recharging through same process through 100 does not give coupon either to me,a definite possibility will be less ARPU.It is not my regular no. and Airtel does not love me for that.But time will tell.
    Thanks SMI and if and only if nobody else claims he got 100 coupon on RC of 50,updating 50 to 100 will make me more thankful to you as precision and intelligence is your USP which nobody else has.

  5. pankaj says:

    Hi I have one new dell mouse . Any body interested. Then please reply
    Price 225

  6. Joker Indiana says:

    i am using voda fone – i got coupon for recharge of rs. 150
    my friend uses airtel he recharged for rs. 100 and got coupon
    @ smi , please update airtel min amount to rs. 100

  7. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    I have got coupon from Airtel on Rs. 50 recharge. Coupon came after around 5 hours.

  8. Ruchir says:

    Airtel does not give any coupon for recharging via above links at its website for recharging with 50.This myth is floating all around at almost all sites.Airtel is a liar as it said just below that 50 Rs TT will be given if recharged via Airtel Money.Otherwise 41.Did just that with AM.Got 41 only,no addition in 5 days.Forget coupon,it tells white lies.
    If any user has received any coupon for recharging less than 100 recently,100 will be min.Whether for 100 recharge you get anything or not,will update as known.Hunch is coupon will be sent to only those who recharge for 150,not 100 but certainly not 50,it is damn clear.

  9. sameer payyadi says:

    good offer go for it

  10. Joker Indiana says:

    very good deal. great mouse @ great price

  11. Ruchir says:

    @rk-true.Free ad tactic.All sites will refrain from posting these deals,blacklist them like SMI does not mention unknown site like, or something and many others found elsewhere.Now top site knows it.

  12. rakesh kumar says:

    jab stock mai nahi hota hai to sceam kyu dete ho

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