Domino’s Wheel of Gift

santa-dominoSpin The Wheel and win surprise gifts from Domino’s.

Dominos: Wheel of Gift | Order Online

10 Responses to “Domino’s Wheel of Gift”

  1. Abhya says:

    In my case , the wheel jst doesn’t spin

  2. Dj says:

    I also received voucher worth ?200 for survey but that code didn’t worked , dominos didn’t even replied to my emails.
    Few days back i received 50% discount coupon sms on my registered mobile but that code didn’t worked.

  3. akki says:

    last time bad experience .
    1. Received mail stating and they will send GV on a particular date mentioned
    2. Waited But they never send the send mail …

  4. vishnu says:

    No use by getting the voucher. Last time i got the voucher for participating their survey. But the voucher didnt worked while ordering. Fingers crossed for thi time

  5. Vishal says:

    Vouchers redeeming or not ??

  6. Mukund says:

    You will receive voucher but when you redeem, you will get error

  7. swamy says:

    yes its working i got 100 rs voucher through sms

  8. Mukund says:

    Not working

  9. harsimran says:

    hooo hooo got 150 gv

  10. Man says:

    Waste ,,it s not working at all
    Don’t promote these type of unworking codes..Please,n we ll be exited to take these types offers but I don’t deserve tat

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