Double Bed Sheets Set of 4 Rs. 770, Set of 3 Rs. 595 – HomeShop18

This special combo of bedding essentials is handpicked to lend a new dimension to your room. Express your classy taste by breaking free from conventional designs and inviting contemporary style. Crafted from high quality fabric, this bedspread is ideal for day time use. This set is sure to brighten up any bedroom.

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Buy Double Bed Sheets Set of 4 Rs. 770: Design 1 | Design 2
Buy Double Bed Sheets Set of 3 Rs. 595: Design 1 | Design 2 | Design 3

14 Responses to “Double Bed Sheets Set of 4 Rs. 770, Set of 3 Rs. 595 – HomeShop18”

  1. Ashwini says:

    Plz confirm whether these Set of 4 bedsheets for Rs. 770 availiable?

  2. lata says:

    This is discusting , when i called for bedsheet offer of 595, they are telling there is no such offer, kindly check before u publish this.And in return the executive is questioning me only, can we get double bed sheet for 595/-

  3. lata says:

    I am a regular customer of home shop 18. But now i was looking for double bed sheet offer like 595 get 3 bed sheets. are these in stock?

  4. rekha chauhan says:

    I want this bed sheet like it

  5. WANGJAI says:

    I like the bed sheet of 4 set,but what about the pillow cover?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I want to see designs

  7. roopa says:

    i want one set of 4 bedsheets pls

  8. RAVI KUMAR says:

    please send set of 4 set double bedsheet @770

  9. radhika says:

    I like it all bed sheets

  10. shivani says:

    Plz send me these bed sheets….I like it

  11. deepika says:

    send me this one set for mt add.

  12. chetna says:

    when i recived this order

  13. chetna says:

    pis send me these bde sheets

  14. Anonymous says:


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