Dental Care Combo + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 83 – ShopClues

dental-careCombo Contains: Colgate Plax Mouth Wash 60ml Set of 2, Pepsodent Germi Check Gum Care Tooth Paste 33gm Set of 2, Peposodent Triple Clean Tooth Brush with Tongue Cleaner Set of 2.

Coupon: SC4DC59

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2 Responses to “Dental Care Combo + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 83 – ShopClues”

  1. Dhimant says:

    shopclues befooling…the scheme/offer launched and within half a minute i visited the site to but the product, but it was ‘sold out’… they just want traffic…

  2. iShopfree says:

    Not a good deal ! Huge shipping charges and isn`t really worth the all contents of the deal.

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